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General Discussion / Re: Main website outdated (info)
« on: November 30, 2014, 11:52:16 PM »
I'll have it updated within a few days.

Changelog / Patch 2.22 'Intermission Over'
« on: March 12, 2014, 08:33:23 PM »
Eastern Front Patch 2.22
'Intermission Over'

* Eastern Front is now functional with the latest version of Company of Heroes once again.

Changelog / Patch 2.21 'Break the Bad'
« on: September 29, 2013, 01:58:20 AM »
Eastern Front Patch 2.21
'Break the Bad'

------ GAMEPLAY CHANGES ------
* Marksman now can uncloak after getting cover cloak with a new ability.
* Marksman can get cover cloak in 2 seconds instead of 10.
* Sniper Team now can uncloak after getting cover cloak with a new ability.
* Sniper Team can get cover cloak in 2 seconds instead of 10.
* Lowered spotter suppression resistance by 25%.
* Slightly increased PE Panzergrenadier Kar98 accuracy against Conscripts and Strelky.
* Increased PE Infantry HT suppression against Conscripts slightly.
* Fixed wrong requirement description for NKVD upgrade on Conscripts.
* Increased tracking from 5 to 12 in Katyusha.
* Added support for SU-85 with Mechanics supervision ability.
* Fixed marker issues on obr.1927 that caused it to be invisible.
* Fixed Red Tide ability once and for all.
* Added new ZiS-2 model.
* Fixed SVT-40 issue being invisible after reloading a saved game.
* Disabled AI debugging because of lag it was causing.
* Changed brightness on normal map rgb & alpha channels, also removed artifacts on the black channel for Jagdtiger.
* Fixed Cromwell odd tint.
* Added correct sound for Ford GPA DP28 and Maxim variants.
* Fixed wrecked beutepanzer Cromwell.
* Fixed pink portrait for lefh18 when decrewed.
* Added suppression ability for Ford GPA.
* Lowered t70/t90 vet requirements slightly.
* Removed Molotov buggy fire.
* Fixed description on MG34.
* Fixed rebuilt Kugelblitz.
* Redistributed the population for the Soviet Heavy Mortar team, Crew now cost 1 and Mortar 3.
* Redistributed the population for the Ostheer leIG18 team, Crew now cost 1 and leIG18 3.
* Lowered Jäger upkeep slightly
* Increased luchs accuracy, lowered cost to 290mp
* MP40/II now useable with t3 modernization
* Added portrait and fixed texts for Ostheer tank traps
* Fixed Sturmovie Ingenery armourtype (they didn't upgrade to Sturmovie armour with assault gear)
* Removed molotovs from strelky
* Added 20 ammo cost to "Stand your Ground" and lowered suppression by 10%
* Panzer III now comes from Support Pool on T3
* Panzerwerfer now comes on Support Pool on T4.
* StuG III now comes in Assault Pool.
* Fixed wrong UCS references for Elefant ability.
* Fixed turret breaker ability from Elefant disappearing when getting ace vet.
* Fixed bug with OH tank traps only being allowed to be built in allied territory.
* Updated icon for Elefant lockdown.
* Fixed requirement description in the KV-1 call-in ability

Off Topic / Re: World Builder for CoH2
« on: September 15, 2013, 02:55:00 PM »
Well it's about time
3-4 months is less (or about same time) than it took until we got a WB for CoH1.

Changelog / Patch 2.20 'Hot Tamale'
« on: September 14, 2013, 09:19:00 PM »
Eastern Front Patch 2.20
'Hot Tamale'

