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Ostheer Suggestions / Summary of the Ostheer sneaks [WIP]
« on: April 28, 2011, 11:12:09 AM »
as the topic's name suggests this is a summary of the OH sneaks to give you an idea before you start making suggestions for units which may already be in the

concept. everything in here is still WIP and not final. coloured things contain links or pictures.

updated to alpha status

The buildings

The HQ

Infanterie Gruppen Post

Schutzen War Camp

Panzer Kampf Kommand

Forward Support Center


Ostheer has a different system than the other factions, however shares some basic principles. Ostheer veterancy is achieved by combat, both armoured and infantry based troops follow this rule.
When your unit reaches the first level of veterancy, you will be promted to choose a bonus that will increase with each veterancy level.

Landser starts at vet0 and gains vet1 -> you can choose between different options (not yet revealed). If you choose e.g. to increase speed, you will get a certain bonus. when the squad gains vet2, that bonus will increase. same at vet3. but be careful, once chosen you cannot change the vet bonuses for this squad!

Basic infantry and support vehicles can gain 3 levels of vet (vet1 Regular, vet2 Veteran, vet3 Senior).
Elite infantry and tanks however gain an additional level vet4, which makes them an ace. This last vet4 gives you the choice to specialize your unit. E.g. a Marksman ace can become an Observer (artillery support) or a Sniper Ace (dedicated sniper), a panther ace can become a Command Tank (bonuses for nearby units) or a Tank Hunter (offensive stats increased).

Modernisation is an Ostheer ability that let them use better equipment on the battlefield, reflecting the change of weapons, units and strategies used in the Eastern Front campaign while it lasted. Each upgrade will be available to purchase at your HQ so you can purchase them whenever you want, if you have the resources; the purchased upgrade or upgrades will remain until the game ends and you won't be able to recruit "outdated" equipment.

OH building and unit chart

TIER 1: The HQ

- Starting units: 2 landser

- Units deployable:

Sdkfz. 9 - famo 18 ton halftrack
pic pic
Role: Builder Unit.
Limit: 2.
Abilities: Advanced Repair, Self-Repair, Heal(requires upgrade).
Upgrade: None.
Modernisation: None.
Summary: Sdkfz. 9 can build your basic base buildings: Infanterie Gruppen Post, Schutzen War Camp and Panzer Kampf Kommand.

Opel Blitz
Role: unknown
Abilities: Deploy Supplies
Upgrade: unknown
Modernisation: None
Summary: This vehicle will allow Ostheer increase their income a little bit by locking down a sector.

- Building upgrades:

Mobile Heal Station
The Ostheer has no medics to pick up wounded soldiers from the battlefield. However the HQ has equipped vehicles with the necessary materials to act as a mobile heal station. The Sd.Kfz 251 and the FSC gain the ability to heal nearby troops by a limited time for a small muni cost.

- Modernisation upgrades:

Infanterie Gruppen Post (330MP, 45 Fuel)
Schutzen War Camp (450MP, 80 Fuel)
Panzer Kampf Kommand (520MP, 120 Fuel)

- Base defenses:

20mm Flak 38 Emplacement
Role: Base defense.
Abilities: None.
Summary: This static weapon will help you to defend your HQ effectively against infantry and light vehicles, providing you a safe zone... at least from early to mid game. Like similar units from other factions, these are your last line of defence; but while they excel at repelling infantry, you should keep an eye out for enemy support infantry such as mortars.

TIER 2: The Infanterie Gruppen Post

The Ostheer use a special new way to build their units. The Ostheer is able to switch its unit-pool for different battle-situations. The building units are divided by Light Assault(LA) units and Light Support(LS) units.
That means: each building had at least three units to select from. 1 is always buildable. An upgrade switches which of the other 2 units can currently be built, switching between Pool 1 and Pool 2 - for a  price...

The units that belong to LA are the Marksman and the Kübelwagen.

The units that belong to LS are the MG-34 Team and the 75mm ISG.

The Landser is a neutral unit, you can recruit them whatever you choose.

- Units deployable:

Unit pool: Neutral.
Role: Infantry
Weapons: 5xKar98, after "Feldwebel" upgrade: 4xKar98 + 1xMP40, after modernisation: none.
Abilities: Sandbags, Grenade.
Upgrades: Feldwebel (change 1 K98k to an MP40) and allows to use anti personal grenades.
Modernisation: Hafthohlladungen.
Summary: Early infrantry of the Ostheer... these soldiers armed with Kar98k rifles will serve you faithfully during the match. As they use those bolt rifles they are good firing at long distance, however you can promote one soldier to Sargeant w/MP40 and it's combat effectiveness in medium range will increase. They won't fair well in close combat fights. This unit can build sandbags from scratch. Throw Grenade ability will be available when Feldwebel upgrade is researched and Hafthohlladungen after modernization.

Unit pool: Assault.
Abilities: Sneak.
Weapons: MKb.42.
Upgrades: None.
Modernisation: None.
Ace veterancy: Forward Observer (gives you clear sight of a zone covered by FoW) and Sniper Ace (Sniper Camouflage, Best Counter-Detection, Slowest Camouflaged movement; receives a Scoped-K98; removes Hide ability)
Summary: The marksman wields an Mkb.42, has similar traits to a normal sniper except that as he uses an assault rifle instead of a rifle, the range of fire is less than a normal sniper, although it has better rate of fire. Remember this before engaging.

MG-34 Team
Unit pool: Support.
Role: Infantry Support.
Weapons: 1xMG34 + 2xKar98, after modernisation: 1xMG34/41 + 2xKar98.
Abilities: Hot Barrel.
Upgrades: None.
Modernisation: Unlocks Hot Barrel ability(the gunner will conitnue shooting without cooling down the weapon for a short period of time).
Summary: This support team carries a MG34, set on a tripod and it's crew members wields kar98ks. Ideal for supporting your landsers or/and marksman(or marksmen). Let's welcome those soviets with a rain of lead!

Unit pool: Assault.
Role: Scout.
Weapons: MG-34
Abilities: Unknown.
Upgrades: 2nd MG (MG-42)
Modernisation: Gains better engine (upgrades all vehicles in the field, passive)
Summary: The recon vehicle of the Ostheer, has a MG-34 and has good mobility. After modernization, you can purchase a passenger MG-42 to increase it's firepower.

75mm Infantry Support Gun
Unit pool: Support.
Role: Heavy Infantry Support / Heavy Mortar.
Weapons: 7.5cm Infantriegeschütz 18 + 2xKar98 (4 men in total).
Abilities: Indirect fire, Direct fire. After Modernisation: Hollow Charge Shell.
Upgrade: None.
Modernisation: Gains "Hollow Charge Shell" ability for better AT capabilities (30 Mun, 90 sec cooldown).
Summary: The 75 mm ISG is a versatile weapon of the Ostheer: works as an anti-infantry gun and as a light anti-tank gun. With it's Indirect fire ability will barrage the desired location as a mortar; while Direct fire will shot a projectile on a straight line, like an anti-tank gun. Be sure to try one of these!

- Upgrades available:

Light Assault
Enables the production of Marksmen and Kübelwagen. When you active LA, the MG34 Team and 75mm ISG are disabled.

Light Support
Enables the production of MG34 Team and 75mm ISG. When you active LS, Marksmen and Kübelwagen are disabled.

You can purchase both upgrades whenever you want(as long as you have resources of course), but only one can be active at time.

TIER 3: The Schutzen War Camp

Heavy Assault(HA): The units that belong to this pool are the Ofenrohrtrupp and PzII Luchs.

Heavy Support(HS): The units that belong to this pool are the Sdk. 251 and the Pak40.

Neutral units: Stormpioniers and the Panzerwerfer.

- Units Deployable:

Panzer II Luchs
pic pic
Unit pool: Assault.
Role: Heavy Recon
Weapons: 20 mm KwK 38 L/55 + MG34.
Abilities: Speed!
Modernisation: Needs Modernization upgrade to be unlocked.
Summary: The reconnaissance unit of the ostheer, capable of capturing points and having the ability to increase it's speed temporary makes it a valuable target... if not a must die one. With it's 20 mm cannon can do short work of enemy infantry; however remember that those units aren't meant to fight by themselves because aren't so tough.

