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June 26, 2017, 08:53:51 AM by Blackbishop | Views: 107555 | Comments: 36

Hello comrades,

We have just released the update version in the Steam version, want to read what it fixes? you can check it here. Steam will download it and automatically install it, so don't worry about it. In case this isn't working, you can verify the integrity of the game files from the options of EF mod in the Steam library and it should download the latest build.

In this update we just released we have added a new reward tree for the Ostheer faction, and I made this post to explain about what it is and what it can do for your faction.

The Assault Division Command Tree focus is, as you might have guessed, to give a home for the Tiger tank in the Ostheer faction. We could have just create a reward unit for the Panzerwerfer and keep everything the same, but we wanted to take the chance and give a different experience, so we assembled some abilities and this tree is the result of that.

At the left hand side we have the following abilities:
  • Goliath Heavy Mine (1CP | 125MU): Allows the Sturmpioneer squads to deploy this explosive device like a mine, exploding when a vehicle rolls over it dealing devastating damage to anything in the blast radius. This vehicles are treated like mines, so they don't move but players can detonate them whenver they like too instead of waiting for a vehicle to trigger them!
  • Pakwagon (3CP | 450MP / 4POP): This is a call-in ability which brings a modified Ostheer halftrack equipped with a 75mm Pak 40 cannon to the field, and it can use the camouflage ability.
  • ME 109 Strafing Run (2CP | 150MU): Calls a ME 109 to strafe infantry units in a specific area. It will fire against enemy units with it's four MG cannons.
At the right hand side we also have:
  • Conscription (1CP | Passive ability): Makes infantry based units deploy 10% faster. 'Nuff said ;).
  • Pervitin (2CP | 75MU): This is a medicine given in WW2 to infantry, not specific to the German army, because other countries used it too, but we featured it here. You can consider it to be  very similar to some sort of energy drink. It makes infantry to deal more damage and to fire with more accuracy, also it also projects a healing aura so infantry heals each other, but it isn't that strong at all so be aware of this when using it(which means don't think it makes them invincible).
  • Tiger I Ace (3CP | 900MP / 14 POP): Calls the Ostheer Tiger as a Tiger Ace, and it has an munition based ability that allows its crew to fire 25% faster, something that could be of help against heavier enemy tanks. It also carries the other two usual abilities from support and assault (passive ability for support -> infantry support aura, timed ability for assault -> smoke screen).
There wasn't a plan to release a reward tree this soon, but due to popular support for the Tiger to return to the Ostheer faction, we worked in this.

You can try this Command Tree by enabling it in the reward tab. Stay tuned for more additions and updates!

- Archaic Entertainment Team
April 29, 2017, 04:40:11 AM by Blackbishop | Views: 83652 | Comments: 15

Hello comrades!

Company of Heroes: Eastern Front is going to be available on Steam very soon!

You can check it following this link or by searching the mod in the store.

It was really a long process, but by no means this means the mod is finished... we still need to work on some things so expect some minor updates at the future :). We will let you know when the build revision is finished, so stay tuned! ;D

Archaic Entertainment Team
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Company of Heroes: Eastern Front has achieved what so many RTS players have been wanting for so many years, the addition of the Soviet Union into Company of Heroes (1).

In addition, you will also find a new Axis faction in the game, the Ostheer. Complete with new models, skins, sounds, buildings, tech trees and maps.