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Ostheer Suggestions / Orignal ways of securing reasorces for ostheer
« on: August 26, 2011, 09:16:52 AM »
In my idea to secure a territory you build a special building (like a heavy bunker) somewhere in the sector you want to secure once it is built all the resources are collected in that building rather than you getting them instantly these resources are removed from the building by Opel blitz trucks that drive in convoys of three to four from off map to the building and back off map again, only once the trucks drive off map will the resources be dielivered to you.The trucks like the existing versions would be very vulnerable to commando/partisan attack and artillery and if they were destroyed you wouldn't receive the resources, so you would have to be careful to protect them. If the trucks survive the journey convoys would start to happen more often so more resources would be deilevered but if they are destroyed it would happen less often so you would get less recourse's. As an incentive to allied players maybe a small amount of the supplies that the trucks were carring could be drooped off (as a supply drop) if the trucks were destroyed allowing allied commodes to capture it or German players to salvage whats left. To balance this for the axis it should be possible to collect more resources than normal ways of securing (or less deepening on the amount of convoys). I think this is a good idea because in real life the osheer had large supply lines that needed constant protection from enemy commandos/partisans and its as far as i know its original. :)

Ostheer Suggestions / Jono's concept
« on: June 27, 2010, 12:00:02 PM »
I have made my concept with a few ideas i have borrowed so please dont be angry if i stoll someones orginal idea and reused it. The Ostheer get veterency just like the americans but they get special abilaties on each level of veterency (only combat units gain abilaties)

The tech tree will be like this

base building

Tier1                Tier2



Base Building
ost pioneers
140 manpower
3 pop
armed with rifles
can build defences such as trench, tank traps, barbe wire and sand bags, mines and goliaths
upgrades, flamethrower 50 muni
level 1 gain advanced repair
leval 2 can throw sachtel charges
level 3 can deploy teller mines

Opal blits
150 manpower, 5 fuel
transports 12 men maxium of 3 squads
Upgrades,mobil repair station must be deployed to work 75 muni,hosptial works revorers dying men and turns them in new suads must be deployed to work 75 muni, radio vecial spots enemy units within a certain range from the opal blitz in fog of war or in camoflag (will show you them on the mini map) 50 muni.

Fock wulf support
Upgrade requires tier3
500 manpower and 50 fuel
Once this upgrade has been purchased a Focke Wulf 190 can be called in from off man for a cost of 400 manpower it perminatly stays in the air with short intervials until it is shot down whilst it is in the air it shots down enemy planes provids recon where it flys and strafs enemy infintry and light vecials.

5cm pak 38
Upgrade require tier 3
500 manpower 40 fuel
with this upgrade the 3.7 cm Pak 36 is replaced by the pak 38
in evrything aka the gun itself, panzer 3, Sdkfz 251.

Anti tank reasearch
upgrade requires tier 3
gives anti tank sqaud
a panzershrek instead of at rifle

Light tank reasearch
200 manpower 20 fuel
the panzer2 is turned into panzer 2 aust L "Luchs" with higher top speed, acceleration, better mobilaty and larger sight. The panzer 38 gains extra frontal and side armor.(can only chose light tank reasearch or light tank destroyed reasearch)

Light tank destroyer/mobil artillary reasearch
200 manpower 20 fuel
the panzer 2 is replaced by a marder 2 and panzer 38 is replaced by a Grille

medium tank destroyer reasearch
300 manpower 30 fuel
The stug 3 gains extra armor and a 75mm gun and the jadger panzer 4 get a biger gun with better penertration abilaties

Tier 1 300 manpower 20 fuel

Kugel blitz
220 manpower 5 fuel
transports 4
arment mg 34 non opperational
when occupied mg is opperational inftry can fire weapons whilst in the vecial
vet1 can capture territory
vet2 mine drop
vet3 can camoflage

ost grenadiers
300 manpower
5 population
armerment- Karabiner 98k.
upgrades-Mp40 50 muni, mg34 50muni
ablities throw grenade 15 muni and fire panzerfaust 35 muni
vet1-gains the abilaty to sprint 60 secound cool down
vet2-panzerfaust assult like grenade assult the squad fires a lot a panzerfaust at a vecial or strature 50 muni
vet3-fallshrimsher camo

3.7 cm Pak 36
250 manpower
3 pop
vet1 focused fire
vet2 tred breaker
vet3 camoflag

Kz 8 cm GrW 42
240 manpower
3 pop
ablities barrage
vet1 smoke barrage
vet2 incindenary barrage
vet3 an extra man is added to the sqaud
This motar does the same damage as the normal wehramt one but it has less range

