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The Great Patriotic War / [14] CER10TY, CoHmS and EasyCalic attack (7)
« on: August 28, 2012, 01:38:59 PM »
Well gents, ready to break out the tea and crackers? (Doodle coming soon)

Oh god, why?  :'(

In any case, we be attacking here, any questions?

Just like it says. I can play from wednesday onward, mostly after 10 pm GMT -5

Balance Discussion / Counter-snipe vs SU. (and by extension Ostheer)
« on: March 03, 2012, 11:45:57 PM »
I haven't seen this reported before so here goes nothing.

I had the understanding that both US and Wher's snipers prioritized shooting other snipers above other targets when given the chance to fire, but against the soviets, herr heckenschutze (is that even spelled correctly? :P) prefers shooting conscripts instead. It makes for a really NOT fun time when trying to rid Soviets from their excess of citizens because of the need to manually aim for their snipers in the (usual and rather common) myriad of infantry around them.

Is it intended? Will this behavior extend to the Ostheer marskmen to make the amerikani snipers' lives hell too?

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