* Added Howitzer Ammo trailer as map object.
* Updated UI unit ratings so players are less confused.
* Slight improvement to the PIV & Ostwind Normal Maps
* Fixed some UI issues with Panzerwerfer.
* Fixed pink Panzer 38t.
* Spotter team now uses hotkey "O".
* Fixed Elefant limit description bug.
* Removed non working env antitankbunker, replaced it with lowe to ground sand_wood_bunker with correctly working slots.
* Updated texture pathing on mg_bunker_open env so it uses ru_defenses.
* Added new criticals for Panzer 38t.
* Added new criticals for Panzer II Luchs.
* Added new criticals for Panzer III stubby.
* Now when you pick up a Sturmfusilier's schreck it will appear as the regular CoH schreck.
* Fixed the Red Tide ability side-effects of bulletproof units.
* Removed a lot of unused files.
* Updated obr nest structure.
* Fixed description of the dropped PTRS-41 rifle.
* Fixed weapon tables from Ostheer.
* Fixed Panzer38t right track.
* Fixed shader issue with Goliath.
* Fixed shader issue with Panzer 38t.
* Fixed a couple of British units that gave Beutepanzer Sherman and they shouldn't.
* Fixed a couple of British units that gave Beutepanzer Cromwell and they shouldn't.
* Fixed criticals for the Munitions HT.
* Added new type of Ostheer tank trap.
* Added Famo criticals.
* Added Ford GPA criticals.
* Fixed criticals for the Kübelwagen.
* Fixed Panzerwerfer main weapon criticals.
* Added custom criticals for Kugelblitz.
* Fixed a bug where Ostheer base defenses would one shot several British vehicles.
* Corrected Ostheer mkb upgrade to proper mkb model.
* Removed circle marker on Aces High! ability.
* Fixed sniper sound for the G43 rifle.
* Set correct sounds for the MG34s.
* Fixed Panzerwerfer limit reference.
* Fixed the wreck of the Me262.
* Tweaked Aces High! ability.
* Fixed Wespe UI bugs.
* Fixed T-34/76 recovery for Ostheer.
* Fixed Soviet MG nest issue when loading a saved game.
* Fixed Ostheer Flak 38 nest issue when loading a saved game.
* Sturmovie Ingenery now have access to all the buildings and structures they used to many patches ago.* Added proper tracers and model to Landser MKB42.
* Added Gray textures for the Jagdpanzer IV(courtesy of VanAdrian).* Fixed invisible Panzerfaust for Ostheer.* Fixed missing sound on PTRD41/PTRS41.
* Famo can now recover upgunned Shermans properly.
* Kübelwagen now uses the hitbox of the Schwimmwagen.
* Fixed issues with captured Ostheer vehicles
* Updated target recognition on Ostheer medikit abilities.
* Added new textures for the Beutepanzer Cromwell.
* Updated wrecks for the beutepanzer units.
* Fixed shock guard dp28 (was 15 shots/sec = mg42 rate of fire).
* Fixed target table issue on KV2 weapons against skirted units.
* Removed unused target table from Soviet weapons.
* Moved Brandenburger camo ability to slot 11.


* Removed reward units from Soviets and Ostheer. (see below)
* Soviets can now drop the dp28.
* Removed SU-85 from Breakthrough Assault Command Tree.
* Removed armoury requirement from full rifles and NKVD upgrade.
* Lowered Not A Step Back to 1cp.
* Rearranged veterancy bonuses from Ostheer infantry.

* KV-1 is the default unit for the Breakthrough Assault Command Tree instead of SU-85.
* Added SU100 placeholder(it is the SU85 with SU100 gun stats).
* Increased molotov research cost to 150mp and 20fuel.
* Slightly increased molotov impact damage (7-10 from 6-8).


* New Unit: SU-85 + SU 100
   - added to Soviet heavy tankovy
   - Uses an upgrade system similar to t34-76/85 upgrade system
   - added 10% less rec. penetration to SU 100
   - SU-85 will always be penetrated by german heavies, except for Wehr Panzer IV, StuGs/Pak/Gwagen will be around 60%-80%.
   - SU-100 will have a 85%-100% chance to be penetrated by axis heavies, StuGs/Pak/Gwagen will have around 45%-65%.
* SU-100 upgrade is removed when T-34/85 is researched.
* T-34/85 upgrade is removed when SU-100 is researched.

* Infantry changes:
   - Moved Artillery Spotter team to t1
   - Spotter cost 260 from 270, fine tuned weapon stats (damage 14 from 13.5, increased max weapon range to 40m (13/20/40/40 from 10/17/35/35).
   - Reduced spotter basic sight range, now increases with vet level by 10% each.
   - Strelky can now retreat after using DP-28 ability
   - Added molotovs to Strelky squads
   - lowered PTRS cost to 40 ammo/piece
   - Updated RBS to give +10 hitpoints/man for strelky
   - Committing nerfs of Strelky ppsh against KCH and regular rifles vs. elite armour (had 0.75/0.85 dmg/acc modifiers, normalized them to deal 0.75/0.75).
   - Command Squad long range combat performance is better and close range performance is slightly worse.
   - lowered Guards hitpoints to 82 (from 90)
   - Increased SVT40 stats against Panzerfusiliers
   - NKVD commissar should vet now a lot faster when nearby conscripts.
   - Increased Naval hp to 65(from 55)
   - Navals molotov range increased to 20m.
   - Navals vet req to 8/17/36 (from 9/17/36)
   - Guard vet requirements now match Navals (8/17/36 from 10/20/36).
   - Lowered dp28 ability supression multiplier to 2.5 from 3 and removed 20% accuracy bonus.
   - Increased Conscript rifle accuracy to 0.22/0.44/0.8 (from 0.2/0.44/0.8) and damage to 10 (from 9)
   - Lowered Conscript reinforce cost to 14mp, lowered reinforce time by 25%.
   - Lowered partisan smg moving accuracy to 35% (from 40%)
   - Fixed initial cooldown on RBS strelky abilities.
   - Lowered Commissar vet requirements by 25%.