Panzerwerfer 42 on Maultier
Unit pool: Neutral.
Role: Anit-Infantry/Spam
Weapons: 15 cm Panzerwerfer 42
Abilities: Salvo - Explosive Rounds
Upgrades: Incendiary Rounds (Replaces Explosive)
Modernisation: None. (Needs modernisation to be researched and either Infantry Gruppen Post or Panzer Kampf Kommand).
Summary: Armed with 15 cm tubes and capable of firing 10 projectiles, the Panzerwerfer 42 is strong enough to fight against infantry, specially high concentration of them. It's normal barrage can be improved to incendiary after that upgrade is researched. It has halftrack armor, so it's quite resilant to small weapons fire; also remember to change it's location once you fired to avoid being hunted down by a quick enemy raid. Eastern Front's Panzerwerfer is special, when firing, it must remain still until the turret locks down the target area, so the vehicle doesn't rotate when firing, only the turret does, remember this when firing.

Unit pool: Neutral.
Role: Assault Engineers.
Weapons: 4xKar98.
Abilities: Detect Mines(passive), Barbed Wire, Sandbags, Czech Hedgehogs, Deploy Mines, Run(requires Assault Pool), Goliath(requires Support Pool), Concrete emplacements, S-Mines.
Upgrade: SMG Pack(4xMP40), LMG Pack(1xMG34), Flammethrower (1xFlammenwerfer 42)
Modernisation: If you purchased the LMG or the Flamethrower packs, you are allowed to buy an additional wepon, if you got the SMG pack you will get grenade shower ability.
Summary: The Ostheer Stormpioniers are ready to combat on the eastern front! Let them construct concrete emplacements or planting S-Mines to defend zones. Stormpioniers are very versatile, so you can upgrade them with four MP40 or MG-34s or Flamethrowers, depending of your needs. They swap abilities, Run and Deploy Goliath when swapping pools.

Sdkfz. 251 ausf. B (aka Troop Halftrack)
pic pic
Unit pool: Support.
Role: Transport + Anti-Infantry.
Weapons: 2xMG34 (MGs come manned), after modernisation and upgrade: Flak38.
Abilities: Hold 10 troops (2 squads), First Aid, Reinforce.
Upgrade: Can be upgraded to Sd.Kfz. 251/3(with the antenna, the default HT comes without it).
Modernisation: Can be upgraded to Sdk. 251/17C with Flak-38 for better AI. (45 Mun).
Summary: Armed with 2 MG34, is strong enough to combat infantry, offering more protection than almost all objects around the map(excluding buildings), let alone that is mobile. Capable of reinforce nearby squads makes it useful for supporting assaults. It has a time based ability called First Aid, like the Forward Support Center, than can be used after Mobile Heal Station upgrade from the HQ is purchased.

PaK 40
Unit pool: Support.
Role: Heavy Anti-Tank.
Weapons: PAK 40 7.5cm + 4xKar98 (4 men in total)
Abilities: Camouflage(requires Elite vet)
Upgrade: None.
Modernisation: None. Needs modernisation to be unlocked.
Summary: The heavy PaK 40 is one of the best anti tank weapons the Ostheer can give you. With it's 75 mm cannon can decimate almost all the tanks that dare to get on their sight. It can earn a camouflage ability to ambush the opponent, while using their first shot bonus before their camo fades off.

Ofenrohr Truppen
pic pic pic
Unit pool: Assault.
Role: Anti-Tank Support.
Weapons:  1x Panzerschreck 43 + 2x Luger Pistole 08.
Abilities: Sandbags, Reload Focus.
Upgrades: None.
Modernisation: Additional Schreck upgrade.
Summary: Early AT infrantry of the Ostheer, they use the early version, the RPzB 43. Activating Reload Focus makes them shoot with more precision and reduces the reload time but decrease the speed of the unit and makes them more vulnerable to enemy fire. They must be stationary to fire and have the ability to build sandbags as well.

- Upgrades available:

Heavy Assault
Allows to enable the production of the Ofenrohr Trupps and the PzII Luchs. When you active HA, the Sdk. 251 Halftrack and the Pak40 are disabled.

Heavy Support
Allows to enable the production of the Sdk. 251 Halftrack and the Pak40. When you active HS, the Ofenrohr Trupps and the PzII Luchs are disabled.

You can purchase those upgrades whenever you want(as long as you have resources of course).

TIER 4: The Panzer Kampf Kommand

This building uses two different pools, Panzer Assault(PA) and Panzer Support(PS). PA will let you build Panthers and StuGs while PS allows for Marder IIs and the Brummbär, each one oriented to fill the gap left by the previous pools choices or you can use it just because you like it. The Panzer III Ausf. J is the main stay of the Ostheer forces, is the neutral unit for this building; always available and multi-roled (through upgrades).

- Units Deployable:

Panzer III Ausf. J
Unit pool: Neutral.
Role: Medium Tank.
Weapons: 5 cm KwK 38 L/42 Ausf. J + 2xMG34, after upgrade: 7,5cm L/24 as AI + 2xMG34 or 5 cm KwK 39 L/60 as AT + 2xMG34.
Upgrades: Side Armour, 7.5cm L/24 KwK Ausf. N (Soft Targets)
Abilities: Panzergranate 40.
Upgrade: None.
Modernisation: Gains better frontal armor and gun mantlet, upgrades all vehicles in the field.
Summary: The main battle tank for the Ostheer, capable of dealing with medium tanks, but helpless against modern ones. The Panzer III is able to combat both infantry and armour. Upgrades allow it to increase it's effectiveness vs either.
Can be upgraded with side armor (skirts) and it's has the ability to fire a Panzergranate projectile; devastating against man and machine alike. Anti-Infantry specialise comes by way of the 7.5cm "Stubby" cannon upgrade, and you can upgrade it with a better anti-tank gun as well.

Unit pool: Assault.
Role: Heavy Tank.
Weapons: 7.5 cm KwK 42 + 2xMG34
Abilities: None.
Upgrade: Skirts, Cupola MG(requires vet1).
Modernisation: Unlocked after modernisation.
Ace veterancy: Command Tank (buffs nearby friendly vehicles) or Tank Hunter (offensive stats increased)
Summary: The Ausf. G version of the Panther is ready to be deployed at the Eastern Front! This fearsome war machine can only be brought after modernization. It will start as an ausf. D variant but once it start hitting vet he will be upgraded to ausf. G, allowing the player to invest in a cupola MG for AI support.

StuG III Ausf. G
Unit pool: Assault.
Role: Assault-Gun.
Weapons: 7.5 cm StuK 40 L/48
Upgrades: MG gunner. After modernisation: Side Armour Skirts (25 Mun).
Modernisation: Can be upgraded with Side Armor Skirts for better protection.
Summary: With the arrival of the T-34 on the Eastern Front it was quickly noticed that Panzer IIIs were no match for them - T-34s being both technologically advanced and available in massive numbers - in response, Oberkommande sent forth the StuG III to the eastern front. Supplementing the Pz. III as a mobile Anti-Tank platform. The Stug III can be upgraded with Side Armor(skirts) to increase it's resilience to enemy fire.

Marder II (Sd.Kfz. 132)
Unit pool: Support.
Role: Tank Destroyer.
Weapons: F22 76mm gun
Abilities: After modernisation: Tungsten Core Shell.
Upgrade: None.
Modernisation: Gains "Tungsten Core Shell" ability for far better damage (40 Mun, 90 sec cooldown).
Summary: The Panzer Support pool has available the Marder II for use as an effective tank destroyer to combat Soviet armour. Armed with the 7.5cm PaK 40 and armour piercing rounds the Marder II - while more vulnerable than the fully in-cased StuG III - is highly capable at silencing Soviet advances. The Marder II is able to support units vs armoured units over large distances. Be aware the Marder is a fragile unit and should attack from maximum range, supported by Panzer IIIs.
Eastern Front's Marder II uses a soviet divisional gun F22 re-chambered to use german PaK 40 ammunition.

