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Bugs & Tech Support / t34 missing ??
« on: December 18, 2011, 01:42:35 AM »
i m back on EF mod, i actualised the mod...
but except the doctrinal riders, where are the T34 built ???  :o

by the way the medic truck is too powerfull fot only 150, free healing and backing ... when i see US fixed and brit+40ammo (price of the captain !)
  there should be an upgrad with a cost for the retreating !

a dread brit truck must pay again the speed , for exemple
russian played don't really care to loose it and can block infantry on a bridge

Ostheer Suggestions / vietlord osteer suggestion
« on: April 08, 2010, 10:31:41 PM »
Ostheer Army

Important: each built unit has a letter first: one building : you can buy « a » unit, two buildings  means « a » + »b » and so on … (here T0-HQ doesn't count)
Speed: except on roads, these vehicules are slowed by 0,8 considering the usual werhm, until xp2 see below
When no price is made, well it refers to old price

T0 -QG
_ pionner (upgrad mine-sweeper) ...sandbag-barbwire (no flamming)
_  Kommandant (up-stealth=> slow to move), with a second mate
he may command a near pak to slow a engine
he may improve the spead of pionner-work
he may slow an infanry unit (like PG's carabin)
_ (b) Medical-Kompanie-pack
_ (c ) Werkstatt-Kompanie-pack

T1 German casern

(a) 4 grenadier (like T2werm) 300 MP -(b)=5 (c )=6 (d)=7 !!! (slow rate creation speed)
(a) 3 -MG-42 team
(b)  1 sgt vet  (10 max per game)
(b) flamming team (2+2 flamming) 300 MP

T2 - Supply
   _ (a) lSdKfz 11 (tractor, upgrad 1 mg-34) medium speed but all-mud
   _ (a) L3/33 italian ( only front is light tank-shielded) <T-90lighter>
        (b) upgrad 20mmAT OR upgrad flamthrower
   _ (b) AT Boher 4.7 cm PaK 180 MP
  _  (b) SdKfz 7/1 flak light-wagon Wirbelwind-firpower 350MP 20 gas
   _ (c ) 88 mobile with tractor (must deploy/ repack)
   _ (c ) SdKfz 124 Wespe (arty-105 on panzer2body) 550 MP 50gas
   _ (d)  Nashorn : 400 MP 75gas

T3  foreign-Unity
 _  (a) italian  4  (upgrad trench-digger n' jump in) … auto-flee if 1 men left if no officer near
  _ (b)  finns stealth-ambush (light-sniping 25  upgrade/or: MP40) 6, (tank-grenade-ability) 300 MP
  _ (c ) Roumanian 6 - 200MP molotov ability
  _ (d) Ukranian-levies 8- 200MP can buy a panzershriek75 ammo
T4 : Panzer
_ Pz 2 L Sd. Kfz. 123 ou Luchs (canon 2cm et MG-34) good vs infantery 120 MP 30gas
_  two-Pz3  250 MP 60gas
_  pz4   
_ TIGER1 (2 max) (softer than COH-werhmacht) 700 MP 100gas

T5' weapon supplier
_ any unit may buy here one panzershreak for 90 ammo
_ any unit may buy here one MP-44 for 90 ammo
(this bulding speed the rate of cooldown-ammo)

_ Guderian
      This man had planned the battle-order so just one line
0-CP scout-car, <two place, good for Kommandant> 80 mp unarmed
2-CP stuka strike[free first time,150 ammo after],(stunt-zone stuH-effect-centerAT) noise but no red-smoke up with a gunner 50 ammo / up detection 50 MP
2-CP Panzerwerfer 42-   (upgrad smoke launcher)
2-CP Sd.Kfz. 232 early puma,  upgrad-detect(20 ammo)   
2 CP Me-109 land-straff (one sturmovic may be shot if on zone) 100 ammo, lighter than US but better vs light vehicule
4-CP Elefant !! 700 MP, workers as marder3 but twice as powerful   
_ Manstein
   _ 1 CP ability to dig a trench with pionneers- every infantry may cloak it's trench with camo (and then no shooting of course) … pionner car also put mine luft-style for 80 ammo and time
   _  2 CP pak40 steath ability … may be put behind tractor for move 300 MP
   _  3 CP  Karl-600mm extra heavy mortar shot 350 ammo : except QG, 1 shot  means:1 construct down    (red smoke alerte: 6 trails ! Time to come)
   _ 3 CP Support-A SdKfz 6 halftrack: has been provided to our comrades. This extremely large halftrack can fit 15 people or 3 squads.  insideMG(3) + mortar(3) +grenadier(4) 700 MP 10gas
   _ 2 CP for the father land = defensive bonus
   _ 3 CP Panther  600 MP 110 fuel

_Hausser (waffen-elite)
      Under the pressure, german tried  desesperate weager
   _3 CP waffen-elite troup (4 MP-44) elite armor– can't flee [panzerfaust 35 ammo]
upgrad lvl XP fot 10 MP    450 MP (cross hold carac)
            _ 1CP  they gain: fanatism-motivation 5 ammo

   _  1 CP fury (your unit does rhe blitz-assaut-nades)
   _  2 CP unit who panzerfaust shoot-twice-Pfaust (still 35 ammo)
right dirty
   _ 3 CP 3 Werwolf-partisan cloak (demo-charge, 50 ammo; mining 25) comes like luft-fallsh  250 light-carac, fast
   _ 2 CP Knife-fight (instant kill at contact(snip-dammage), but a gap-time no move for the kill)
(SGT can't go in the waffen, since waffen buy their own training-experience)

the trained XP1 Sgt is attached in a german infantry pack from QG and capitalize XP (like a Urss col with his mates, not independant as brit-chiefs
xp1 means : more precise unit,
xp2 means: a moving unit takes less damage
xp3 means: lvl 2 armor on germans

(Sgt Xp1 may be put in panzers too, but others still gain XP)
vehicule xp1: aim-improoved too, take care !
vehicule xp2: speed increased to usual speed thanks to ostkretten (larger for mud)
vehicule xp3: life increased

Replace men in a infantry unit
 the HQ is usually slow for that, but by paying 10 mp per man, up to 10 soldiers can be there instantly (usual cost still there) … reinforcement have to come from the fatherland, this must be prepared

Werkstatt-Kompanie– véhicule-reparator-camp can be deployed once anywhere friendly by the tractor
the repair can be accerated with ammo
(it is large and strong as the russian advance camp)
The tractor can also bring dead-tanks there for extracting ammo
there can be bought shurtzen on panzers

Medical-Kompanie infantery healer-camp can be deployed once anywhere friendly by the tractor
the healing can be accerated with ammo

Population limit:
75% of maximum is german
25% of maximum is foreign

Few explanations:
Osteer had offensive first, thanks to blitzkrieg strategy, but needed trained officers, gas to strike and foreign   allies to hold their lines.
Panzerdivisionnen were great but had to repair between assaults and lost many trained men

second, they wanted to defend lines ambushed and improoved technology to have supremacy, but this costed so much

Last, they threw what they had: surviving panzers and waffen-elite infantry who somhow managed ....

All comments are welcome and -of course- some ideas are not mine, the aim is to give a ostheer-concept

General Discussion / cold-war
« on: March 07, 2010, 11:47:11 PM »
even if non balanced, i d like to play usa or commonwealth versus russia ? could that be fixed for fun ?  ;)

ans great work guys i own my words

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