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Announcements / Re: Released update version for Steam!
« on: July 01, 2017, 05:11:10 PM »
Thanks for the feedback, but I think you are a bit confused about the effects of Pervitin in EF. But before that, first of all it works like energy drink, whether you like it or not the comparison, although it is obviously worse. It makes your fatigue to go away, giving you a boost of energy and improves your concentration, allowing to work more and harder and in case of the soldiers, to march farther or to fight euforic... and it causes addiction. Thus the effects ingame are right (reload faster, less cooldown, more damage, healing just a little bit over time, less received damage). Not sure about giving debuff at the end though.

I'm fine with the effects you mentioned, it's just that the description emphasizes the healing effects, which IMO don't fit pervitin at all. Note that I'm fine with pervitin used in the mod; the Battle of the Bulge mod has it too and it works fine. I just found it odd that it was compared to an energy drink... Yes, energy drinks also stimulate the CNS, but that's like comparing a shovel to a pneumatic pickaxe. Anyway that's irrelevant for the doctrine discussion.

You cannot complain Pervitin isn't related to an Assault tree because that's incorrect.

Never said it wasn't. My peeve is mostly with the LHS of the tree, which I believe doesn't fit well with the RHS.

Nothing in CoH is made to be used only for defense or only for assault, because everything is situacional (except for Brits, they are designed to be heavily defensive, mg nests and flaks). Same for the Pakwagen, Ostheer is not made to be a defensive faction but you can use the Pakwagen as you like, but when you assault a position you would put that unit as far as you can from the combat area but you would still deploy it there to tear down other vehicles as a support unit. The Pakwagen due to its nature is effective in defensive role but do not forget that it can be used to support your raids in enemy territory.

My point still stands, a defensive glass cannon is still a defensive glass cannon. Of course you can use the Pakwagen on the offense, just as you can do so with a regular PaK. Going by your logic, the Ferdinand wouldn't belong to the Army Fortress doctrine, since it can be used on the offensive in spite of being a defensive weapon.

Now, certainly the static Goliath doesn't scream "Assault", but there is someone that it does... The Sturmpioneer unit that is enabled to deploy it. These guys are assault pioneers and are just given that new toy. And I'm not sure why it lacks cohesion, because the description of the tree ties everything together just fine.

Even if the OH engineer unit has assault in its name, a static mine/satchel-charge hybrid is still a static mine/satchel-charge hybrid. You use it as a defensive weapon. Even the in-game doctrine description mentions that it is useful for ambushes.

I think it is less that the tree is absolutely underwhelming and it is more that you would have preferred the last ditch doctrine to be released instead, and there is no problem with that, but there are no plans for Ostheer to have such tree, at least not now. Also, I don't think adding Panzerfaust to OH units would be that great... Ostheer core unit is the Landser squad and they already have Panzerschrecks, other units like Sturmpioneers already have Panzerfaust so this would only benefit the Skirmish Commander, which I think it is not a good idea to make it go closer to a tank so it can fire a Panzerfaust.

I guess you got me wrong then. My interest lays mostly in the early war period (which is one of the reasons I like the OH, since it features early war tanks, air support, etc.). The 'last-ditch' idea just came while looking at the news post, IMO it is more appropiate for the current configuration than the assault theme. Again, I'm not saying the tree is bad, just incoherent when compared to other doctrines in the mod. The LHS and the RHS of the tree feel like they belong to different doctrines, that's all.

Also, you are right about the Panzerfaust thing. When I wrote that, I thought that Landsers could only be upgraded once; today I checked and apparently the upgrades aren't mutually exclusive. It was meant mostly to upgrade the Lander's short-range anti tank capabilites and to increase the range of the Sturmpioneer faust (due to the change from Faustpatrone to Panzerfaust 60/100).

Announcements / Re: Released update version for Steam!
« on: June 30, 2017, 05:52:57 PM »
While I immensely enjoy this mod, and I think that it just gets better and better with each iteration, I think this is doctrine is not up to scratch. I don't want to come off as rude, but it feels like it was haphazardly thrown together in order to appease the wheraboos complaining about the lack of OH Tigers.

Right now the Assault Pioneer Division feels underwhelming and lacking a coherent theme. A static Goliath hardly screams 'Assault' to me, neither does a Pakwagen, which in the end doesn't have any more pushing power than a Marder, which is a tank sniper. Both of those feel like they belong to a defensively minded Doctrine. Pervitin also feels completely off. It contains ephedrine derivatives, hardly what I would call 'an energy drink'. Now, I understand that CoH is not a realistic game, but at least you could have tried to represent pervitin with some semblance to reality. Given that it is a stimulant of the CNS, having it lower weapon cooldown and increase sight range and supression-resistance would be more adequate IMO. Perhaps also add a brief temporary debuff after the positive effects wear off.

All in all, I think this doctrine could be welded together better with a 'last ditch' 1945 kind of theme. The Goliath and Pakwagen could work as is. The strafing run could also be used, maybe with some Bodenplatte flair in its description. Conscription could be just renamed to Volkssturm, maybe also granting all OH infantry units Panzerfauste and reducing their cost (IIRC someone suggested this ability for a WH reward doctrine on this forums).

Announcements / Re: Status report - November 2016
« on: November 17, 2016, 10:02:01 AM »
Is the Weapon Reserves upgrade finally gone? To be honest I won't miss it if that is indeed the case. It always felt very cheesy. I understand that vCoH took inspiration from Band of Brothers et al, but Enemy at the Gates is much more ahistorical and clichéd (at no moment did the Soviets have shortage of weapons, in fact in Stalingrad they had shortages of manpower at some points). I'd very much prefer to have an upgrade to increase squad size, a la Panzer Elite (maybe called Extensive Conscription/Far East Reinforcements), or have incremental squad size tied to veterancy.

