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 Eastern Front

Status update - June 2016

June 22, 2016, 08:20:31 AM by Enrique 'Blackbishop' E.

Good day comrades,

Today we bring you a new update about the status of the Eastern Front mod in Steam. It was a while since the last update, and while we have been busy with our own commitments outside this mod, but we are not dead and we will never be unless you read an announcement from us and you can be sure, if that moment comes you will read about it here firsthand!

Now about the content of the update, it'll be divided in sections to make it easier to read, so let's start:

1. Why the delay on the Steam version?
Besides our other commitments and obligations, we had a problem with our repository and we needed to set up another one, to those unware of that word, it means the place where we used to store the version in development from the mod was nuked so we lost the tool to centralize the changes and to avoid everyone having different changes due to the difficult of merging hundred of files, we stopped development until the server issue was resolved. Of course, since we were already busy to begin with, we delayed some time to set up a new one.

2.- When the Steam version will be released?
We had planned to release it near the current date, however, due to the situation mentioned above, the date is uncertain... however, you can be sure it will be released this year.

3. What about the models needed to replace?
We aren't finished on that, but we are closing the gap.

4. What has been changed on Eastern Front in all these months then?
So far, we have been working tunning the Soviet and Ostheer factions; we haven't made a total rework, so don't worry about having to re-learn how to use both factions. So about the changes:

The changes of the Soviets are subtle compared with the Ostheer ones, because the faction has been worked since long time ago compared to the latter. Soviets don't have new units so far, but they have received a lot of balance changes because of the feedback received in the beta.

We'll work on an updated teching system based on the feedback given from the beta players. Furthermore, the incorporation of Strafniki squads will be different from now - instead of being assault rifle infantry with ppd34 they'll receive SVT rifles.
There will be further tweaks of how the units are accessible in the future aswell as some unit availability switches.

Once the setup is clear we'll give further informations. Right now there's nothing specific.

Due to the feedback received so far, we are changing the Pool mechanic to make it better and also we are restructuring the tech path of the faction. Ostheer still has four advanced structures, however, only three of them produce units the fourth being a support-type building:
  • Infantry Gefechts Kommand
  • Schutzen War Camp
  • Panzer Kampf Kommand
  • Luftwaffe Divisions Quarter

We have removed the Infantry Gruppen post, but some of their units were put back in the remaining buildings. We are also considering how to improve the current gameplay with Ostheer, due to their use of pool based assets according to the feedback received from the beta players.

The new building, the Luftwaffe Divisions Quarter, has six plane-based abilities to support the Ostheer commander being half of them reserved to support pool and the other half for assault pool. Some of these abilities are from the Support Army Troops tree, which means we would have to replace them.

The plan we have right now(remember it is not final), is to add one of the reward command trees to replace the Support Army Troops one, and we are discussing about which will be.

There are some new variants of the halftrack planned to be used for Ostheer:
  • The Sdkfz. 251/20 (known as uhu or eagle owl), which was already announced a while ago.
  • The Sdkfz. 251/2 which carries a 81mm mortar.
  • The Sdkfz. 251/22 (nicknamed Pakwagen) which is equipped with a 75mm Pak 40 and a rear machine gunner.
  • The Sdkfz. 251/9 (nicknamed Stummel) which is equipped with a 75mm L/24 low velocity gun and a rear machine gunner.

The first three are going to be upgrades from the regular halftrack and we are planning to use the last one as call-in, although it is still WIP.

Furthermore, the pools no longer unlock units and the amount of total units has been reduced to streamline the faction and distinguish each unit from each other. Infantry units receive tweaks to their gear to fit them into their roles better aswell as making them more versatile in the course of the match.

The upgrades are connected to Assault and Support pools. For example, Landsers when played in assault pool can upgrade MP40, while in Support Pool they get access to light MG34. Similar adjustments are made for all infantry units available to the Ostheer.

Another unit type that is heavily affected by the pools are now vehicles. The gunner/driver/commander vet system is tweaked, it no longer grants skirts or mg gunners to vehicles.
Instead, each tank (StuG III, Panzer III, Panzer IV) receives the option to either upgrade Armour Skirts (Assault Pool) or Periscopes (with Support Pool) which give larger vision and weapon range to the vehicle. MG34 turret gunners are always available to the Ostheer commander.

Regarding the AI of the mod, Robotnik made tweaks so they tech faster the higher the difficulty. They also make better unit and upgrade purchasing decisions the higher the difficulty.

This would be all for this announcement, but if you have a doubt we can try to answer it in the comment section. As soon as we have all the details ready for both factions, we will let you know about it!

See you next time!
Archaic Entertainment Team

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Third reward command tree: Hungarian Support

July 18, 2015, 12:10:30 PM by Enrique 'Blackbishop' E.

