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Eastern Front Replays / youtube channel
« on: August 28, 2011, 09:20:50 PM »
Thank you EF for finnally making a youtube channel.I was wondering though if u guys would let people put up casts of EF and replays(but non of that look at this golliath kill conscripts or this Is3 on a bridge BS)i mean real replays of good players i mean i dont know how to do it but im sure tons of ppl here would plus it would be great for publicity and ppl can now watch UP TO DATE replays without the need of coh and EF in the comp there using. :)

Off Topic / Pacific Thunder mod
« on: August 21, 2011, 04:27:45 AM »
Hey guys I was wondering since PT dev team is making PT an add on style mod could u guys make EF compatiably with it so it makes coh like a complelte ww2 game.It's just a suggestion I see that there would be many problems with this but if u can't could u help them out a little because they seem to be struggling a little ):

General Discussion / Economics of Units
« on: August 16, 2011, 10:07:53 PM »
this topic is for posts of costs and up-keeps for all units in EF including the original factions.You can also post the reasons behind why this unit costs that amount.

When Heavy Axis tanks start rolling through the front by that time soviet players should already have started mass production of armor too such as t34/86's and Is2's to counter pathers, hertzs, etc. But soviet players who have had a rough early game and dont have enough armor to stop the blitz of Axis armor, well conscripts are way to go. Yes, conscripts.

When the Axis are on the move and are headed for your base for final blow to stop u from recovering fast enough to get in the game ,this is what u do (u need petrol bombs for this to WORK in any way). This will cost much manpower but if u can't build tanks at this time of game u obviously dont have enough fuel so manpower is your game saving resource now.

U build 4 to 5 conscript squads plus with your comand squad this depends on the axis armor group two conscript squads for each tank or a conscript and your comand squad same thing, what I've seen is that petrol bombs have a burning effect on tanks! But wouldnt the tank just drive away, no it won't because it can't.

When u throw 1 petrol bomb on a tank it's burns the engine slowly but if u throw 2 it damages the engine and we've all seen how fast a tiger goes with a damaged engine u throw 3 destroyed engine and the tank's health goes  down to a half with 3 petrol bombs under it and that's for a panther! Not only have u hurt the their tanks badly u stopped their whole advance and if u have any reserve armor send them in to finish them... this tactic is very effective.

I played as the wehrmacht in one of my recent EF games Orel, I lost 2 Panzer IV, 3 panthers, and 2 tigers just to this tactic alone. It wasn't because of bad micro it was because of 3 petrol bombs at once destroying my engines and my tank just sitting there burning.

I never have lost that much Axis armor to infantry, but the worst part was because my panthers were being owned by conscriptes. If anyone has a Q or more information on this tactic please post  :)  :)

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