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Suggestions / Mighty Pak44!
« on: March 17, 2019, 11:17:24 PM »
Bitte Add this mighty Pak44 in the mod!

I suggest making it a reward unit replacement for something or a special doctrine unit.

<a href="" title="20190317005841 1 - Mod DB" target="_blank">20190317005841 1[/url]

Eastern Front / grandfather fought in world war 2
« on: May 03, 2018, 10:13:19 PM »
I know this question is on the left field but.

Is there any German EF developer or member here whose grandfather fought in world war 2.?

My distant grandfather is a USAFFE soldier before the japanese invasion of my country the Philippines
He was participated in the infamous Bataan Death March. But as a filipino. He was able to escape along with his few comrades and join the Guerillas.

And my grandma told me she saw how Japs eat rations lol. She said she saw them eat sashimi. 🍣 and her house btw is used as a forward barracks producing machine gun teams, IJA regulars, Samurai officers ,and no AT guns of course.

My grandma saw the passing P-47s (hundreds of them)  over our village as they go to the north and strafe the hell out of those Japs. General yamashitas tiger division. It is one of the elite japanese forces in the pacific.

Off Topic / Inner Earth Theory
« on: November 08, 2017, 09:10:52 AM »
Which of you believe that the north pole and south pole have portals leading into the earth's interior?

ever heard of admiral byrd's flight log?

and the outcome of the operation highjump?

Hi fellow eastern frontiersmen!

I have an inquiry about the possibility of making an all new animations for coh. For example
- i would like to replicate the Sturmtiger's reloading animation in coh 2 for the coh1 sturmtiger
- i would like to add a new animation for at guns where you can retreat it's crew not with the gun but like "abandon the gun kind of thing".
- adding a new grenade throwing for infantry models (where they throw a grenade while on the prone but shorter range)
- adding a disembark option to all vehicles not to repair the tank but to retreat.
- adding a halt option to kompanie fuhrer or captains in order to stop retreating units.
- adding a new ability in commander doctrines. Not a copy but an all new ability.
- adding a transfer orders in coh1
- adding a switch to different weapons for infantry units
- adding a scorch earth policy for Soviet major where he locks down a sector with katyusha rockets also destroying the point in that sector if hit by rockets
- adding a halt retreat to Soviet officers where he will shoot his pistol in the air. Stopping the retreat in his vicinity.

Bugs & Tech Support / question por pabor
« on: April 30, 2017, 07:40:57 AM »
hi.. i just want to ask if my 3ds max 9 is enough for me to make models for coh

and also BURRO.. pls make a comment here that will help me to start in 3ds max..

can you label the steps of creating a t34 model. 1st step is open 3ds max then next then next.

PLS :(

Suggestions / Soviet Naval Warfare Doctrine
« on: December 04, 2016, 08:37:07 AM »
RHS - Naval Landing Operations

[2CP] Naval Infantry - the backbone of Naval Infantry forces.

[2CP] Naval Officers - degrade your incompetent major to be replaced by the more courageous Naval officer. body guards will also be changed into naval body guards. cost: 50 munitions
Naval officers can call naval artillery strikes (not as powerful as the other one) at the cost of 75 munitions. have the ability to throw flares. enemy units caught with it is prone to accurate indirect fire.

[2CP] Naval Spetsnaz - call in an elite 4 man team. capable of deep infiltration and mass sabotage behind enemy lines. they can be summoned to any ambient building. they can camouflage but movement speed is reduced.
armed with PPS-43 sub machine guns for close combat, F1 Frag grenades, concealing smoke when reached vet 1, and demo charges to lay demo everywhere.

note: they wear an observer's camo uniform, Naval cap, and a cross ammobelt just like the naval infantrymen.

LHS - Naval Support

[2CP] Naval Supply - increases your manpower, munitions, and fuel rate by 40% in a period of time. after this ability, it greatly decreases your manpower rate in 2 minutes.
Cost: 600 manpower

[3CP] Naval Gunfire Support - call a devastating artillery bombardment from the big guns of the Baltic Fleet!
cost: 200 munitions
note: similar to the God of War.

[4CP] Naval Reinforcement - call an off-map reinforcement battle group in the form of:
- 2x Naval Infantry squads
- 2x Ford GPA (armed with a Maxim machine gun able to suppress enemy infantry, and driven by two naval infantrymen)
- 1x Naval Heavy mortar squad (the same as normal heavy mortar just the crew is different)
- 2x T34/85 Medium Tanks

population cap: 30 / cost: 2000 manpower

Suggestions / Shtrafbat Doctrine - reward tree doctrine
« on: December 03, 2016, 11:40:40 AM »
Penal Battalion Doctrine

RHS - Penal Battalion

[1CP] Shtrafniki Squad - call a squad of penal soldiers ready to die for the Motherland. Cost: 270 manpower, 6 popcap
6 man armed with 5x default mosin nagant rifles and 1x ppd-34 submachine gun for the commissar. They can also throw F1 Frag Grenades and fire VPGS rifle grenades.

