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Balance Discussion / [1.702] Sturmovic and God of War + T90 tank
« on: November 24, 2012, 03:42:53 PM »

First of all great work with the latest version of EF.

Just got a bit of a problem with the sturmovics costing 250 munitions while God of war only costs 200 munitions while god of war is so much more powerfull then the sturmovics..
I think the munitions cost of these 2 call ins should be atleast the same, maybe even the sturmovics only 200 and god of war 250..
But yeah thats only a small problem with it.

Also I noticed the T90's damage output has been lowered significantly.
In a match 1 hour - 2 hours ago it had troubles even taken down infantry..
I think the problem is accuracy of the gun. it just doesn't seem to hit the infantry.
If you ask me, the T90's should do something like the same damage and have the same accuracy as the bren gun carrier upgraded without using ap rounds.

Just my insight of the mod atm.

Again very good job and great support.
Keep up the good job.

Best regards


General Discussion / US airborne infantry drop short 1 men
« on: October 13, 2012, 02:31:14 AM »
I've come accros some odd problem with the airborne in eastern front.
When I call them in, I sometimes get a squad thats already lost 1 soldier, while there isn't any enemy near, neither do you hear a 88 or wathever else that can shoot objects in mid air firing..

Its just a small problem, but still. Thought I should let you all know.
If more people have had similar problems, I suggest you reply on this topic so the developpers can look in to it.
No point for them spending time on this if nobody else is having problems with this.

Best regards,

Mattias (aka mSnowflake)

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