Unit pool: Support.
Role: Heavy Assault-Gun.
Weapons: 15 cm StuH 43 L/12
Upgrades: Side Armour, Observer
Modernisation: Unlocked after modernisation.
Summary: The Sturmpanzer IV is the next step in anti-infantry support, boasting a powerful 15cm howitzer; infantry and structure alike are left helpless. Providing an excellent close combat support against infantry and light vehicles, It can be upgraded with armoured skirts and the vehicles line of sight can be increased with the Tank Commander opening the top hatch to survey the field.
Slow and large; the Brummbär should move with infantry support to avoid destruction by concentrated anti-tank weaponry.

- Upgrades available:

Panzer Assault
Allows the production of Panthers and StuG IIIs. Disables the production of Marders and Brummbärs.

Panzer Support
Allows the production of Marders IIs and Brummbärs. Disables the production of StuGs and Panthers.

You can purchase those upgrades whenever you want(as long as you have resources of course).

Forward Support Center

- Units Deployable:

Unit pool: None.
Role: Infantry.
Weapons: 4xMP44.
Upgrades: None.
Abilities: Grenade Shower and Fire Panzerfaust(vet1).
Modernisation: Earn grenade shower ability.
Summary: A squad of four soldiers wielding MP44 submachine guns. They are tougher than the Landser and excels in close combat. Their time based ability called "Grenade Shower", as the name suggest, unleash a vicious rain of stielhandgranates to the target until the effect worns off. They can use Panzerfausts to fight off enemy tanks.


Doctrine 1: Army Support Troops

Right tree: Luftwaffe Support

* Luftwaffe Recon Command - 2CP (Allows the player to call in the Sdkfz/263 Air Command vehicle; able to call in Recon Runs and Stuka strikes [requires Aces High!].)

* Brandenburger - 2CP (Airdrop two man squad of highly trained special forces infantry).

* Aces High! 3CP (Sdkfz/263 gains Ju 87 dive bombing ability.)

Left tree:Foreign Support

* Foreign Volunteers - 2CP (Call-in a single random Foreign squad)

* Fear factor - 2CP (Accuracy against Ostheer units decreased for limited time)

* Foreign Battlegroup - 3CP (Call-in two random Foreign squads (or 1 random squad plus a random crewed weapon) and 2 Foreign Tanks)

Doctrine 2: Army Elite Troops

Right tree:Assault Battalion

* Jaegers - 3CP (Call on a 3-man squad of highly trained sharpshooters)

* Panzerkrieg! - 2CP (Infantry fight better when near friendly tanks)

* Tiger Production - 3CP (Replace Panther with a buildable Tiger I)

Left tree:Elite Battalion

* Infantry Recon - 1CP (Infantry sight range's increased)

* Ostkrieg! - 3CP (Infantry receive a range and damage bonus when fighting from cover and buildings)

* Elefant - 5CP (Call-in the feared Elefant Tank Destroyer)

Doctrine 3: Army Fortress Troops

Right tree: Improved Defences

* Improved Fortifications - 2CP (Pioneers can construct Panzernests and Tripwires)

* Improved Communications - 2CP (Field HQs can still operate when in isolated territory)

* Wespe - 3CP (Call-on the 105mm Wespe Self-propelled howitzer)

Left tree: Improved Supply

* Prioritised Support - 2CP (For a short period of time Ostheer produce more resources)

* Prioritised Weapons - 2CP (For a short period of time Ostheer produce units faster)

* Royal Tiger - 5CP (Call in a Tiger II Henschel)

Bugs & Tech Support / Patch 1.22 'Once More Into The Breach'
« on: August 07, 2010, 10:26:24 PM »
- ISU still has no symbol (picture)
- the tankrider call-in doesn't show it's pop cost (picture)
- my sniper ace was cloaked while retreating  ???

General Discussion / Patch 1.20 'The Great Patriotic War'
« on: July 31, 2010, 09:50:44 PM »
first of all: awesome job  8) especially the textures for the jagdtiger and jagdpanzer IV

- missing name for M36 when moving the cursor over it "18010429"
- geschutzwagen has MG from the beginning (without vet)
- sherman 105 cannot activate its bulldozer
all fixed in 1.21

(german version)

General Discussion / Patch 1.11 'Resolute'
« on: May 27, 2010, 09:04:06 PM »
bugs: (german version)
  • Strelky / Guards requirement text is missing -> $18010401
  • not sure whether this is intended: no limit or KV-2? (thought it was 3...)

Balance Discussion / Balance topics summary
« on: March 22, 2010, 11:26:09 PM »
[last update: 16.05.2011]

This is a list of the major balance topics.
Before you start a new topic please make sure the issue isn't already being discussed. And please name topics like this:

[Version of Eastern Front] "Issue to discuss"

If you want your topic being added to the list, just reply and I'll add it.

CoH:EF Stats thread 1.03 (partially) WIP[Unofficial]




Soviet Abilities


Sniperteam Artillery Strike
Thread locked

General Suggestions


Red Army & CW combination

[1.2] - []:

Infantry suggestions

Sharpshooter team

PTRD Tankhunters

Vehicle suggestions



Zis-2 AT Gun


Ability suggestions

IL-2 Sturmovik

Building suggestions
Upgrade suggestions
Tweaks, general suggestions

Defensive Game

Non Soviet abilities / units
AI issues
Map balance





Panzer Elite


[1.10] - [1.11]:

Infantry suggestions





Sniper Team


Vehicle suggestions

Lend/Lease Sherman

AT guns

Building suggestions


Ability suggestions

Command Squad -> artillery barrage

"God of War" ability

Upgrade suggestions

Tweaks, general suggestions

Limit on units

Various Suggestions

Non Soviet abilities / units


AI issues

Katyusha spamming

Map balance


Infantry suggestions


Sharpshooter Team

Command Squad





Vehicle suggestions




SU 85/100



Building suggestions

MG Dugout


Ability suggestions


"Recover wrecks" ability
the problem doesn't exist anymore since the ability is no longer part of the doctrine

"God of War" ability
Topic locked

Upgrade suggestions


Tweaks, general suggestions

Tier system suggestions

General tweaks

Ammo management

Strategy suggestions / problems

Soviet rushing/spamming

Non Soviet abilities / units

German "Force retreat" / "Propaganda War" abilities
according to dragon93 the problem is solved

PE Fallschirmjäger vs. Soviets

Limits to non soviet call-ins

AI issues

AI resource "cheats"

Map balance

Prokhorovka (6)

Balance Discussion / [1.04] IL-2 ability
« on: March 01, 2010, 10:49:05 PM »
i just lost 4 complete vet3 pe grenadier squads in the first run (1st plane attacking)... did anyone experience the same? or was i just to slow to move my units? i know it's a late game ability but i have seen it destroy complete armies (tanks and inf) so many times... it i think it should not be useable on command territory (own and enemy). otherwise you rush the soviet base and the enemy just kills your army and counter attacks....

Ostheer Suggestions / Ostheer concept [WIP] by kingtiger
« on: February 14, 2010, 02:30:55 PM »
My idea is that you choose a doctrine first and after that you can choose between 3 unique subdoctrines* at your HQ unlocking special features**.

