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Hi all, been a while.

Playing on the current version of Prokhorovka, I'm running into some really bad 'stuttering', for lack of a better term, with the lighting. The map map/units w.e seem to gain a ridiculous amount of bloom for a split second, then back to normal, bloom, rinse repeat. It honestly gives me a headache after few minutes of playing, and I really like the map itself. Have any issues been reported on this, and/or can it be recreated?

I'd been running my settings on minimum just to deal with the immense amount of spam units the Soviet AI constructs; I tried messing with (setting to med/high) my settings and that didn't do much to help. My rig is capable of running other maps/mods/CoH2/[name of graphically intense game here] without issue.

In other news, a few bugs I've run into; if not bugs, then stuff that needs to be updated for the sake of the players.

-The OH medical tent doesn't heal; thus the OH seems to be without healing outside of the Army Support Troops paradroppable medic kits, because...
--As far as I can tell (I haven't bothered to check w. Corsix just yet), the Fortress Troops "heal in any sector with emplacements" thing really doesn't work at all. I've left units sitting in these sectors over the course of 60-90 minute compstomps and haven't noticed any notable restoration of HP.
--The 'medic' veterancy specialization needs to be updated, as it leads me to believe that I can heal my troops--it makes no mention of the ability cooldown and cost reductions that the upgrade in fact provides (I checked in Corsix on this one); either the text needs an update or the unlock needs to be changed.

-The 'Veteran Sergeant' upgrade for the OH still reads as granting the Landsers an MkB.42, despite the fact that it doesn't and is in fact merely the prerequisite for purchasing the MP.40II or PzB.39.

-Sturmpioneers get the same veterancy unlocks as Landsers; is this intended? I can either vet them up to Vet5 for hilarious sprinting repair squads, or magically give them ability cooldowns and cost reductions for abilities that they don't have. Or, best yet, downgrade their repairs for a couple of veterancy levels before gaining those meh-quality combat repairs. Just an FYI, not sure if intended.

-Strekly can purchase (iirc) PTRS obr. 1941s before the Men Against Tanks unlock is bought; they can then buy a second pair of PTRS obr. 1941s.

-The Command Squad's ability, whatever it's now supposed to be called, has the test/UI of the Shtrafniki upgrade for Cons; the ability itself just locks your units in place and applies some buff I haven't bothered to trace through Corsix; tl;dr, the text needs an update.

Will post other bugs as I find them; I don't know which if any of these have been found already in preparation for the new release.

Bugs & Tech Support / 'Tech' (coding) support
« on: July 07, 2013, 05:31:25 PM »
Some questions to the dev team; I don't mean to cast the wrong light towards blackbishop but I feel I've sent him one too many questions of this nature in the past and that he's frankly fed up with them.

-Would there be someone on the EF team familiar enough with SCAR coding to get jojorabbit's alternate doctrine units function working for full reward doctrines? I don't have the time to sit down and learn SCAR top to bottom unfortunately, anyone willing, please PM me! It should be a simple matter of replacing required and affected upgrades within the function.
-The Kanonvogel, Kubelwagen, and Foxholes--are they now 'available' (bishop had told me via PM that until the release of the Ostheer this was a no, however, I don't know if it's still 'no' despite the release), and if so, who am I to give good and proper credit to for their creation?
-The Landser squad leader gaining a field cap when upgraded with the MkB42; I noticed one landser (out of the non-leaders) with netting on his helmet. Is the upgrade simply using an animator_set_state on this one man or is it changing his ebps actor altogether (the Landser squad reads as having four normal landsers and a squad leader, so I don't even know why this one man stands out--I can produce a screenshot if this is in doubt :P)? This would be a nice tool for my own mod for adding proper equipment to a given soldier when weapons are upgraded (since I use add/remove weapon functions rather than slot items, I could have, for instance, a German noncom gain submachine gun magazine pouches upon upgrade).

Many thanks, and apologies for posting this in the 'tech support' thread, but I didn't want to pester bishop with yet another PM.

Red Army Suggestions / Soviet Paratroops
« on: June 04, 2013, 11:16:40 PM »
I'm diving into some research now, after watching the series 'Soviet Storm: WWII in the East' on youtube that makes referances to highly skilled Soviet paratroops being deployed at key locations like Kiev and the small beachhead formed at Leningrad in an attempt to stave off German advances to the Russian dock systems and to further the commencement of a later Soviet offensive (though the paratroops there were all killed with no survivors about two thirds through the campaign). More research permitting, maybe these paratroops could be added into the game as a reward unit to replace Guards/Shock Guards, wherin the paratroops could be equipped with Guards M1891/30s by default and could choose to upgrade to PPS-42s or PPSh-41s and act as CQB assault infantry, sans long range upgrades (e.g. the SVT40s for Guards) and, of course, the ability to paradrop or reinforce by paradrop (unless it's decided by the BT that this is the case).

