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Suggestions / Updating from scratch is a pain
« on: April 15, 2010, 09:44:20 PM »
your download link should be current but instead you have to get it, update the launcher, then the patching server is down 80% of the time so you have to search for the one thread with the manual patches. The whole point in the beginning was to make this mod easier to update than all the others and yet the autoupdate fails to work and the manual is buryed deep in the bowls of the forum. I have had to reinstall this on 3 computer and its always the same, then you wonder why there are no newer players.

You guys were mentioned in a list of modders who changed PC gaming!

I know Kats are already kinda annoying but they had larger rockets than T-34 calliopes and Kats seem to do less damage to vehicles, their infantry damage is ok but is there anyway to do more damage to vehicles? Main reason I say this is because even 3 cannot even half damage a Stuka zu fuss and how the heck do we counter battery then? The firebases are to damn inaccurate and the artillery piece is often displaced before it can even land anything close enough. Now before anyone possibly gets their panties stuck in a knot I want to ask a question, was this damage modifier intentional? Probably but still was it for balance or possibly does it do more damage but the just Calliopes fire more rockets (2 Calliopes>in rockets # than 3 Kats right?) and should damage output (per manpower/pop cap) be comparable?

General Discussion / Ostheer guesstestamate release date?
« on: March 03, 2010, 06:51:02 PM »
I know you have said "When it is done" and I understand you develop this game in your free time and hell it is free so I am not pushing I am just curious what a ballpark would be for the ostheer? By that I mean weeks, months, a year?

The soviet tanks REALLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY got nerfed, the IS2 especially. By RL standards, it had more armor than tigers or panthers and the gun was better in all ways but reload speed due to 2 part loading which is demonstrated in the game at least. I have seen the change log and effects in game and I watched an IS2 get easily wiped by a couple schreks. It seems the schreks actually end up doing more damage than tank shell half the time and with a vetted tiger with (IRL) less armor it just tickles the health bar on the frontal arc.  ???

Now, you might say "but that is because it is a vet tiger, duh!" IS-2s were manned almost exclusivly by elite guards units, you would not trust your best tanks with a farm hand would you? As well I have seen some very bad shots from the IS-2 and with the long reload and minimal (comparative) damage and weakened armor is a probable death for the motherland. The IS-2s gun also packed a large HE shell that was actually better for killing slant armor vehicles like panther and would often crumple machinery from shockwave alone that caused turrets and tracks to stop working and often knocked splinters in the crew compartments and even breech the hull catastrophically not to mention the massive anti infantry and structure capibilties (I have observed a slight AOE). This is why it was classified as a breakthrough tank, meant to take AT head on and blow defenses to shreds altough typically not for close infantry fighting.

A cost increase to implicate any of this might be getting a little on the silly side, maybe upgrades in ammo somewhere for vet? The t-34s now are alright except for the 85. A P4 does more damage to it than it can deal back, even non vet and the 85mm gun was far superior as well as armor in the early models of p4. I suggest slight cost increase with a damage one but the accuracy I feel is sound with the skill of the the typical crew then.

I hope I can get more of history buff reaction out of this rather than some 12 year olds definition of over powered... any ideas on comprimises and ways of implicating parts or all of these ideas are welcomed.  :D

Bugs & Tech Support / Regular unit caps wrong
« on: February 06, 2010, 07:52:09 PM »
I have noticed I can never get my third priest or more than 1 AVRE churchill on all maps.

Suggestions / Sound Changes?
« on: January 26, 2010, 06:29:21 PM »
Some of the replacment sounds for the axis are nice but my main peeve is the 88mm, the sound is like one of those little electric toy guns I had as a kid, pewpew. Altough giving stukas actual sound was nice, usually it is hard to hear it coming.

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