But once "One Last Effort" is unlocked. Newly deployed shtrafniks have improved armaments.

+ 6-man squad armed with 2x SVT-40 rifles and 2x ppsh-41 submachine guns and 1 pps-43 for the commissar.
+ New projectiles such as RGD-33 Bundled Grenades and RPG-43 antitank grenades.

Despite of these new weapons. They still proved to be unreliable on their own and has to be commanded carefully.
As these men are troublemakers, deserters, freethinkers, looters, malingerers,and politically un loyal.

[2CP] Soviet Propaganda - Propaganda loudspeakers in outposts and in your headquarters will inspire your men to fight harder inside your territory. receiving defensive bonuses.

[2CP] Penal Battalion - Soviet High command now grants you an entire battalion of shtrafniks. Infantry build times, reinforcement times, and cost is greatly reduced.

LHS - Penal Support

[1CP] One Last Effort! - grants your shtrafniki squads with new weapons and abilities, and all infantry will now capture points faster and will be less prone to suppression.

[2CP] Penal Squadron - call 3 ilyushin ground attack planes in order to strafe and drop bombs into the specified area. Cost: 125 munitions
  Note: this is not like the air raid. It's not raining bomblets. Rather just like a strafing run and dropping one bombs each plane.

[3CP] Russian Colossus - call a KV-1 Heavy Tank into the battlefield. 

Suggestions / Dankov's Gunnery Veterans AT upgrade
« on: November 24, 2016, 04:23:13 AM »
i have another idea for Zis-2 and Zis-3 Anti-tank guns.

can you make their only ability "Gunnery Veterans'' to become one of Major Dankov's abilities? Then replace it instead with ''APCBC shells'' (available only when player purchases ''Improved Ammunitions'')

Major Dankov's abilities:

Shtrafniki Demotions: convert any conscript squad into a penal squad, the squad will receive 3x SVT rifles and guarded by a commissar. penal squad can't earn veterancy anymore. cost 60 munitions

Gunnery Veterans: assign an experienced anti-tank gunnery officer into any of your existing AT units. increasing their capabilities against enemy armor. cost is 60 munitions

i mean Dankov can turn one AT gun to become veterans. Increasing their skills at a cost of 60 munitions. converting one of the AT crew to become an officer (same uniform as the AT crews but wears the cap of the flag bearer)

note: this is not like making an AT gun into a vet 3 instantly.. it's just giving the AT gun some offensive bonuses plus the officer

note: gunnery officer is armed with a pistol.

Suggestions / T34/85 ''Ace'' Tank
« on: November 24, 2016, 12:08:45 AM »
hi I wanna suggest the T34/85 ''Ace'' Medium Tank as a reward unit for any heavy tank unit that you wanna add in the future.

this tank is just like the Normal T34/85 but the difference is the Red Star in it's turret and the commander in the cupola.

He wears a dark colored uniform same as the naval infantry wears but there is no ammo belt wrapped around the uniform, and the cap that the current strelky flag bearer wears.

the driver's hatch is open just like the SU-76 in the EF version 2.30 and the driver can be seen inside.

This Ace T34 is more faster, more maneuverable and more accurate. It also has couple of abilities: it can ambush and it has smoke screen. it has no upgrades like the pt mine roller or cage armor or the flamethrower... it's gunnery skills and abilities are his specialty.

only called once.

General Discussion / Dhsk Heavy machine gun team
« on: November 22, 2016, 09:47:40 PM »
Hi to all. I would just like your votes about the possibility of adding a Dhsk Heavy machine gun team as an armory upgrade for sg43 goryunov. :)

                                                                      Partisan Doctrine

Beat back the relentless onslaught of the germans! Brave partisan fighters are willing to fight for the Motherland.
Wreak havoc behind enemy lines through sabotage and harrasment to weaken their frontline.
stir chaos and confusion among the germans by using infiltration and guerilla tactics.

LHS - Partisan Detachment

[1CP] - Partisans - brave local fighters ready to fight for the Motherland! Armed with variety of weapons. They operate behind enemy lines causing chaos and confusion in the german rear.

They can be summoned into any ambient building even in the fog of war.