Veterancy system
-gained through fighting like pe/us
-3 vet levels can be gained, for every level you have 3 choices depending on the unit type:

  -marksmanship (improves accuracy and range of fire)
  -fieldcraft (improves movement and capturing speed)
  -endurance (more HP)
light vehicles:
  -driver (improves speed)
  -gunner (improves accuracy)
  -commander (improves line of sight)
  -driver (improves movement and turning speed)
  -gunner (improves accuracy and rate of fire)
  -commander (improves line of sight and firing range)


- Pioniere (2xk98, builder unit, 2 population, 120mp)
- Aufklärer (2xk98, scouting unit, 2 population, 140mp)
- 3 subdoctrine choices*

Infanteriebaracke (220mp, 15fuel)
- Infanterietrupp (4xk98, grenades, upgrade: mp40 or g43, 4 population, 275mp)
- Waffentrupp (4xk98, grenades, upgrades: 2xlmg38 or 2xpanzerfaust, 4 population, 300mp)
- subdoctrine doctrine specials**

Waffenkammer (220mp, 40fuel)
- Flak 30 (2 men crew + 1xk98, 3 population, 300mp)
- Hanomag (12 spots, 2 MGs, 4 population, 220mp, 20fuel)
- Pak 37mm (2 men crew + 1xk98, "Schnellfeuer ability" pak fires 2 shots very fast but then needs to cool down, 3 population, 270mp)
- subdoctrine doctrine specials**
- upgrade: pak 37mm to pak 50mm (30fuel)

Panzerdepot (260mp, 65fuel)
- Pz II (2xMG, upgrade to 20mm gun, 4 population, 300 mp, 35fuel)
- Pz III (50mm, 6 population, 350mp, 40fuel)
- StuG III (50mm, upgrade to 75mm, 4 population, 300mp, 40fuel)
- PzWerfer 42 (barrage ability, 6 population, 360mp, 30fuel)
- subdoctrine doctrine specials**
- upgrade: Panzerschürzen (armored skirts for PzIII) [25 fuel]

Schweres Panzerdepot (280mp, 85fuel)
- Pz IV (8 population, 320mp, 80fuel)
- JagdPz IV (8 population, 400mp, 75fuel)
- subdoctrine doctrine specials**
- upgrade: Pz IV and Jgdpz IV/70 with long barrel guns for more range and damage [40fuel]
- upgrade: Panzerschürzen (armored skirts for PzVI and JgdPz IV) [40 fuel]

Heeresstab (200mp, 30fuel, requires 2 other buildings)
- subdoctrine doctrine specials**
- Mobilmachung (50fuel, decreased production time for all units)

- sandbags
- barbed wire
- tanktraps
- mines
- Pak40-Emplacement (280mp, 30fuel, doctrine bound)
- sandbag bunker (100mp, 6 spots, less HP than wehrmacht bunker)


Heeresgruppe Nord

right side: Artillery Support
- lower cost for PzWerfer 42
- call a single sFH 18 shot
- Wespe call-in (3 max, "AT-shot" ability: can target an enemy vehicle with a single shot for 50 mun, 10 population, 500mp)

left side: Sturmangriff
- more damage against buildings
- less suppression
- all infantry can sprint now

Subdoctrine choices

1) 18th Army
- Barracks: Sturmpioniere (2xmp40, 2xflamers, grenades, 4 population, 270mp)
- Waffenkammer: Mörserteam (2 men crew and 2xk98, 4 population, 280mp)
- Heeresstab: Kommandotrupp (4xPPSh, geballte ladung 3kg=satchel pack, 4 population, 450mp), call a shot from heavy siege mortar "Karl" (200 mun)

2) 16th Army
- Waffenkammer: Artillery spotters (2xk98, call artillery strike, 2 population, 250mp)
- Heeresstab: research Pak40-emplacement (buildable by pioniers, 50fuel), Elefant call in (1500mp, 120fuel, only once)

3) 4th Panzergruppe, IV. Finish Corps
- Waffenkammer: Finnische Jäger (Elite Infantry, 4xMosin Nagant m/91, grenades, "deploy marksman" ability, upgrades: 2xLahti-Saloranta lmg/2xSuomi smg)
- Heeresstab: call-in a Finish StuH (4 population, 600mp)
- Tiger call-in (12 population, limit 1 at a time, 900mp, 80fuel)

Heeresgruppe Mitte

right side: Support
- Flares (reveal area, 25mun)
- Mechanized infantry (infantry gains bonus when fighting nearby vehicles)
- Stuka run (150 mun)

left side:  Panzertruppe
- German engineering (faster tank production)
- Panzerkommandanten (increase LOS, accuracy)
- Panzervorstoß (tanks can capture sectors)

Subdoctrine choices

1) 2nd and 3rd Panzergruppe
- Panzerdepot: research Panzerkampf (groupzeal for tanks), Zimerit anti-magnatic paste (60fuel, decreases damage of sticky bombs and AT-grenades)
- Marder II (8 population, 70fuel, light tank hunter, "focused fire" like PE AT-Halftruck)
- Heeresstab: Tiger2 Henschel call-in (only once, 14 population, 1500mp, 150fuel, "Instandsetzung" tank repairs itself, but is immobile and doesn't fire for that time)

2) 9th Army
- Barracks: Panzergrenadiere (3xG43, 1xMP44, grenades, upgrades: 2x lmg42 or 2xPzschreck, 4 population, 375mp), Repair-Upgrade for Panzergrenadiere (20fuel)
- Panzerdepot: Nashorn (10 population, self-proppeled AT-gun, 450mp, 80fuel)
- Heeresstab: research "Overdrive" (for all tanks, 50fuel)

3) 4th Army
- Waffenkammer: Fallschirmjäger Infanterie (4xk98, grenades, upgrades: FG42, 4 population, 420mp)
- Stummel 75mm (6 population, 250mp, 25fuel)
- Schweres Panzerdepot: Panther G (12 population, 650mp, 120fuel)
- Heeresstab: research "Overdrive" (for all tanks, 50fuel), research "Cover the advance" (off-map smoke barrage or like sector arty but targeting friendly units with smoke grenades, costs munitions)

Heeresgruppe Süd

right side: Urban Combat
- Incindiary grenades for all infantery units
- Fortified buildings (gain more HP and better protection for garrisoned troops)
- Häuserkampf (Infantry can build roadblocks, S-mines, sandbags and barbed wires)

left side: Combined Arms
- Haftladung (magnatic AT-grenade)
- call an artillery barrage (150 mun)
- Luftversorgung (infantry units can upgrade and reenforce nearby these crates)

Subdoctrine choices

1) 6th Army
- Waffenkammer: Flamethrower suqad (2xflamers, 1xmp40, 3 population, 250mp), Leutnant (mp40, command aura, 300mp, can call single howitzer shots for 75mun each)
- Panzerdepot: StuIG 33 (6 population, 300mp, 45fuel)

2) 8th Army
- Waffenkammer: Gebirgsjäger (elite infantry, 4xG43, grenades, upgrades: 4xMP44 or 2x scoped G43), Scharfschütze (4 population, scoped K98, „camo“ and „counter-snipe“ abilities), Panzerjäger Infanterie (2xK98, 2xPanzerschreck, Haftladung)

3) 3rd Panzercorps
- Panzerdepot: Pz II Flammenpanzer (6 population, 300mp, 70fuel)
- Schweres Panzerdepot: Sturmpanzer IV (8 population, 350mp, 80fuel), HE-Grenades upgrade for Sturmpanzer IV (can fire HE-Grenades for 30mun each shot, 40fuel)

Reward units:

replace PzII with Panzer 38 (t) [37,2mm gun, better armor, better AT-capability but weaker vs. infantry, same costs]

replace Hanomag with Sd. Kfz. 10 [unarmed but can be upgraded to a medical truck that can pay 30 munition (like the british med building) to heal nearby infantry or the same with vehilces as a repair truck]

replace the Elefant with a Sturer Emil [weaker armor, 128mm gun, more damage/range, like the Elefant it can only be called once]

Ostheer Suggestions / General question about ostheer
« on: February 10, 2010, 11:07:48 AM »
i read some discussions about the question of whether to use "old" units (like panther) or just new ones. [you have 6 votes]
feel free to comment  ;)

Ostheer Suggestions / Ostheer urban doctrine
« on: February 01, 2010, 03:27:17 PM »
-häuserkampf (garrisoned buildings can be fortified and gain more HPs)
-luftversorgung/supply drop (drops supply crates, units can reenforce and upgrade when nearby)
-henschel bombing (incindiary bombing run)

straßenkampf/street fighting
-flamethrower (enables flamethrower squad and flame tank PzII)
-sniper war (snipers now buildable)
-durchbruch/breakthrough (call a tiger II henschel version, only once)

Suggestions / new Ostheer concept
« on: November 01, 2009, 02:34:54 PM »
-no heavy tanks, but many light&medium tanks and strong doctrine units
-sectors must be defended, as they can not be locked-down
-no at gun, but effective tankhunter
-standart arty unit: sturmpanzer
-veterancy through fighting
-ressource-bonus: adding a bonus for every controlled sector
  *2 controlled sectors --> 1 extra ressource for every sector
  *4 controlled sectors --> 2 extra ressource for every sector
  *and so on...

