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Red Army Suggestions / Compilation of suggestions
« on: February 03, 2011, 11:16:10 PM »
Disclaimer: I have read and analyzed ideas, other people have been throwing here. And so I've decided to throw out a compilation of what I liked, along with my own thoughts. Sorry, but I can't remember whose suggestions were these, but I don't pose them as my own.

Changes to Soviet faction:


[NEW UNIT] Recruits – upgrade of Conscripts (instead of Penals). Practically identical to old Penal Troops but are suppressable and can retreat. Have no NKVD officer with “Motivate” button.

Penal Troops: now a call-in unit in Propaganda doctrine. The number of rifles depends on conscript upgrade. Take no popcap, squad limit of 3.

[NEW UNIT] Black Devils – anticipated Naval infantry. A reward unit, replacing Partisans in Urban doctrine. Cannot be called in from buildings – can only enter from offmap. 4-men squad, 2 SVTs, 2 PPsHs, have high suppression resistance. After “booby traps” unlocked, receive “Grenade Assault” ability (similar to that of WH Blitz doctrine), cannot place booby traps.


[NEW UNIT] BA-64 – Reward unit for T-90. Can cap sectors, has thin armor and cannot suppress as fast as T-90.

[NEW UNIT] KV-8S – Reward unit for KV-2 for Urban Doctrine. Lighter, faster, with flamethrower.

LL-Sherman – please, remove it, Shermans are boring.

[NEW UNIT] KV-1 – tank for “Heavy” upgrade, replaces IS-2 in Tank Depot.

IS-2 – make it a call-in in Breakthrough doctrine, just before ISU-152.



Left Branch:
2 CP – For Motherland!
1 CP – Penal Troops
4 CP - ???

Right Branch:
1 CP – Impenetrable Defense (MG dugouts and Foxholes in one slot – people were long asking for this)
3 CP – Katysha
4 CP – God of War. [CHANGE] Can target only friendly territory. When targeted, all Katyshas and Firebase on the map begin to fire in the selected point, regardless of their range and cooldown. Additionaly, 3 off-map firebases (virtual) begin to shell selected point, 8 shells each. Duration and cooldown are both shorter than before.

[URBAN] – no changes here.


Right Branch:
1 CP – Mechanics
4 CP – IS-2 Call-in
3 CP – ISU 152

Bugs & Tech Support / [1.302] Soviet recrewing
« on: January 22, 2011, 04:35:31 PM »

Pretty self-explanatory

Bugs & Tech Support / [1.23] Funny model bug (Tank Riders)
« on: August 08, 2010, 10:15:13 PM »
So, I was comp-stomping easy CPU to find out translation errors... When I was done, I was glancing at my troops and noticed, that Tank Riders' eyes were... weird. Their eyeballs are too low, thus making them look comic..

Just watch, those guys look like shitting bricks:

Before you ask: yes, all 8 Tank Riders that were on the field look that weird. While all other squads (Command, Ingenery, Red Banners) look ok.

P.S. Oh snap, I forgot to check if PTRD guys are still missing their eyeballs...

General Discussion / Tigers! Vanilla vs Voss
« on: August 05, 2010, 11:16:20 PM »
So, some people were reporting "bug", that Tiger call-in still costs 900mp. It costs 900 mp only when reward Voss Tiger is enabled, regular Tigers cost 800 as stated in changelog.

So I'm wondering, what's different in Voss' Tiger (except skin and VO, of course), what are his stats? I didn't find his stats on CoH-stats, so I'm asking here.

Bugs & Tech Support / [1.2.0] Urban Warfare and single ROKS
« on: July 31, 2010, 08:42:39 PM »
Changelog says:

Urban warfare twin flamer upgrade for Sturmovie doesn't happen automatically. Now it gives the option for Sturmovies to upgrade to the twin flamers for 100 munitions.

Once I got this feat and recruited regular Engineers (with Storm Engineers upgrade done in Arsenal), I found out that they have no more flamer upgrade (neither single, nor dual) - and that there's no flamers in squad by default. But when I recruited Storm Engineers, I saw twin ROKS upgrade as it should be. So it looks like Urban Warfare deletes single ROKS as an upgrade for all Engineers (regular and storm alike) and enables dual ROKS but JUST for Storm Engies.

Offtopic: I know that's 2 flamers, but isn't 100 mun a bit too expensive for infantry weapon upgrade (doctrinal, I might add)? Maybe it's worth lowering cost of duals to 75 mun?

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