I'm activating an account on the Axis History forum to help myself out with some more information on USSR paratroops as of now.

Suggestions / German Pz.Kpfm KV-1 756(r) Tank
« on: May 28, 2013, 01:34:34 AM »
Didn't see any topics about this. Would be an interesting replacement for the Panther or Blitz Tiger; KV-1 with the weapon of the PzIV and the PzIV's commander copula. I don't know how far along the modeling team is now, which is why I'm putting this up; if they have the time it would be neat to at least have a model created for it.

13th image down.

Eastern Front / MG42/LMG42 use, and how it translates in-game
« on: October 30, 2012, 09:22:14 PM »

So, the above page uses a German intelligence report to show how they actually imployed their MG42s in both the 'Assault' configuration (with bi-pod and 50 round assault drum) and the defensive config (e.g. HMG42).

For a mod I've been working on, Operation Avalanche, I've been attempting to capture these minor details into each weapon; burst duration, how difficult it was to reload, technical reliability (represented on some scale by longer/shorter cooldown values) and so on. In its current iteration, the mg42_lmg and new mg42_lmg_assault (merely fires on the move with an 0.1 moving accuracy multiplier) has a burst rate of fire of 20 and a burst duration of 0.5 -- every burst fires 10 rounds, with a 3.5-1 max/min cooldown and a reload after 4 bursts; CoH 'rounds up' the number of times it reloads after; E.G. ,if you look at corsix, the M1 Garand has a 10 round reload cycle listed--in actuality, it will reload after every 11 shots it fires! After finding the above document, I was inclined to change the burst duration to 0.5-0.25 max/min (10-5 rounds), but this leaves me with a dilemma--how often should the LMG42 reload, since it's impossible to directly link the length of the burst (# of bullets fired) with the # of bursts per reload--so, if I leave the reload counter as is, I might reload after only 25 shots assuming each burst is only 5 rounds! The cooldown was reduced in kind to 2.25-0.75 max/min as the LMG42 proved to reduce overall DPS because it's cooldown was too long.

What is the corsix-educated community's take on this issue; what should my numbers represent? How often should ye olde LMG42 reload, how long should I make the bursts? I realise that this is a seperate mod, but the EF mods are very well versed in WW2 goings on as opposed to other mods that are less so; I'm inclined to beleive that I'll get a more thurough, less sarcastic response from the well educated peoples of EF. Fire away!

For maximum value, take a gander that the posted link if you please. Before reading it I thought I knew it all when it came to how the MG42 was used--after reading it, it becomes clear that common ideals are an inaccurate misconception.

Red Army Suggestions / Mosin-Nagant aestetics (and the M1939 Carbine)
« on: June 08, 2012, 03:17:26 AM »
So, after looking over the Mosin-Nagant model, it occured to me that it just feels...short. It struck me as closer to the M1939 Carbine variant, but not as definitively the M1891/30 or the M1939C. Knowing that there are going to be overhauls done with models etc when (if) the OH is eventually released, I thought I'd bring this up. My point being, maybe finding someone who is willing to elongate the current Mosin a tad.

The other thought that struck me was giving Ingenery the M1939C by default, rather then their (after checking corsix) pitiful current weapons. Yes yes, "4 man squads with decent rifles?!". 32.5 HP/Man. I was brainstorming an M1 Carbine-like concept, with poor long range accuracy but less of a loss of accuracy on the move. I realise that any and all changes are being moved to the back burner until the OH is out.

As an add-on observation to the mods, the Strekly Mosin looks good in corsix. It struck me as a Stormtrooper K98k with 12 damage as opposed to 15. I know you guys tweaked everything to be painstakingly balanced, but .45 long range and ?.65 medium range accuracy is on par with Grenadiers for a comparitively lower cost and more health in a squad on squad fight. Was there a reason that vanilla Strekly rifles are so good?

Off Topic / Volskinator Core Mod
« on: May 07, 2012, 07:21:44 AM »

Little gem I've been fiddling with. My first take of modding; ambitiously messing with everything I can think of.