HQ (F1):
-Pioniere: [120 MP, 2 population]
  *2 men with MP40
  *construct buildings and defenses
  *can make basic repairs
  *upgrades: improved repairs [25 Mun], Sturmpioniere (Satchelcharges, Flamethrower) [50 Mun]

Baracke (F2):
-Leichte Infanterie: [260 MP, 4 population]
  *light infantry
  *4 men with k98
  *grenades ability [25 mun]
  *Panzerfaust ability (must be unlocked) [25 Mun]
  *upgrades: 2xcaptured PPSh [75 Mun], Panzerfaust (give Pzfaust ability) [25 Mun]
-Aufklärer: [200 MP, 3 population]
  *scouts with large line of sight
  *3 men with k98
  *sniper-shot ability like british recon squad [25 mun]
  *cloak when in cover

Schwere Baracke (F3):
-Leichter MG-Trupp: [250 MP, 4 population]
  *4 men, 2xk98, 2xMG38
  *grenades ability [25 mun]
  *Sperrfeuer (instant pin-down, but stop firing for a few seconds)
-Grenadiere: [330 MP, 4 population]
  *standard infantry
  *4 men with 2xk98, 2xMP44
  *grenades ability [25 mun]
  *upgrades: G43 (1xG43 scoped) [35 Mun], Panzerbüchse (1xAT-rifle) [35 Mun]
-Panzerabwehrtrupp: [280 MP, 3 population]
  *3 men, 2xk98, 1xAT-rifle
  *AT-grenades ability [25 Mun]
  *Panzerfaust ability (must be unlocked) [25 Mun]
  *ugrades: Panzerfaust (give Pzfaust ability) [25 Mun]
-Offizier: [250 MP, 1 population]
  *officer with MP40
  *command-aura like british officer
  *flares ability (reveals an area on the map) [25 Mun]

Fahrzeuglager (F4):
-Stug III: [350MP, 40 Fuel, 4 population]
  *a bit weaker than StuG IV
  *support assault gun
  *effective at supporting infantry
  *75mm stubby gun
  *upgrades: Schürzen (adds armored skirts) [35 Mun], 75mm long gun (greater range) [50 Mun]
-Pz II: [250MP, 40 Fuel, 4 population]
  *light tank
  *effective against infantry and (with upgrade) light vehicles
  *2 turret Mgs
  *upgrades: 20mm gun (replace one MG with a 20mm gun) [35 Mun]
-Pz III: [350MP, 55 Fuel, 4 population]
  *light tank
  *effective against infantry and light vehicles
  *37mm gun, 2 Mgs
  *upgrades: 50mm gun [50 Mun], Schürzen [35 Mun]
  *Schnellfeuer ability (fires 3 shot very fast, then stops firing for a few seconds) [25 Mun]
-Flak 30: [300MP, 4 population]
  *operated by 4 men
  *mobile AA-gun, needs to be set-up to fire like Pak or Nebelwerfer
  *effective against infantry, planes and light vehicles (jeeps & halftrucks)
-Hanomag: [220MP, 20 Fuel, 4 population]
  *transporter (12 spots), gaines 2 Mgs when loaded
  *upgrades: Pak 75mm [75 Mun], Sanitätswagen (heals nearby units) [35 Mun]
-Panzerjäger I: [250MP, 25 Fuel, 4 population]
  *light tankhunter
  *47mm AT gun
-Marder II: [250MP, 40 Fuel, 4 population] (replaces Panzerjäger I after upgrade)
  *75mm AT gun

Panzerlager (F5):
-Pz IV: [400MP, 80 Fuel, 8 population]
  *medium tank
  *effective against everything
  *75mm stubby AT gun, 2 Mgs
  *upgrades: Schürzen [35 Mun], long gun (greater range) [50 Mun], enginge (faster) [35 Mun]
-Jagdpanzer IV/70: [420MP, 75 Fuel, 8 population]
  *effective against tanks
  *75mm gun
  *upgrades: Schürzen [35 Mun]
-Sturmpz IV: [450MP, 60 Fuel, 8 population]
  *mortar tank
  *medium range
  *150mm mortar
  *fires slow like StuH

Heeresstab F6):
-Hartkernmunition: [75 Mun]
  *PzIV & JgdpzIV gain the AP-rounds ability
-Sprengmunition: [60 Mun]
  *gives PzIV the HE-shot ability effective against infantry and buildings
-Marder II-Upgrade: [20 Fuel]
  *Marder II replaces Panzerjäger I (existing Panzerjäger I will remain)

-Sandbag-Bunker: [135 MP], all weapons (MG,Pak,.... can be turned like 17-pounder)
  *6 spots
  *upgrades: MG [50 Mun], Feuerleitbunker (can call a mortar barrage [50 Mun]) [50 Mun]
-tank traps
-mines [25 Mun]
-barbed wire


Heeresgruppe Nord (army group north)
Focuses on fast assaults.

left side: Unterstützung
-drop Fallschirmjäger (paratroopers) [3CP]
-Stuka run (MG and bombs) [3CP, 120 Mun]
-Artillerie-Unterstützung (call a Panzerwerfer 42, limit of 3) [3CP]

right side: Panzerverbände
-Panzerkommandanten (add tank commanders, increasing line of sight) [2CP]
-Panzervorstoß (tanks can cap sectors) [3CP]
-Schwere Panzerunterstützung (calls a Panther G or a Tiger I, one at a time) [4CP]

Doctrine units:
-Fallschirmjäger: [430MP, 4 population]
  *4 men, with k98
  *grenades ability [25 Mun]
  *place S-mines (bouncing betty) [30 Mun]
  *upgrades: FG42 [35 Mun]
-Panzerwerfer 42: [450MP, 6 population]
  *150mm rockets
-Panther G: [800MP, 12 population]
  *75mm gun, 2 Mgs
  *smoke ability [20 Mun]
  *Tread breaker ability [35 Mun]
  *upgrades: Schürzen [35 Mun]
-Tiger I: [800MP, 14 population]
  *88mm gun, 2 Mgs

Heeresgruppe Mitte (army group center)
Focuses  on defenses.

left side: Panzerjäger
-Eingraben (infantry can choose to dig-in, increases HP but they are immobile) [2CP]
-call a Nashorn [3CP]
-call an Elefant (only once) [4CP]

right side: Defenses
-Defensive Operations (lowers building costs for defenses) [2CP]
-Heavy Defenses [2CP]
-call a Wespe (limit of 3) [3CP]

Doctrine units:
-Nashorn: [450MP, 8 population]
  *88mm AT gun
  *needs to be set-up to fire
  *cloakes when set-up
-Elefant: [500MP, 14 population]
  *very heavy but slow tankhunter
  *88mm AT gun
-Wespe: [500MP, 8 population]
  *like Hummel but a bit weaker and faster

Heavy defenses:
-Pak-upgrade for sandbag-bunker (adds a pak) [50 Mun]
-mortar bunker upgrade for sandbag-bunker (adds a mortar) [50 Mun]
-Flak-Drilling upgrade for sandbag-bunker (adds a triple flak) [50 Mun]

Heeresgruppe Süd (army group south)
Focuses  on urban combat.

