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Eastern Front / Is there going to be a ranking system ?
« on: January 29, 2010, 11:49:03 AM »
From wat I understand there will be a ranking officer system like the other army. But my question is when will there be one for russian?  Wats being done about that so far ?

Suggestions / all ostheer ARtierly and super artierlity should be free!!
« on: January 26, 2010, 02:36:52 PM »
ALl ostheer upgrades should cost only munition, and all ostheer artierly should be free! like the russians,

all ostheer officers should have artierly abality , so as the snipers.

it should have SUPER end artierly like god of war, like rail artierly. which fires mini V1s every where.

should have an massive MOTar that fires 3 times fater then normal. and shots further then normal whre motars.

should have spammable massive tanks, and shit load of fuel to use, because since all upgrades are munition , all this fuel for tanks is inevitable.
and massive hentchel BOMBING Runs... that dose double the dammage as the normal PE ones. but also free, because everything cost muniton

well if you think this is not OP?..... dose it sound fimiliar to you?

i am Curious how resource sharing for russians work.
from what i understand, russians in the new patch is beatable.  but when it comes to british and larger maps along side with the russians.  its an different story.

Brits would first tactially op all muntion points, making high munition points up to +26. and they can do it to more then one, in some maps, and there are stupid maps with only 15 fuel. how do you assume the axist can even get to late game with that amount of fuel, axist cant even upgrade anything lol.. 

since the brtish is producing HUGE amound of muntion income for the russians,  meaning russian upgrades are cheaper then anything.

katushers, comes in with only 300 man power, then followed by criping barrage, and ROO spam..  mmeh........ dont get me wrong, but game is balance, i am just curious if the resource sharing is being considered off.


This is what happend. full health 88 cannon. Vs ISU tank hunter,

Tank hunter fired one short, taking 90% health of 88 flak cannon. 88 fired at ISU, took less then 10% off.

second short extreamly accurate of ISU , Dead 88 flak cannon.  dose this make the 88 flak cannon competly useless? .

you decide

Balance Discussion / German tactic useless? at the moment
« on: January 23, 2010, 12:21:56 PM »
russian troops cant be force retreated..  which makes propaganda tactic useless ?
this makes an entire german army special ablity useless

Defensive 88 useless. having an Russian howier mOtar which is almost 100% accurate, takes out 88 in matter of seconds,

Defensive Bunker useless. 5 hit from motar howiser with fast and endless attack, killing troops and bunker at the same time. loses all creditible defensive stats.

HOWiser MOtar all together broken.- it dosent suit the game macanics, its an great idea,. but its uselsss.

Russian bomming Run, is like 10 times better then US bomming run?  it need to cost at lest 600 muniton for it, due to the same bomming run US has is about 200 munition ,aand it only fits one locatgion.

Post Merge: January 23, 2010, 12:28:46 PM
Russian bomming run also makes hentchel strike of penzer elite a joke, 2 planes come in one panther with vet 2 dies from full health?. and no where to run because the area covers is huge,  where the german air strike some times take 4 5 shots to kill an crapy tank like a sherman? where dose the sense in that, unless it cost 600-800 munitions, it shouldnt do that much dammage,  its like saying.
a COOKING KNIFE cost$50,
but Russians get an samurai that also cost $50 . not making any sense.

the amound of Tank Hunter call in tanks, should be limited to one, it makes KIng tiger completly uselss.  since the limite of king tiger or tiger is one, the russians in an 2v2 can bring out 2, which kills panther with no hesitations. where is balance in that?.

Maps with 2 roads and trees blocking everything, the only way to go down is crossing an rarrow path, building bunkers, uselss from moter fire, mgs useless from double snipers, tank trapes get crashed by massive tanks. counter motar dose not have range capability, commander squard charge in to do free arltiery destorys bunker and motar with no chance of escape.

vet 3 panthers come way too late to be effective.

Balance Discussion / heroic charge, ?FREE? and Free artierly?
« on: January 22, 2010, 04:01:02 PM »
As allied?,  dose allies have not enough artierly?

free artierlly in 10 minute mark? with an massive amound of area. basically the same one as the defensive arty that fires in Op area only. at allied terroritory.? and the russians can do it any where for free?,

Bunkers said it sgood against russians? but so wat, even defensive bunkers die as soon. as those super accurate MOtar howiesers  come out.
then to finsh off any hope the axist have, Commander arty it ..
when you see an MG set up, FIRE UP/your entire army run behind it and kill it?.

FREE artierly is a JOKE..
no race deserves free artierly that is soo powerful it takes out everything with almost no chance to run away.
it should cost 100 munition

Post Merge: January 22, 2010, 04:05:41 PM
Axist officer dose the same artierly , but cost soo much munition. all axist upgrade cost fuel. but axist dont get fuel bonus? why because  its how the game blanaces,

Russisans use all upgrade with munition, but unlimited artierly? it should cost.

MOtar howiers with super accurate cells, should cost the same as A V R E tank. or if you dont want that, make it look great, like rocket barrage, and dose no dammage like rocket barrage.. or .. with the same type of dammage as nerbel, its not working at the moment. - if Ostheer, is to have those bunkers , th en whats the point with bunkers when Commanders wil just destory it any way they want, or with. motar howiezers ..

OFF map tanks such as KV2 right now should be limited to 1 only at a time. having way too many in the off map call in with SUPER tanks. that could come in continuesly. with no limitations?

There has being like 12 threads so far, no developers has answered any of the questions, or take part in the comments so far, the only one that had one comment was about . "we are not adding more units like blizcreg mod".
besides that, there is no reply from them what so ever.

i wonder if there is an communication problem, or there is just nobody whos in charge are interested in talking to the people who really cared about this mod, and made comments to it?, i mean its polite to respond?

Balance Discussion / Russian MOtars Op
« on: January 22, 2010, 03:17:16 AM »
The russian motars are firing too qucikly.
with so greater dammage, takes 5 short for defensive bunker to go down, Mgs with one or two shot, there is no way  you can MG mount an defensive, since building troops is an waste, motar kills volks and grendier squards just as quick,
i tryed axist motar to counter motar, yet the range of axist motar is not suppior as i thought it would be, but the russians could HIt from even more further.
Impossible to advance, since russians had soo many man siting next to their heavy motar, i try building fast t3.
by the time i have nerb. in a 2v2, one of them has already got an T-35. an joke fest.

we need to Tune down those motars, either fire slower, and also have shorter rannge, or just have it costing 20 - 30 minution. also those artierly from the russian commander squards.

Hi ok  let's say how many times do axist players get totally out spamed and flanked by allied infantry Z. And british medic bunckers and us ones give allies like 10 more free squads . If that's is the case with Russian casualty can u imagine how many Brits squares or us rifles u would see if in eg an 3v3 an Russian player purposly spam infantry only to give his allies better and stronger zoombie squads. I don't the game will turn out very pretty then. Please if you could tell us what's happening with dead or injured conscrips.

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