Hello comrades,

This weekend we have to show the reward tree that was supposed to come last week; this time is for the Ostheer faction and replaces the Army Elite Troops tree. The internal name we have for the tree is "Defenders of Budapest". Enjoy it!

LHS - Germany's Endgame

2CP - Burn them out!
Grant multiple Ostheer units access to incendiary ammunition. Panzerwerfer gains incendiary ammo, Sturmpios can throw brandflasche(molotov), LeIG 18s and mortars can fire incendiary rounds and the mortar as well.

2CP - Battle Hardened Crews
Allows your vehicles to gain veterancy at a faster rate.

5CP - Schwerer Panzergruppe detachment (1100 MP)
Call in a King Tiger accompanied by 2 ace veterancyt Surmpioniere squads able to repair under fire more efficiently.

LHS - Hungary's Finest

1CP - Fortify yourselves! (75 MU)
The moment you activate this ability, all units in cover or inside buildings won’t be able to move (or move at a slower pace), but won’t die to artillery or explosives, and take reduced damage from small arms fire. This ability is short, but should be able to protect you for a little while from your own artillery or enemy grenades and the like. Duration is around 8 to 12 seconds.

3CP - Hungarian Battlegroup (900 MP)
Request a Zrinyi II SPG and a Border Guard squad. The Zrinyi II has a 105 mm howitzer, and it is designed to fit the role of infantry support vehicle. The Border Guards are a 5-man squad that come equipped with two panceltoro rocket launchers and three M43 Danuvia smgs.

3CP - Siege Artillery  (175 MU)
Allows the commander to fire a barrage of incendiary shells over a designated area. The projectiles will burn the area for some time, denying the area for infantry forces in the process.

The initial concept for this tree has being finished some hours ago, thus we still need to prepare the units(code for abilities and units, textures), so we don't have too many screenshots to add. Also, the names of the abilities might change later. For now is all we have to show, if you have any comment or tip please let us know by writting a comment here.

See you next week!
Archaic Entertainment Team

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Fourth reward command tree: Urban Combat Doctrine

July 11, 2015, 09:40:54 AM by Enrique 'Blackbishop' E.

Hello comrades,

This weekend we have to show another reward tree, but this time is for the Wehrmacht faction and replaces the Blitzkrieg Doctrine tree.

We've planned to show the second reward tree for Ostheer, however, we couldn't have it ready for today and instead we present you this one. Enjoy it!

LHS - Urban Operations

1CP - Forward Command
Forward Headquarters are cheaper to create from neutral buildings when this upgrade is unlocked from the tree. A Wehrmacht player will surely use this feature wisely.

4CP - Sturmgrenadier Battlegroup (800 MP)
Mobilize reinforcements for the combat, the commander will receive a squad of Sturmgrenadiers(close combat elite infantry) and a Panzer IV/70 "Alket" (aka Jagdpanzer IV L/70(A)). They will enter the battlefield riding in the self-propelled unit. This Jagdpanzer comes with four different random textures. Model courtesy of DMz and Beefy.

1CP - Fanaticism (75 MU)
This targeted ability will make the infantry squads more resilant to enemy damage. The infantry units in a radius of 20m will get a 50% reduction for received damage, received accuracy and received suppression.

LHS - Urban Tactics

1CP - Blinding Devices
Volksgrenadiers, Grenadiers, Knight Cross Holders and Sturmgrenadiers receive the ability to throw Blendkorper 2H smoke grenades. These grenades stun the enemy armour for a small amount of time and then lower its accuracy for a few seconds.

2CP - Additional Support Assets
Unlocks the Flare ability(50 MU), which let you peek at non-allied territory for a short period of time and Pioneers can lay incendiary traps in buildings. The flare ability will help to target areas unreachable due to fog of war and if you combine it with your artillery units, they'll have better precision due to the lack of fog.

5CP - Sturmtiger  (850 MP)
Request the support of the unique Sturmpanzer VI, which fires 380mm rockets and it is based on the Tiger tank chassis. This unit needs to be locked down to fire, and due to the massive type of ammunition it uses, the vehicles needs two minutes to cooldown and prepare the next rocket to be launched. Due to how rare these units and it's ammunition are, only one can be used in the field at a given time and it cannot fire in the fog of war, so the flare ability might come handy. Model courtesy of Halftrack and Tankdestroyer.

We are still testing the tree, so there is a chance of stuff being moved or replaced. For now is all we have to show, if you have any comment or tip please let us know by writting a comment here.

See you next week!
Archaic Entertainment Team

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Second Reward Command Tree: Mechanized Warfare Strategy

July 04, 2015, 10:32:06 AM by Enrique 'Blackbishop' E.