left side: Unterstützung
-call a Gebirgsjäger squad [3CP]
-Scharfschütze (call a sniper) [2CP]
-Durchbruch (call a Henschel-Version Tiger II, only once) [4CP]

right side: Häuserkampf
-Straßenkampf (enables Flammenwerfertrupp, roadblocks, PzII Flamethrower-upgrade) [3CP]
-Panzerknacker (call a panzerknacker squad) [2CP]
-call a Sturmtiger (only once) [3CP]

Doctrine units:
-Gebirgsjäger: [420MP, 6 population]
  *elite infantry (like Knights Cross Holders)
  *4 men with unscoped G43
  *grenades ability [25 Mun]
  *panzerfaust ability [25 Mun]
  *upgrades: G43 scoped [50 Mun], MP44 [50 Mun]
  *cloak when not moving
-Scharfschütze: [350MP, 4 population]
  *camo ability
  *scoped K98
  *counter-snipe ability (immobilized, cloaked, fires on snipers only)
-Tiger II: [500MP, 16 population]
  *henschel turret Tiger II
-Flammenwerfertrupp: [300MP, 3 population]
  *3 men, 1xFlamer, 2xMP40
  *incindiary grenade ability [30 Mun]
  *upgrades: 2nd Flamethrower [50 Mun]
-Flamthrower upgrade for PzII [75 Mun]
  *adds 2 small flamethrower to the PzII
-Panzerknacker: [375MP, 3 population]
  *3 men, 2xk98, 1xPanzerschreck
  *Haftladung ability (AT grenade with great damage, must be deployed at close range) [35 Mun]
  *upgrades: 2nd Pzschreck [50 Mun]
-Sturmtiger: [500MP, 14 population]
  *heavy mortar tank, very slow, great range
  *bombard ability (single mortar shot) [75 Mun]

Reward units:
-Sturer Emil
  *replaces Elefant
  *125mm AT gun
  *weaker armor than Elefant but greater range and more damage

Suggestions / Ostheer Doctrine Suggestion - evilSpike
« on: September 10, 2009, 06:22:35 PM »
Originally created by evilSpike

Luftwaffe Superiority

Left Side:

(2CP) Fallschirmspringer [360 MP]
Drop paratroopers on to the battlefield.

(3CP) Flakpanzer IV "Kugelblitz" [500 MP]
Call in the Anti-Air Kugelblitz tank.

(2CP) Flak 88 (built by Pios)
Flak 88 now buildable.

Right Side

(3CP) ME 262 (100 mun)
A Me 262 guards the air space for about 60 sec and attacks units like the British gliders or paratroopers. but it does not attack ground targets. if 2 gliders or paratroopers are used at the same time on different spots then only one can be attacked.

(5CP) Ju 87 "Stuka" (200 mun)


Left Side

(1CP) Courage and Honour for the Reich.
(all infantry units gain the sprint ability)

(2CP) Medals for the Front
(infantry units receive the Iron Cross and there for fight harder and gain the ability to pin-down light vehicles (pinning costs munitions).

(4CP) Panzerhaubitze Wespe (600 MP)
Call in a Wespe self-propelled howitzer onto the battlefield.

Right Side

(2CP) Blitzkrieg (150 mun)

(2CP) Jagdpanzer IV
the Ostheer can now build the Jagdpanzer IV.

(6CP) Sturmtiger (850 MP)
Can only be called once. Every shot costs 90 munitions.

Einsatzgruppe der Panzerelite

Left side

(1CP) Grim soldiers
Units of the Panzerelite fight harder for every fallen soldier of their squad. When a soldier dies the squad can no longer be pinned.

(3CP) artillery strike (160 mun)

(5CP) Jagdtiger (900 MP)
Can only be called once.

Right side

(1CP) a 4 man infantry squad of the Panzerelite enters the battlefield.
(Upgrades - StG44/Panzerschreck/G43)

(3CP) Armoured Piercing Rounds
All tanks now fire APC rounds with a heavy Tungsten core.

(2CP) Tiger
A Tiger 1 is available to the eastern front and can be built. max. 2 Tigers at the same time.
Upgrade for the Tiger is Smoke Canisters (35 Mun).

Post Merge: September 08, 2009, 06:24:12 AM
da fehlt eine fähigkeit auf der rechten seite der luftüberlegenheit...

(one ability on the right side of Luftüberlegenheit is missing)

Suggestions / unit details for ostheer suggestion (kingtiger)
« on: August 27, 2009, 03:04:28 PM »

Panzer II
Role: light tank
Weapons: 2 heavy turret MGs
Upgrades: replace one MG with a 20mm gun
Abilities: none
Description: fast, light tank
Armor type: light armor
Effectiveness: good against infantry and light vehicles

Panzer III
Role: light tank
Weapons: 37mm gun, 2 MGs
Upgrades: version E (faster, better armor), version G (50mm gun), version M (armored skirts)
Abilities: "Schnellfeuer" (fires 3 shots very fast, then stops firing for a few seconds)
Description: fast, light tank
Armor type: light armor
Effectiveness: good against infantry and light vehicles

Panzer IV
Role: medium tank
Weapons: 75mm stubby AT gun, 2 MGs
Upgrades: version F (better armor), version G (75mm long gun, skirts), version H (better armor)
Abilities: none
Description: medium tank
Armor type: medium armor
Effectiveness: good against light vehicles and medium tanks

Panzer V "Panther"
Role: medium tank
Weapons: 75mm gun, 2 MGs
Upgrades: version A (faster, more reliable*, greater LOS), version G (better armor)
Abilities: none
Description: medium tank, first version takes motor damage and broken treads easily when attacked
Armor type: heavy sloped armor
Effectiveness: very good against tanks
*: treads don't break easily anymore

Suggestions / Ostheer: upgrading tanks
« on: August 17, 2009, 05:28:24 PM »
i just had the idea of "upgrading" the tanks.

you can build a panther version D (1. version) that is prone to getting immobilized or motor damage when getting hit and drives slower than the wehrmacht version.

but in the tank yard you have the option of upgrading your panthers to version A (2. version) and later version G (final version). version A would mean the panther is no longer prone to that (see above) and is a bit faster. version G would add some armor and side skirts.

the first versions would be buildable sooner and be much cheaper, but also weaker.
so you can choose to either rush into battle with  damage-prone tanks or spend more ressources and time to get the better versions.

the same could be done with PzII, PzIII, PzIV and StuGs

upgrades would only take effect to tanks built after purchasing the upgrade, but existing tanks could be upgraded individually for higher costs.

D: slower, treads break easily
A: faster, treads don't break easily, greater LOS
G: better armor

A: 75mm stubby
F: better armor
G: 75mm long barrel gun, skirts
H: better armor, zimmerit

A: 37mm
E: faster, better armor
G: 50mm
J: better armor, better gun
M: skirts

A: MG+20mm
E: faster, better gun

A: 75mm
F: better gun
G: skirts

Suggestions / Ostheer Doctrines (kingtiger)
« on: August 03, 2009, 01:23:09 PM »
"Field Marshal Vodka" mentioned the idea of using Army Groups (North, South and Center) instead of doctrines like Defense or so: "Just throwing in an idea, perhaps each Doctrine could be an army group (North, central and South). Each army group would have had its own equipment and methods for the job at hand, so I see no reason why they cannot be tied to the three doctrines in some way."

i think that's a good idea. maybe like in the Battle-of-the-Bulge-mod where you choose an army (=doctrine) and then you can build some basic units and special units depending on the battlegroup you chose.
for example:


F1 – HQ
F2 – Infanteriebaracke
F3 – Unterstuetzungsbaracke
F4 – Fahrzeuglager
F5 – Panzerlager
F6 – Heeresstab

*builder unit – Pioniere (2 men, MP40, upgrade: Minedetector)
*scout – Aufklaerer (3 men, 3xK98, upgrade: Feldstecher [increase LOS], can deploy a marksman when unlocked)
*light infantery – Leichte Infanterie (4 men, 4xK98, grenade ability, upgrades: Pzfaust [enables use of pzfaust], MP40)
*mg-support – MG-38-Trupp (3 men, 2xMP40, 1xlight MG 38 [like Grenadiers])
*officer – Offizier (doctrine dependend)