Still, I trust in your judgement since everything else so far looks terrific. Can't wait for the next update!

Suggestions / Ideas for British Reward Command Tree
« on: July 12, 2015, 05:16:11 PM »
I read in a news post some time ago that there were plans to include a reward Command Tree for each of the vanilla factions, so I decided to rake my brains a bit and find something interesting for the British. My objective when designing it was to try to provide a doctrine that could allow players to play aggressively, providing alternatives to the blobbing and emplacement spam. The result is this idea, the First Candadian Army tree.


-Flamethrowers/Pillbox clearers. Unlocks the Lifebuoy mkII upgrade for Sapper squads as well as the Wasp upgrade for Universal Carriers. Meant to increase the usefulness of Bren Carriers, which could now be used effectively against enemy infantry using soldier/elite armor.

-Water Rats. Call in a squad of Canadian Assault Troops, battle hardened veterans of the Breskens Pocket. A four-man team initially equiped with Enfield rifles, can be upgraded with a Lifebuoy flamethrower to enhance anti infantry performance. They don't suffer movement penalties while in neutral/enemy territory. They have two abilities: Mills bomb and No 77 White Phosphorus Grenade. The first one is a standard fragmentation grenade, similar to the one Commandos use. The No 77 is thrown like a conventional ingame grenade but has different effects. When the No 77 ability is used, the squad automatically breaks from suppression. The enemy unit that recieves the impact suffers drastic accuracy and sight penalties, effectively blinding it. Additionally, the hazardous chemicals created during the combustion of the phosphorus damage the units in its radius over time. It only works against infantry and does not make the squad that has activiated the ability invisible.

-Hawker Typhoon ground strike/Fortress Europe has no roof. Hawker Typhoons staturate the designated area with high-explosive rockets, obliterating soft targets. Similar to the PE Panzerknacker ability, only using HE ammunition.


-Squad tactics. Lieutenants provide additional bonuses to infantry, decreasing received accuracy and suppression. However, lieutenants no longer have a command aura and their bonus only applies to a targeted squad.

-Channel Ports opened. The liberation of key ports in the English Channel coast allows a greater influx of supplies to the frontlines, increasing the munitions and fuel income.

-1st Polish Armoured Division anti-tank support. Call in an Achilles tank destroyer, equipped with a 17 pounder AT gun capable of tackling heavy tanks. Performance should be similar to the Firefly, perhaps with less armour and better speed?

Note that I didn’t include costs for the abilities, neither the amount of CP required for each unlock. I believe that this is something that balancers would be more qualified to discuss.

There are some things that I’m not sure if are possible from a technical standpoint. Sappers already have three upgrades, and I’m not sure if a fourth one could be added. I think it would be worth it, though. Right now they have 2 logistic upgrades (demolition gear, over-repair) and an anti-tank upgrade (PIAT). The flamethrower could be an anti-infantry upgrade, allowing players to use them more offensively.
The lieutenant upgrade is another thing which I don’t know if is possible to code. With this I wanted to encourage players not to blob while keeping the lieutenant as a useful unit.

Constructive comments and criticism are welcome.

Suggestions / Re: Ideas for Italian Command Tree
« on: July 01, 2015, 05:40:10 PM »
Just a thought:

Would it be possible to add HEAT ("Efetto Pronto") rounds ability to the Semovente as a vet ability, to give it more usefulness later on in the game? I guess it could be an ability similar to the US ATG APC rounds.
Also, since I believe it is already modeled, would it be possible to have a flame tank upgrade to the  L6/40? That would make it much more useful for the time of the game it would come, being a fast infantry killer.

I prefer 1v1, 500 VP. I don't mind fixed/random positions. I love brits, but since this is the EF mod I'd rather play Ostheer. I consider myself a T3 player, but take that with a grain of salt - I've only just now started playing MP, CoH, although I have been playing skirmishes for a long time.

I might also mention that I won't have much time to play in the following weeks, due to having to do lab work and mid-semester exams.

Bugs & Tech Support / Re: 2.300 Bugs
« on: September 11, 2014, 05:36:15 PM »
When recovering a wrecked T-34/85 with a Famo, it doesn't get a beutepanzer skin. Also, the description of the MP40 upgrade for the Landsers mentions Panzerfusiliers instead.

Also, what benefits does the technician veterancy give to Strumpioneers? Since they already have repair by deafult, is it improved or something?

Tech Support / Retail coh dll error
« on: September 01, 2014, 09:57:29 AM »
Today  I tried to install the OMG mod, and it turned out to be a terrible idea. During the installation I got an error related to WW2mod.dll. Now I can't play CoH nor any of it mods. I get this message:

The procedure entry point ?GetFullPathAt_Char@FileSet@FilePath@@QBE?AV?$basic_string@DU?$char_traits@D@std@@V?$allocator@D@2@@std@@I@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library Filesystem.dll

Any ideas on how to solve the issue?

EDIT: Problem sovled, had to reinstall from CD. Admins, please lock/delete this thread.

Mapping / Re: Question about custom objects
« on: August 11, 2014, 07:46:59 PM »
Ok thanks, it was loading Battle of the Bulge. That also explains why all the trees were snowy.  :)

Mapping / Question about custom objects
« on: August 10, 2014, 02:49:24 PM »
How do you use objects from mods in the Worldbuilder? (For example, a T-34 wreck)

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