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 Eastern Front

About Eastern Front

The Eastern Front has achieved what so many RTS players have been wanting for so many years, the addition of the Soviet Union into Company of Heroes.

First of all, do not worry. EF is not going to harm your normal Company of Heroes in any way, you can still play it normally. Also, it does not overwrite any of the exciting factions. It will add the new factions, and you can still play with the old ones as well.

Our goal is the integration of the Red Army and Ostheer into Company of Heroes. Complete with new models, skins, sounds, buildings, tech trees and maps.

Take your time and look around, there's many interesting things to find.


Q: What is CoH: EF?

A: Company of Heroes: Eastern Front is a mod expansion for Company of Heroes. It has integrate the Soviet Union and later Ostheer as new factions in Company of Heroes, complete with new models, skins, sounds, buildings, tech trees and maps.

Q: Does EF change my existing CoH?

A: No. EF does not modify your existing CoH in anyway. EF is started separately. And even when you start EF, you can still play everything as normal - all existing factions and game modes are still available. EF is really more an expansion than a mod, it adds the Soviets as new allied faction and the new Eastern Front maps. In fact, you will never have to start your regular CoH again!

Q: What do I need to play EF?

A: You only need a single copy of either Company of Heroes, Opposing Fronts OR Tales of Valor (Retail or Steam). Having two or more of them is fine as well. You must be patched up to the latest patch.

Q: Does the game have a singleplayer?

A: Yes. You can use the soviets in singleplayer skirmish and multiplayer games. We plan to integrate a campaign in the future.

Q. Where can I download CoH: EF?

A. You can download Eastern Front from the image to the right.

Q. When was CoH: EF released?

A. 21th January 2010.

More F.A.Q can be found here.

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