Bugs & Tech Support / ZiS-5 MG Truck
« on: April 21, 2012, 06:26:02 AM »
In previous patches, the ZiS-5 was actually armed (noted during several sessions in CheatMod where the ZiS-5 started damaging some unarmed riflemen medics when I lazily parked it next to them). Because it (afaik) gets U.S. veterancy, I'm assuming the Jeep was used as a base and the jeep .30cal is the weapon its using. Anyhow, the damage was so miniscule that it doesn't influence gameplay in the slightest, I just found it funny that the ZiS-5 could score a lucky kill on some capping Pios or some silly thing like that.

Has it been patched? And if it hasn't, why don't we leave it alone  ;D, again, its far from gamebreaking and a funny carryover.

Would it be possible to balance upgraded weapons in such a way that we could have more dropped weapons lying about the battlefield? These would be things like:

- Karabiner 43 (G43)
- Panzerbuchse 39 (OH)
- SVT40
- MP44s (extremely low drop rate, .10 or less)

The other thing which I thought of was the current Soviet audio for infantry weapons. Maybe it's just me, but they don't sound like they belong in CoH, they just don't "fit". Would the dev team ever consider porting the weapons audio from Call of Duty 2 into EF? CoD2's array of Russian weapons (Including the PPs-42; yes yes, it's not the PPs-43 but close enough) have damn good sound files, best among them the SVT40. Not knowing the stats, would there be cause to give Sturmovie Ingenery the PPs, since it was a much cheaper weapon and would probably be issued to troops deemed less important--such as Ingenery. (Mosin-Nagant; 7:13) (SVT-40; 5:45) (PPsH-41; 8:39) <- I suggest you listen through to the end. The listed time starts you off with the PPsH-41 in Red Orchestra, then in CoD2, and then moves on the PPs in RO and in CoD2. I honestly think the RO audio is better.

Bugs & Tech Support / Regarding Guards and Trenches
« on: April 19, 2012, 05:49:20 AM »
Guards and Shock Guards are unable to garrison british Trenches. Im not sure if this is intended, but I noticed it regardless.

Balance Discussion / Guards 1.6
« on: February 20, 2012, 04:25:26 PM »
So, I've been wondering for a while; why go through the trouble of giving the Guards Sergeant a Mosin-Nagant with SVT40 aestetics, rather then a full-on SVT40? Is there a balance issue that would arise from doing so? Also, as of now, RBS seem to be much more of a go-to option; Guards seem to have drifted into lockstep with KCH as high tiered elite infantry that are fantastic at what they do, but almost too much of a pain to be worth gunning for. Thoughts?

Also, can someone post the stats of the different soviet weapons;

Cooldown(s) at S/M/L
Accuracy at S/M/L

those being the Ingenery Mosin, Conscript Mosin, Strelok Mosin, Guards Mosin, Guards SVT-mosin, and the SVT40 (and possibly the DP-28, PPs-43, and PPSh-41). I'm just looking for a rough comparison against the other rifles in the game, and without a finished stats page its hard to come up with the numbers myself since my corsix is borked. Many thanks in advance.

Off Topic / Free French Forces & Italian Army
« on: August 10, 2011, 02:37:25 PM »
Two entire new factions I created out of pure boredom, since they've received little to no recognition within CoH as a seperate faction. Current ETA is about two weeks.

Waste of time, good idea?

Ostheer Suggestions / Music
« on: July 17, 2011, 04:49:07 AM »
I havent browsed the EF forums in freaking ever, so dont flame me pl0x. I found this after nosing around on youtube for an hour or so. While I was planning to incorperate it into an animated work Ive been toiling with for a few years, I thought you guys would be interested to hear it for the EF Ostheer -- I chose it for the German 'theme' in my work.

Two Steps from Hell - Moving Mountains

Bugs & Tech Support / Newest patch (possible) bugs
« on: January 23, 2011, 05:39:03 PM »
Newest patch has no sound for the Blitz Tiger's 88mm firing. Have also gotten a few Sync Errors when playing as PE on Provhorka (I can't spell it right; one of the 3v3 maps).

Tech Support / Combining BLITZKRIEG! and EF
« on: November 21, 2010, 04:34:39 AM »
I'm a bored little basterd, so I've taken up goofing around in EF or Blitz spliced w/ cheatmod after every string of automatch losses, if they so happen. Now, i can see stats of everything, or at least how they compare (2 Conscripts seem to give a rifle a good run :3), but being bored, I thought i might as well fiddle with shoving blitz and EF together for sh*ts and giggles. Is it possible?  :P

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