Tier 2-200 manpower 30 fuel

Anti tank squad
260 manpower
3 pop
arment-one at rifle, 2 Karabiner 98k
vet1 can throw at grenade 15 muni
vet2 Fallshrimsher camo
vet3 extra man with at rifle

Sdkfz 251
280 manpower 15 fuel
3 pop
arment-single mg34
transports-10,2 squads occuping inftry can fire thier weapons from inside
upgrades- 3.7 cm Pak 36 a pak 36 replaces the mg and now the half track can only carry 5 men 50muni. 20mm cannon a 20mm cannon replaces the mg 20muni. 2cm flak 38 a quad gun in mounted on the back of the half track (like the american one) 75 muni
vet1-the 3.7 cm Pak 36 halftrack gains foucused fire
vet2-gains camo, 20mm cannon halftrack gains button vecial abilaty
vet3-2cm flak 38 halftrack can now lock down for more accreate fire, the halftrack can capture territory

Light MG-34 squad
240 manpower
3 pop
arment mg34 light machine gun
upgrades-turns the mg 34 in a heavy machine gun
vet1-gains the abilaty to switch between long and short burts long bursts create more suppression and short burst have higher acceracy.
vet2-rear gaurd this is a different type of retreat whilst friendly units retreating in the area the machine gun will create large suppression of enemy inftry and button enemy tanks once the friendly units have retreated from the area it will retreat itself to activate this abilaty it will cost 35 muni
vet3 mg34 is replaced by mg42

upgrade light armor-makes the panzer 2/panzer 38 available
200 manpower 40 fuel

280 manpower 35 fuel
4 pop
arment 20mm cannon
vet1-gains abaility to overdrive
vet2-incresed sight
vet3-self repair 30 muni

Tier 3

Panzer 3
400 manpower 50 fuel
4 pop
arment-3.7 cm Pak 36
vet1-gains mg on top of tank
vet2-gains armored skirts
vet3-gains hull mounted flame thrower

stug 3
350 manpower 40 fuel
4 pop
arment 50mm gun
vet1-gains mg on top of tank
vet2-gains armored skirts
vet3-gains abiality to camoflage (lockdown)

10.5 cm leFH 18/40
400 manpower
5 pop
vet1-can lock down for extra range
vet2-consentrated barrage extra skells are fired in the barrage
vet3-counter battery fire
(this is a movable bit of artillary like the nebelwerfer)

250 manpower
2 pop
abilaties-fire up, suppervision of tanks and guns to give increased accreasy and rate of fire and incindenary barrage
vet1-increases near by inftry accreacy
vet2-can call in a flare and light up part of the battle field excluding enemies base
vet3-gains a veteran body gaurd with counter sniper ablity

Tier 4

650 manpower 170 fuel
14 pop
vet1-smoke grenade launcher 30 muni
vet2-self repair 35 muni (the tiger becomes imobil whilst repairing)
vet3-tiger terror nearby emeny inftry who have suffered casulties my reteat or even surrender when confronted with the tiger and the tiger skin to what the black tiger ace looks like.

Jadgerpanzer 4
460 manpower 70 fuel
6 pop
vet-1 increased line of sight
vet-2 armored skirts
vet-3 camoflag ability

Flakpanzer Kugelblitz
480 manpower 80 fuel
6 pop
vet1 lock down better vs aircraft
vet2 smoke grenade launcher
vet3 camoflage

shock troops
360 manpower
4 pop
arment mp 40
upgrades mg42 75muni
abilities fire panzerfaust 100 35 muni, throw grenade 15 muni
vet1 gains the abilaty charge which breaks up all suppression of the unit
vet2 grenade assult
vet3 the squad is now equip with mp44


Army group north

LHS Air support

3p fallschirmjager airborne troops
400 manpower
4 pop
arment-3 Karabiner 98k one fg42 lmg
upgrades- mp40s 50 muni (they replace the rifles but not the lmg) g-43 rifles replace standard rifles of the sqaud 50 muni
abilaties-throw grenade 15 muni, fire panzerfaust 35 muni and deploy mine.
vet1-gets an extra fg42
vet2-gains bundled grenades 35 muni
vet3-gets camoflag abilaty

2p radio operator
arment-1 mp40 1 pistol
abilates- the radio oporator can call for equipment drop and in a luck of the draw you will get a maned piece of equipment the equipment you could get 7.5 cm Leichtgeschütz 40, pak 36/pak 38, Hmg, 20mm cannon or Kz 8 cm GrW 42 cost 350 manpower.
Radio operator can be air dropped