*Opel Blitz (transport truck, unarmed, veryweak armor, 12 spots)
*Flak 30 (moblie flak, needs to be set-up to fire)
*PzKw I (very light tank, 2xMGs, not very effective, weak armor)

building F6 (Heeresstab):
*Mobilmachung (enables Unterstuetzungsbaracke)
*Blitzkrieg (enables Fahrzeuglager and Panzerlager)
*Frontoffiziere (enables Offizier)
*Militaerische Aufklaerung (gives Aufklaerer the "deploy marksman" ability and enables "Feldstecher" upgrade)

Heeresgruppe Nord (Army Group North)
-focuses on light and fast assault
-advantages: good and fast medium infantry and vehicles, perfect for offensives
-disadvantages: no heavy tanks, no good AT-infantry, no defenses
call-in units
*Fallschirmjaeger (4 men, armed with K98, grenade ability, panzerfaust ability, upgrade: FG42), dropped, via cmd-points
*Raupenschlepper Ost (halftruck via comd-points, serves as mobile barracks)
F1 – HQ:
F2 – Infanteriebaracke:
*Leichte Infanterie
*Panzergrenadiere (4 men, 3xK98, 1xMP44, grenade ability, upgrades: Pzfaust, light MG38, Repair)
F3 – Unterstuetzungsbaracke:
*Offizier (Luger, can call smoke-barrage)
*Opel Blitz
 firing for some time])
F4 – Fahrzeuglager:
*Flak 30
*Sd.Kfz. 261 (unarmed, can lockdown sectors)
*PzKw I
*StuIG (150mm howitzer gun, like StuH 42)
*Panzerwerfer 42 (150mm rockets, barrage ability)
F5 – Panzerlager:
*Panzerjaeger I (47mm gun)
*PzKw 38(t) (37mm gun, fast, light tank)
*PzKw II (2x turret MG)
*PzKw III (37mm gun, "Schnellfeuer" [fires 3 shots very fast, then stops firing for a few seconds])
*PzKw IV (75mm stubby AT gun, NOT very effective against infantry)

F2 – Infanteriebaracke:
*Panzerfaust (enables Panzerfaust upgrade for Leichte Infanterie)
F3 – Unterstuetzungsbaracke:
F4 – Fahrzeuglager:
*StuIG Support (enables StuIG)
F5 – Panzerlager:
*upgrade PzKw II to version E (replaces one turret MG with a 20mm gun)
*upgrade PzKw III to version E (faster, better armor), enables version G upgrade
*upgrade PzKw III to version G (50mm gun), enables version M upgrade
*upgrade PzKw III to version M (armored skirts)
*upgrade PzKw IV to version F (better armor), enables version G upgrade
*upgrade PzKw IV to version G (long barrel gun, armored skirts), enables version H upgrade
*upgrade PzKw IV to version H (better armor)

-you can spend you command-points on:
*right side: flares (reveals territory) [1CP], fallschirmjaeger (drop) [3CP], mobile barracks (you can call a „Raupenschlepper Ost“ that can be deployed to serve as mobile barracks) [3CP]
*left side: Panzer IV Massproduction (reduces costs and building-time) [3CP], blitzkrieg assault (like blitzkrieg but only in enemy territory) [3CP], Stuka support [3CP]
*has no defenses and has to use their extra mobility to defend their territory
-securing sectors:
*the most mobile and aggressive doctrine, uses the "Sd.Kfz. 261" to secure territory

Heeresgruppe Mitte (Army Group Center)
-focuses on heavy equipment and defense
-advantages: heavy tanks and infantry, strong defenses
-disadvantages: no medium tanks and infantry, no AT-infantry, no fast moving AT
-Pioniere cannot repair vehicles
call-in units
*Elefant (heavy, slow tankhunter, very good cannon, effective against tanks, armored piercing ability, via cmd-points)
F1 – HQ:
*Schwere Pioniere (can build heavy defenses when unlocked)
F2 – Infanteriebaracke:
*Leichte Infanterie
*Schwere Infanterie (heavy infantry, 4 men, armed simple g43 (stronger than k98 but less range), handgrenades, upgrades: panzerfaust (see light inf.), MP44)
F3 – Unterstuetzungsbaracke:
*Offizier (Luger, can call mortar-barrage)
*Opel Blitz
*Schwerer Mörsertrupp (4 men, 120mm mortar, barrrage ability, "focused firing" ability [more accurate but slower rate of fire and costs munitions])
*Schwerer MG42-Trupp (4 men, heavy MG42, Sperrfeuer ability [fast supression, but MG stops
 firing for some time])
F4 – Fahrzeuglager:
*Flak 30
*PzKw I
*Wespe (150mm howitzer, barrage ability, weak armor)
F5 – Panzerlager:
*Nashorn (88mm gun, weak armor, needs to be set-up to fire)
*PzKw IV „Panther“ (Panther, slower than wehrmacht version, prone to getting engine damage or broken treads when hit, see note below )
*PzKw VI „Tiger“ (Tiger, slower than wehrmacht version, prone to getting engine damage or broken treads when hit, see note below)

F2 – Infanteriebaracke:
*Panzerfaust (enables Panzerfaust upgrade for Leichte Infanterie)
F3 – Unterstuetzungsbaracke:
F4 – Fahrzeuglager:
*Feldtechniker (adds two pioniers to the building who repair nearby vehicles)
F5 – Panzerlager:
*Feldtechniker (adds two pioniers to the building who repair nearby vehicles)
*upgrade PzKw V to version A (faster, treads don't break so easily, greater LOS), enables version G upgrade
*upgrade PzKw V to version G (better armor)
*upgrade PzKw VI to version E (faster, treads don't break so easily, greater LOS, faster)

-they can build Panther and Tiger I (limit of 1 at a time) tanks, but the early versions are prone to getting engine damages or broken treads from shots to the rear armor, slowing them down or even immobilizing them. the fact that their pioniers can't repair vehicles makes those tanks quite vulnerable. the disadvantages can be removed by upgrading the tanks to better versions in the tank yard but the upgrades will take a lot of time and ressources.

-you can spend you command-points on:
*right side: Eingraben (allows tanks to dig-in) [2CP], Nashorn ambush (nashorn cloaked when in firing mode) [2CP], call Elefant [4CP]
*left side: defensive operations (lowers the build costs of defenses) [2CP], heavy defenses [3CP], artillery support [3CP]

*most infantry can build trenches, tank traps etc.
*their emplacement of choice is a concrete MG-bunker
-securing sectors:
*slowest, most defensive doctrine, locks down by building observation posts on the point

Heeresgruppe Sued (Army Group South)
-focuses on urban combat
-advantages: perfect for urban combat, specialized infantry, AT-infantry, Tiger II
-disadvantages: no heavy tanks
call-in units
*Panzerknacker (3 men, 2xMP40, 1xPanzerschreck, elite AT-infantry via cmd-points,  "Haftladung" ability like stickybomb but needs to be closer to be used and is more powerful)
*PzKw VIB „Tiger II“ (Henschel-version Tiger II)
*Sturmpz VI "Sturmtiger" (heavy, slow, fires a single shot, long reload time, mobile artillery, via cmd-points)
F1 – HQ:
*Sturmpioniere (3 men, 3xMP40, constructs defenses, satchel charge ability)
F2 – Infanteriebaracke:
*Leichte Infanterie
*Scharfschuetze (scoped K98, camo, counter-snipe [via cmd points, sniper remains cloaked, only shots at snipers])
*Gebirgsjaeger (elite infantry, 4 men, armed with unscoped G43, upgrades: scoped G43 like with PE, light MG42 or PPSh, Geballte Ladung ability)
F3 – Unterstuetzungsbaracke:
*Offizier (Luger, can call incindiary-barrage, upgrade: MP40)
*Opel Blitz
 *Panzerabwehrtrupp (3 men, 2xK98, 1xPanzerbuechse, upgrades: AT-grenades, panzerfaust ability)
*Flammenwerfertrupp (3 men, 2xMP40, 1xFlamethrower, upgrades: incidiary grenades ability)
F4 – Fahrzeuglager:
*Flak 30
*PzKw I
*StuG III (weaker than Stug IV)
*Sd.Kfz. 251/9 "Stummel" (75mm short barrel gun, effective vs. infantry and buildings)
F5 – Panzerlager:
*Sturmpanzer IV „Brummbaer“ (150mm mortar, barrage ability)
*PzKw II „Flamingo“ (flametank effective vs. infantry and buildings, dual flamethrower, 1x turret MG )
*PzKw III (37mm gun, "Schnellfeuer" [fires 3 shots very fast, then stops firing for a few seconds])
*Jgdpz IV/70 (75mm gun, tankhunter, slow but good vs. tanks)

