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Bugs & Tech Support / Vehicle counter incorrect in end game stats
« on: March 29, 2010, 01:56:57 PM »

Just played a short game where I produced 2x IS-2, and 4x Katyusha; one of the Katyusha was destroyed.  I did not produce or lose any other vehicles.

In the end game stats it showed I'd produced 3 vehicles and lost 1.  Not sure if this is a stat you guys influence in the mod, but it appears from this example the Katyusha that's destroyed is the only one included in the built stats.

I'll pay more attention in future when playing Propaganda doctrine to see if this is repeatable.

Bugs & Tech Support / Flickering textures on T-90
« on: January 23, 2010, 04:06:57 AM »

I know this will be low priority since it doesn't affect gameplay, however while the T-90 is deployed I see a flickering of all textures on the body of this vehicle.  In other games I've created for this could be because two meshes are being rendered at the same coordinates, however not knowing anything about CoH modeling I could be well off here.

It happened in gameplay and I don't have a screenie at this time but can get one if needs be.  I use an nVidia EN8800 video card and can supply other details when this gets investigated if required.

Great mod team !

(edit: going to put my 'reversed normals' initial diagnosis down to lack of sleep from playing your sensational mod...)

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