* Soviet Sniper received the following changes:
   - Costs 300MP
   - It is an one man squad, gets the second member at vet 3.
   - Gets normal cloak at vet 2.
   - It cloaks on cover and can walk away from cover cloaked, but it reverts if retreats or fires.
* Increased Soviet Heavy Mortar pack up time to 3s/3.7s (from 2.4/3s)
* T70 and T90 can crush medium type objects.
* Improved T90 accuracy against planes.
* T70 reload time is now 4-5s.
* Lowered SU 76 barrage upgrade cost to 50 ammo, lowered reload to 40s.
* Increased SU 76 barrage damage against buildings.
* Lowered accuracy and penetration values of SU-85 against infantry based armours so it behaves more like the M10 against infantry.
* Lowered Red Banner Teching cost to 120mp/45f (from 150mp/50f).
* Buffed Gaz main gun rate of fire.
* Removed Maxim upgrade from Gaz.
* Lowered t34 hitpoints to 516(from 556).

* Firebase hardcap set to 1.
* Tweaked stats of Katyusha rockets.

* T-34 rate of fire lowered to 7-8 (from 6)


* Fixed wrong requirement texts on Panzerwerfer.
* Fixed Ostheer medic kits costs for vet 2 and 3.
* Normalized Ostheer Panzerschreck damage/accuracy.
* Increased Wespe/Panzer 38t limit to 3 max at the same time.
* Shared requirement of Wespe and Panzer 38t allows to:
  - 2 Panzers 38t and 1 Wespe at the same time on the battlefield (or vice versa)
  - 3 Panzers 38t and 0 Wespe at the same time in the battlefield (or vice versa)
* Modified Kugelblitz
  - reduced weapon burst duration.
  - Kugelblitz cooldown and reload times tuned down by 5%.
  - Kugelblitz accuracy and penetration values tuned up by 7.5%.
  - Fixed rebuilt Kugelblitz weapon.

* Ostheer infantry
  - Faustpatrone ability for Panzerfusiliers now is enabled when T3 modernization is researched.
  - Panzerjagers now costs 320 MP.
  - Panzerfusiliers use Landser grenades now (require grenade teching).
  - Removed assault grenade ability from Panzerfusiliers.
  - Tweaked some faulty weapon stats on g41.
  - Panzerfusiliers/Sturmfusiliers get a 25% increased resistance to supression.
  - Shared timer for Ostheer grenade/AT abilities (like stickies).
  - Changed Panzerfusilier Panzerfaust to 35mun instead of 25mun.
  - Removed dmg modifier on landser mkb vs. Strelky.

* Updated Brandenburgers:
 - Added Panzerfaust to Brandenburgers.
 - Uses late Panzerfaust now that deals more damage.
 - Increased rifle damage to match grenadiers (13->15).

* Ostheer Marksman received the following changes:
 - Costs 300MP
 - Gets normal cloak at vet 2.
 - It cloaks on cover and can walk away from cover cloaked, but it reverts if retreats or fires.
 - Removed scout vet bonus from Marksman.
* Beutepanzer ability now requires Fortress Command Tree.
* Changed Panzernest to 300mp and 20fuel.
* Decreased Panzernest HP from 800 to 500.
* Doubled Panzernest HP and removed 0.5 received damage modifier.
* Now Sdkfz. 251 can carry up to six guys and one squad.
* Panzergranate ability for the StuG III now deals 50% more damage instead of 25%.
* Reduced recharge time of Wespe barrage to 90s (from 105).
* Modified aces high ability:
 - Attacks the area where the trigger unit was
 - Does less damage but has a higher rate of fire, making it not a direct copy of the panzer elite ability.
 - Modified fx so it looks and sounds a little different.