Armed with Molotov Cocktails and Demolition charges (Demo charges are available only when the player unlocks Sabotage groups)

They can camouflage but movement speed is reduced.

They can booby trap buildings and sabotage resources points (only when player unlocks Sabotage groups)

They can also build tank traps and barb wires (when Sabotage groups is unlocked)

They can also drop mines (only when player unlocks Sabotage groups)

Note: The first vet 3 partisan squad will become a Partisan Command squad. not like the major but this acts like a lieutenant who boost the morale of nearby partisans. abilities will be removed and replaced by ''maintain command range'' this squad will also have new default weapons. maybe 1x dp-28, 3x svt, and a tokarev pistol for the partisan commander.

[2CP] - Partisan Raid - all partisan fighters receives big offensive bonus. their movement speed is also increased and less prone to suppression.

[2CP] - Local Support - Locals are now willing to support the partisans against the Fascist occupiers. Increasing your manpower rate. Friendly sectors will have extended sight range.

RHS - Red Army Support

[1CP] - Partisan Tank Hunters - issue anti-tank equipments to your partisan fighters. Unlocks the PTRS-41 Anti-tank rifle upgrade and TM-35 Anti-Tank mines for partisans. They also receive defensive bonuses when fighting enemy tanks

[2CP] - Soviet Aid - a soviet cargo plane will drop some supply crates to a specified area.
cost is 100munitions. 3x crates contains +75 munitions, +75 fuel, 1x 82mm mortar, 1x SG-43 machine gun, 1x ZiS-3 AT gun.

[2CP] - Sabotage Groups - Sabotage groups will now join in the ranks of the partisans!
Partisans can now booby trap buildings, sabotage enemy points, and drop mines everywhere.
They can also build tank traps and barb wires.

General Discussion / vasily zaitsev
« on: November 12, 2016, 08:38:53 AM »
hehehe we have a hero in the midst! :D he need a rifle, and dankov didn't have the weapon reserves yet :P

Bugs & Tech Support / can't findd entry point
« on: November 11, 2016, 11:57:37 AM »
this happens to my new steam version coh when i try to play it.. help me

Suggestions / Red Army Promotion Centre
« on: November 09, 2016, 11:26:41 AM »
Adding a Building called ''Red Army Promotion Center''

this structure allows you to promote your regular army into an elite fighting force.

upgrades are not purchased by resources but by how many nazis you killed. xp, xp, xp

Level 1 increases your resources rate by 5%

Rifle Company - commit infantry units who already saw action in other front. all infantry starts as Rank 1 Veteran
Support Arms Company - commit support infantries and vehicles who already saw action in other front. all support units starts as Rank 1 Veteran
Tank Company - commit light and medium armor units who already participate in other battles. all light and medium tanks are now Rank 1 Veteran
Breakthrough Heavy Tank Company - commit heavy tanks who already saw action on other front. IS2 tanks are now Rank 1 Veteran

Level 2 increases your resources rate by 10%

Red Banner Rifle Battalion - Red Army High Command awards your fighting men with the Order of the Red Banner for their heroism and gallantry for the Motherland! all infantry are now Rank 2 Veterans
Red Banner Support Arms Battalion - Red Army High Command awards your support arms comrade with the Order of the Red Banner for their heroism and gallantry for the Motherland! all infantry are now Rank 2 Veterans
Red Banner Tank Battalion - Red Army High Command awards your regular tank crews with the Order of the Red Banner for their heroism and gallantry for the Motherland! all light and medium tanks are now Rank 2 Veterans
Red Banner Breakthrough Heavy Tank Battalion - Red Army High Command awards your Heavy tank crews with the Order of the Red Banner for their heroism and gallantry for the Motherland! all IS2 heavy tanks are now Rank 2 Veterans

Level 3 increases your resources rate by 15%

Guards Rifle Regiment - Now is the time to honor your brave fighting men with the elite guard status! all infantry are now Rank 3 Veterans
Guards Support Arms Regiment - Now is the time to honor your brave support units with the elite guard status! all support units are now Rank 3 Veterans
Guards Tank Regiment - Now is the time to honor your courageous tank crews with the elite guard status! all light and medium armor are now Rank 3 Veterans
Guards Breakthrough Heavy Tank Regiment - Now is the time to honor your courageous heavy tank crews with the elite guard status! all IS2 heavy tanks are now Rank 3 Veterans

Suggestions / zis 3
« on: November 08, 2016, 03:07:32 AM »
i know this is crazy but umm.. can u make the Zis 3 gun to be able to fire in artillery mode like the SU-76? for the urban combat doctrine..

i seen that in real combat when Zis-3 serves as an artillery placement during urban combats..

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