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Ostheer Suggestions / New Sniper
« on: October 20, 2013, 02:49:24 PM »
A very missing unit in this game is a sniper, but not just any kind of a sniper. I'm talking about a German sniper with the K98 scoped rifle. Wehrmacht has a G43 sniper, Ostheer has a Mkb42 marksman, and I thought it would be nice to make it like in T1 to be the marksman and in T2 to be the sniper with K98 or vice versa . What do you think?

And, I also want to say that you have made the BF109 plane and you abandoned it. I don't see why it can harm the balance or whatever you think it is not good for Ostheer if you put it to strafe infantry while Ju87 attacks tanks and vehicles in the same ability 'Acces High'

Suggestions / Suggestions for the next versions
« on: January 16, 2013, 08:35:23 PM »
Hi, I have some suggestions for what developers can do in the next patches. I don't know but some of them you may like
So, let's start with the Americans first
- in the last patch, you said that Jumbo is no more a reward unit, and you will find a better place for it.. something like that. I think Jumbo can replace the original Sherman made by Relic.. what do you think?
- when I played first time CoH, I played it on v1.0, the first one and the Calliope was able to turn its turret and fire it. When I got ToV, that wasn't anymore, so, I haven't tried it yet in EF but if you can make it turn and fire its turret, do it ;D
- riflemen section from the Royal Marine Commandos should be able to upgrade with 2 Sten Guns besides the Bren, riflegrenade, and recon upgrades
- SAS units should be a squad of 4 people, which 3 of 'em are armed with Thompson SMGs and one with an Enfield sniper rifle, having the ability "Deploy Marksman" just as the Recon section from HQ Truck
- they should be able to make a crew with PM M1910 machine gun
- sniper ace, from urban combat command tree, should have a scout in the same squad, and having the ability of looking through binoculars when standing
- can you make katyusha's rocket launcher to rise up when firing?
- Voss's and Schultz's tigers and the King Tiger should have the ability of shooting a precise shot at long distance, just as the Schultz's Tiger ability is now, also they should have the deploying smoke ability and, the most important, I can give you an example now, why does the King Tiger have the commander up and it's line of sight is so bad? Try to make an ability of looking through binoculars or something when the tank is standing, so that's a bit more realistic. And they are ACES after all, Isn't it? they should have some nice abilities to prove that they're aces ;D
Panzer Elite:
- The Flak 88, that is been built by the Luftwaffe ground units, should have it's front shield that protects the crew removed, because we already have an Flak 88 with a shield from Wehrmacht's defense doctrine  so I thought this one should be without it.
And about Ostheer, well I don't know too much about Ostheer because it's not been released yet, I just want to know if there will be an Elephant tank and Wespe SP arty in their command trees, and you can make the Sturmpanzer being replaced by Sturmtiger as a reward unit....

More suggestions... I'm thinking about
PS. Maybe I'm new here for you because this is my first post, but that does not mean that I wasn't here before... ;D

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