* Duration time of Aces High lowered to 30s.
* Damage of JU-87 lowered 20%.
* Removed unneeded condition from For The Motherland and Charge abilities.
* Tweaked a bit offensive stats for the StuG III.
* Sturmpanzer IV hardcapped at 1 now.
* Removed Stuka MGs.
* Fixed Luchs mg34 damage against ZiS-5.
* Removed transport capability for Opel Maultier.
* leIG18 barrage ability now gets 20% more range on ace vet.
* Increased Panzernest buildtime by ~40%.
* Added lockdown to Elefant, lowered basic range to 40m, in lockdown increases to 55m, increased basic accuracy on long range to 85% (from 75%).
* Lowered Kugel hitpoints to 500 (from 600).
* Lowered Luchs cost to 320mp/35f (from 340mp/40f).
* StuG III costs 360mp/65f (from 325mp/50f).
* Lowered Panzerwerfer hitpoints to 250 (from 380).
* Removed vet upgrades from panzer38t.
* T4 modernization costs 80f (from 60f).
* Guards damage increased to 14(from 13), fixed rifle accuracy to match Grenadiers.
* Lowered Ostheer pIV penetration against IS 2, ISU and Churchill by ~10%, lowered overall gun penetration by ~3%.
* Increased Infgeschütz splash damage by 10% (from 0.5/0.65/1 to 0.5/0.75/1).
* Added own target table for Elefant.
* Added aimed shot for AT gun (35 ammo, 2x more accuracy, lowere scatter for ~3 shots).
* Lowered Ingeschütz damage/splash significantly
* Lowered t3 manpower teching cost for Ostheer to 100mp (from 150mp)


* Increased accuracy from Volks, Grenadiers and Stormtroopers against Conscripts and Strelky slightly.
* MP 40/44 weaponry now deals more damage to Soviet infantry units.
* Puma co-axial MG42 deals  25% increased damage against soviet infantry.
* 50mm Puma upgun has a 10% higher chance to snipe soviet infantry while standing still.
* Geschützwagen performs better against T34.


* Ostheer infantry receives new veterancy bonuses to create a less strong snowballing effect:

  - vet 1: reload x0.8, rec. accuracy x0.85 - 6xp
  - vet 2: accuracy x1.25, rec. damage x0.85- 18xp
  - vet 3: cooldown x0.8, max health x1.1, burst duration x1.15  - 32xp
  - vet 4: damage x1.3, rec. supression x0.75 - 44xp

Announcements / Re: Ostheer Released
« on: July 26, 2013, 11:32:02 AM »
But is there any way I can play Ostheer in higher resolutions, or will it only work at low res?

If you start up "Company of Heroes (New Steam Version)" from your Steam Library, do you still have resolution problems? I haven't heard of anything not being able to play in high res (myself I play in 1920x1080) before.

Suggestions / Re: Website Unit Page Feedback
« on: July 26, 2013, 11:29:51 AM »
Cool stuff!

But I noticed 2 things:
1) No picture for Ostheer! :(
2) For the Wespe, it says that it uses the 150mm sFH18 while it actually uses the 105mm leFH 18.

1) Around half of them have pictures, most of the vehicles.
2) Lots of weapon names are incorrect, since no1 bothers with him during development (they are not shown anywhere else). We'll fix them over time.

Suggestions / Re: Website Unit Page Feedback
« on: July 26, 2013, 01:58:03 AM »
Bunch of Changes today

* Stats now using Latest Version
* Added Ostheer!
* Added Squad Health
* Added Squad Armor Type(s)
* Made the Target Tables of Weapons sortable.

General Discussion / Re: Units info.
« on: July 24, 2013, 11:37:05 AM »
I'll update the unit page later this week for support of multiple factions. Also I'll add armor type and health.

Announcements / Re: New patch for Eastern Front
« on: July 20, 2013, 01:41:34 PM »
Latest EF version that officially works with 2.602 is 1.72.

Try renaming the Playback folder into something else (eg. abcd) and see if that helps.

Just a side note, does it crash when clicking "Skirmish"?

Bugs & Tech Support / Re: Help please steam/old coh version
« on: July 18, 2013, 11:16:18 PM »
Hey this error pops up 3/4 of the way through.

'error opening file for writing'

C:\program files x(86)\steam\SteamApps\common\company of hereos Relaunch\ Company of Hereos\Eastern_front\DataAttrib\ebps\environment\art_ambient\buildings\normandy_rural\roughstone_3x6_churchold_02\roughstone_3x5_churchold_02_sp_hells_highway,rgd.

You have a bit wrong folder there, remove the bold part from folder while installing.

Bugs & Tech Support / Re: eastern Front has stopped working
« on: July 18, 2013, 01:12:15 AM »
Mine occasionally does that. I am not sure why but the launcher stays running in the background. Rather than restart you can hit ctrl, alt, delete and end the prosess for the EF launcher. You will see it easily in the process list.  ;)


No clue how this is happening, I've seen it myself in action once.

Bugs & Tech Support / Re: Molotov bug
« on: July 17, 2013, 12:19:22 PM »
What settings do both of you play on?
Can you try to change some settings around and see if it works better?

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