F2 – Infanteriebaracke:
*Panzerfaust (enables Panzerfaust upgrade for Leichte Infanterie)
*Scharfschuetzenausbildung (enables Scharfschuetze)
F3 – Unterstuetzungsbaracke:
*Panzerbekaempfung (enables Panzerabwehrtrupp)
F4 – Fahrzeuglager:
*upgrade StuG III to version F (better gun), enables version G upgrade
*upgrade StuG III to version G (armored skirts)
*upgrade Sd.Kfz. 251/9 to long barrel gun(longer gun, higher range)
*StuG-Unterstuetzung (enables StuG III)
F5 – Panzerlager:
*upgrade PzKw III to version E (faster, better armor), enables version G upgrade
*upgrade PzKw III to version G (50mm gun), enables version M upgrade
*upgrade PzKw III to version M (armored skirts)

-you can spend you command-points on:
*right side: panzerknacker (well-trained tankhunter infantry) [2CP], sniper war (gives snipers the "counter-snipe" ability and gebirgsjaeger infantry the sniper-shot ability) [1CP], call a Tiger II (hope we finally see the henschel-version that was used on the eastern front) [5CP]
*left side: fortify buildings (adds extra HP to occupied building) [2CP], urban warfare (enables roadblocks and booby traps) [1CP], call a Sturmtiger [5CP]

*only Sturmpioniere can build defenses, and they are limited to sandbags and barbed wire etc.
-securing sectors:
*can build a "Kommunications Emplacement" anywhere in the captured territory which secures the territory and serves a defensive function too

Special thanks to everyone who posted here, especially to luz777 and SpezialForce!!!

changes are in red (for removed) or green (for added)

Latest changes
Added upgradable tanks
you can build a panther version D (1. version) that is prone to getting immobilized or motor damage when getting rear armor hits and drives slower than the wehrmacht version.

but in the tank yard you have the option of upgrading your panthers to version A (2. version) and later version G (final version). version A would mean the panther is no longer prone to that (see above) and is a bit faster. version G would add some armor and side skirts.

You have to research verison A to unlock the upgrade to version G and so on.

the first versions would be buildable sooner and be cheaper (the upgrades take a lot of time and ressources), but also weaker.
so you can choose to either rush into battle with damage-prone tanks or spend more ressources and time to get the better versions.

of couse their has to be a flak vehicle, maybe kugelblitz (but they were very rare) but i had another idea: how about a mobile light flak on wheels like "2cm flak 30" that is moved like a nebelwerfer or pak and has to be set-up to fire. would be effective against air crafts, light vehicles and infantry.

Suggestions / Ostheer Suggestions
« on: July 20, 2009, 07:58:15 PM »
My suggestions for the Ostheer:

F2.Infantry Barracks
F3.Support Barracks
F4.Vehicle Depot
F5.Tank Depot
F6.Logistics Center

-Pioniers (building unit, can be upgraded with a Minedetector)
-Artillery Spotters (recon unit, call "Wespe Barrage" ability that ignores the Wespe firing range)
-Upgrades: "Artillery Support" (enable "Wespe Barrage")

-Light Infantry (K98, Pzfaust ability, Grenade ability)
-Regular Infantry (K98, MP40 upgrade, Grenade ability)
-Sharpshooter (K98 scoped, camo ability)
-Heavy Infantry (G43 (better than K98), "Geballte Ladung" bundledgrenade ability, "Sniper" uprade (deploy Marksman like British), MP44 upgrade)
-Upgrades: "Sniper Support" (enable "Sniper" for Heavy Infantry)

-Mortar Trupp ("Barrage" and "Smoke Barrage")
-Support Trupp (K98, can be upgraded with either a Flamethrower or 2 light MG38 or 2 Panzerbüchsen (anti-tank-rifles), "Grenade" ability)
-MG42 Trupp (MG42, "Sperrfeuer" ability that supresses instantly and deals 2xdamage for a short period but is very expansive)
-Offizier ("Force retreat" ability, command aura, can be upgraded with MP40, "Inspire" ability (breaks suppression), "Smoke Barrage" ability)
-Upgrades: "Front Officiers" (Offizier buildable)

-Panzer III (very light tank, for recon, has an MG)
-StuG III (weaker than StuG IV)
-Hanomag (Upgrade 2xMG, can take 12 soldiers)
-Pak 38 (like wehrmacht pak)
-Maultier Panzerwerfer (halftruck with 10 rockets)
-Upgrades: "Rocket Artillery" (enables Maultier)

-Wespe (mobile Artillery, a lot weaker than hummel, "Barrage", not a single shot like StuH)
-Ostwind (like wehrmacht ostwind)
-Jagdpanzer IV/70 (tank hunter, slow, good damage, can take as much as Pz IV, but doesn't get hit as often as Pz IV)
-Panzer IV (starts with short gun, can be upgraded to longe barrel gun)
-Panther (like wehrmacht panther)
-Upgrades: "75mm Long Barrel" (for Pz IV), "Armored Skirts" (for Pz IV)

F6: you can choose only one of them!!!
-Blitzkrieg Phase (all units move and capture faster)
-Defense Phase (all units and buildings get more HP)
-Counter Attack Phase (all units get an accuracy bonus and and deal more damage)

Defenses (buildable by Pioniers)
-Barbed Wire
-Roadblock (Dig-In Doctrine only)
-Trenches (Dig-In Doctrine only)
-Splitterminen (Dig-In Doctrine only)
-Sandsack Emplacement (like a Bunker but less HP, Medic or Mortar or MG Upgrade)
-leFH 18 (Dig-In Doctrine only)

1) Blitzkrieg
left side: "Assault Troops"
-call "Sturmpioniers" (2xFlamethrower, heavy assault infantry)
-call "Mechanised Infantry" (a Hanomag with a Heavy Infantry Trupp)
-call a Tiger I
right side: "Support"
-"PzIV Massproduction" (PzIV cheaper and faster to build)
-Blitzkrieg (like wehrmacht)
-"Stuka Support" (like Henschel but with MG instead of anti-tank-fire)

2) Dig-In
left side: "Defense"
-call "Volkssturm" (very cheap infantry for emergency situations)
-"Eingraben" (Roadblocks, Trenches and "Splitterminen" anti-personal mines buildable)
-call an Elefant
right side: "Support"
-"To the last man" (troops can't be supressed and gain an offensive and defensive bonus while in their own territory)
-replace Pak38 with Pak40
-"Artillery Support" (leFH 18 buildable and also gives the "sFH Shot" (a single powerful artillery shot) ability)

3) Veteran Troops
left side: "Infantry"
-call "Panzerknacker" (AT-Infantry with Panzerschrecks and "Haftladung" ability (heavy at-democharge, short range for placement))
-"Veteran Infantry" gives all Infantry Vet-Lvl 2
-call a "Sniper Ace"
right side: "Tanks"
-"Hartkernmuition" (gives PzIV, Pak, Jagdpanzer and Panther the "Armored Piercing Amuntions" ability)
-upgrade Panther to "Panther G" (a bit faster and better more accurat)
-call a "Tiger II" Henschel

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