4p Fighter bombers
The number of Fock wulf planes that are deployed using the off map call in Fock wulf Support is increased to three and they are armed with rockets for anti tank support but the cost of the call in is increased to 600 manpower and 150 munitions

Siege RHS
3p Defences
ost pioneers can now build a renforced bunker that is extremly hard to kill and only the heavest artillary or flamethrower can effectivly destroy it
upgrades mg34 50 muni
this bunker can accomendate 8 men

2p break though
deploy Brummbar
600 manpower
6 pop
vet1-mg gunner on top of tank
vet2-gains side skirts
vet3-top speed and acceleration are inproved

3p Artillery
call in a wespe mobil artilary gun
500 manpower
6 pop
Vet 1: Lockdown - increased range
Vet 2: Overwatch.
Vet 3: firers extra rounds

Army Group Centre

Home Front LHS

2p Slave labour
vecial production times are reduced by 50%

1p Spare parts
repair times are reduced by 25%

3p milita
you can now chose weather you want to replace your inftry with volksstrum inftry volksstrum replace ost grenniders and hitler youth replace shock trops all new inftry manning support weapons will be volksstrum and they will all be 60 less manpower but the guns will have less accreacy and the crew less helth you can change from malita inftry to standard infrty anytime it cost 300 manpower to change and it has a 3minute cool down

Combinded Arms Cordination RHS

2p Extra Weapons
any inftry with panzerfaust abilaty now have panzerfaust assult which works like assult but insteed they will be firing a large number of panzerfaust at the targeted vechial and inftry with the abilaty to throw at grenades now throw two insteed of one

3p Ju-87
a Ju-87 will deliver a bomb within secounds of been call in at point blank accreacy
150 muni
60 secound cool down

3CP Ferdinand heavy SP anti-tank gun can now be called
1 on the field limit.
Vet 1- Hull MG.
Vet 2- upgraded engine
Vet 3- lock down camoflage

Army Group South LHS

Hold the line Stratagy

3cp digging in all vechials can now hull down and standard inftry can now make light defences aka barb wire, sand bags, tank traps

2cp engineers can now construct the fear some 88mm gun

3p you can now call in the fearsome Nashorn tank destroyer
650 manpower
6 pop
vet1-increased sight
vet2-Foused Fire with this abilaty activated the nashorn gets extra range and better acreacy for a limited amount of time
vet3-lock down camoflag

Rugged Warefare

2p Inftry capture points 50% faster

2p Gebirgsjäger
375 manpower
4 pop
abilaties-place mine 25 muni, sprint free 60 secound cool down.
Vet 1: gains marksman abialaty 25 muni
Vet 2: Can throw AT granades.
Vet 3: Fallschirmjäger camo.

3p 17cm K18 Bombard
 fires an off-map heavy barrage
150 muni

Reward units

2cm gebirgsflak 38
280 manpower
3 pop
vet1-larger magizines has to reload less often
vet2-button enemy vecials 35 muni
vet3-sights increased range
This weapon is mounted on a tripod but full 360 rotation this weapon will cut up enemy infantry and light vechials but creates poor suppression
replaces kz 8cm gwr 42

Panzer 38
320 manpower 35 fuel
vet1-increased sight
vet2-overdrive 35 muni
vet3-Rapid fire 35 muni
replaces panzer 2

In game Replacement Units

Marder 2
300 manpower 35 fuel
4 pop
vet1-increased sight
vet2-site main gun
vet3-lock down camoflag
Replaces panzer 2

350 manpower 40 fuel
5 pop
vet1-increased sight
vet2-increased speed and acceleration
vet3-rapid fire 35 muni
The grille works like stug3 off wehramt and does not not use barrages to kill enemies but direct fire but the Grille has a large range do it can kill enemies out of the range of thier own guns
repaces panzer 38

volksstrum Inftry
240 manpower
4 pop
arment-Karabiner 98k
upgrades-mp 3008 35 muni
abilates-throw grenade 15 muni , fire panzerfaust 35 mni
vet1-gains the ability to spirnt 60 secound cool down
vet2-can build light defences aka barb wire, sand bages and trench
vet3-gains fallshrimsher camo
replaces ost grennediers (in the malita doctrain ability)

Hitler Youthen
300 manpower
4 pop
arment-mp 3008
abilities-throw grenade 15 muni
upgrades-panzershrek 75 muni
vet1-sprint abilaty
vet2-fallshrimsher camo
vet3-vg 1-5 semi auto matic rifles replace mp 3008
Hitler Youthen can't be suppressed
Hilter youthen replace shock trooper(in the malita doctrainly ability)

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