Hello comrades!

This weekend we will disclose the second reward command tree and it will be for the Soviets, and it is about some former units that now will come as support, I was considering to just name the announcement "The Return of the Forgotten", but Rommel came with a good name for the tree. Hope you like it!


1 CP: Mechanized Assault Tactics
Unlocks body armor for Ingenery squads and gives them the Advanced Repair ability. When one squad is upgraded, it gains more HP, armour, and four PPSH-41 submachine guns for close combat. They can no longer be ordered to build advanced structures but are still able to build defensive structures.

3 CP: Tank Riders (500 MP)
Deploys a BT-7 tank which comes with a squad of Sturmovies on it. The BT-7 will have the "Tank Rider" ability/perk just like the T-34 tanks or the SU-85/SU-100 self-propelled guns, but unlike them heavy concentrated machine gun fire on the rear of the BT-7 can damage this unit due to its armour. This tank can (tentatively) be upgraded by the player into a BT-7a. The squad provided will be the same than a Sturmovie-upgraded Ingenery squad.

This is just a placeholder picture

3 CP: KV-85 Command Tank (700 MP)
Equipped with the same gun as the T-34/85, this tank's role is to support other tanks and give them better stats when they are close (works similar to Command Squad vet Off/Def bonuses). Due to how rare these tanks were, it is limited to one at the same time. If possible, this unit would have a DShK upgrade for the cupola.


1 CP: Artillery flare (50 MU)
Debuffs enemy units in the area of effect. It is the one that used to be in Urban Combat Strategy command tree, but was replaced by the smoke barrage.

3 CP: SU-122 (600 MP)
The old SU-122 will return in this tree, but with the new model. So the commander will be able to be upgraded as well as cage armour (just like the SU-85 or the SU-100). However there’s only a limited amount that can be allocated to the battlefield at the same time.

3 CP: IL-2 Rocket Run (200 MU)
Allows the commander to request for an IL-2 Sturmovik to fire it's load at a given target. Unlike the US bombing run, the IL-2 will shoot 8 rockets in the target direction.

We haven't started to work with the BT-7 and the new KV-85 tanks, thus, their lack of screenshots. If you have any comment or tip please let us know.

See you next week!
Archaic Entertainment Team

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First Reward Command Tree: Romanian Support

June 27, 2015, 09:10:33 AM by Enrique 'Blackbishop' E.

Hello comrades!

This weekend we will disclose the first reward command tree for Ostheer, and it is about Romanian support. We talked about this for several days and it is ready to be presented as base to be added ingame.


2 CP: Sapper Battalion(400 MP)
Request Romanian reinforcements! The players receives a Panzer 38(t) with a sapper squad; these Romanian sapper squads are specialists who can building any type of structure as long as you have the resources; they can build the same structures than Sturmpioneers but their perk is decreasing the construction time of buildings, field defenses and combat structures they build. They can also repair neutral buildings.

2 CP: JU-88 Bombardement (100 MU)
This bomber(Romanian textured plane in case you are wondering) will drop three bombs in the targeted area. Cannot be used in the HQ Areas.

3 CP: Auxiliar Panzer Group (1000 MP)
Foreign Panzer units are sent to support the Ostheer commander. These reinforcements are: Romanian Panzer III ausf. N(stubby, similar to PE stubby), tank destroyer TACAM T-60 or a StuG, and Vanatori de munte squads.


2 CP: Romanian Oil Fields
Assist the German commander with a better flow of fuel. Each time one strategic point is captured (manpower ones, not munitions nor fuel) you receive an additional unit of fuel. If the sectors are cutoff or become neutral/enemy, you stop receiving the fuel bonus from them.

2 CP: Romanian Manpower (100 MU)
Allocate all the resources available to fight! This munition-based timed ability allows you to increase your manpower flow by 50% for a full 1-2 minute(s). The munitions/fuel flow rate is decreased by 25% as long as the ability is active.

Click to watch the video.

4 CP: 88mm Flak 36 (400 MP, 90 FU, 12 POP)
Allows you to construct a 88mm Flak 36 gun which has the same longe range and penetrative power than the German counterparts, but is also more expensive to construct(you can't decrew it that easy). It has a munition based ability which allows it to fire like a howitzer. Hard to deal with by enemy tanks but can be dealt with by artillery and infantry in general. (Can be built by Sturmpios or Romanian Sappers).

We have planned if possible to include the TACAM using the T-60 as base, but we can't promise we will finish it on time so, the StuG would be used instead. To make Romanian soldiers we will reuse some units with new textures, but so far we haven't started with this yet. If you have any comment or tip please let us know.

We don't have a name for this tree yet, so if you have a suggestion it is welcome.

See you next week!
Archaic Entertainment Team

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