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Bugs & Tech Support / coh dosent "appear"
« on: May 29, 2011, 09:54:11 PM »
Okay so i finally installed EF again, but when i try to start either EF or regular COH, the process appears in the task manager, the relic downloader starts and everything, but the game dosent actually appear/start. the process it there, but no game. It is really weird.

General Discussion / M36 Slugger?
« on: August 26, 2010, 02:48:47 AM »
I know i might be called noob for this, but i saw M36 slugger while playing do you get the M36?

Bugs & Tech Support / ef just sits there
« on: May 24, 2010, 10:34:07 PM »
I installed 1.10 after uninstalling 1.4, and now when i click play the launcher just sits there and does nothing.

Okay, im not very good with infntry or names so here i go anyways.

Ostheer Base of Operations
This HQ basically is a moderately armored "building" that has the ability to pack up and move, i.e a team of men disassembles the building and rebuilds it elsewhere. This can only be done once.

Opel Blitz Engineering Truck (250 MP)
The Opel Blitz engineering truck is a mobile repair/defense center. It is capable of building mines, dragons teeth, wire,(it deploys infantry to do so) and repairing vehicles at a quick rate. Has very low armor though.

Ostheer Pioneers (250 MP)
squad of 3 men that builds all ostheer structures. They have K98K's and once the "last Ditch effort" upgrade has been purchased can fire panzerfausts for 5 ammo.

Heer Command Post
T1 Building:
Volksstrum (150mp?): Light Infantry Squad initially armed with K98K's. They can use the Entossflammenwerfer 46, a disposable flamethrower that shoots for 6 seconds, for 25 ammo. Once Last ditch effort is purchased, they are randomly issued VG 1-5's and MP3008's

PAK 35/36: (350 MP) Light AT gun.
Moves very fast and turns very fast. Also fires very quickly. Very effective aganist light vehicles, and okay aganist heavier ones if and only if it fires into their rear armor.
Two abilities: :  PZGR 43 shaped charge warhead, a powerful short ranged warhead that can penetrate any armor. (requires Shaped Charge Research) (25 ammo)
HE rounds: HE rounds are loaded into the pak for 20 seconds, causing increased damage to enemy infantry but less to vehicles (20 ammo)

Ostheer Scout (450 MP)
A man equipped with a camouflage suit, he runs quite fast, and once told to go prone, will be totally invisible to enemies except at very close ranges, however he will crawl slowly while prone. He is equipped with a suppressed MP40, which is surprisingly good against enemy infantry. He can also throw TNT for 45 ammo, which causes devastating damage to everything in the blast radius.

7.5 cm le.IG 18 (250 MP)
A unique howitzer that can fire in 2 modes: mortar or direct fire. In mortar mode it can shoot farther, but the shells arc and take longer. In direct fire mode, it is naturally better against things in the open. It takes a few seconds to change modes.

T2 Building: Motorized vehicle Position:
Panzer 2 "Luchs" (350MP 25 fuel)A fast scout tank equipped with a 20mm cannon, it is great against enemy infantry and has okay AT ability
APCR ammo: temporarily boost effectiveness against enemy vehicles (35 ammo)

SWS halftrack
A halftrack capable of carrying men. They can fire their weapons out. It can be upgraded with a 3.7cm flak 43 but it loses its carrying ability. (upgrade costs 50 ammo)
-can also be upgraded to be a 10cm NBW 35 carrier, a heavy mortar in between power of the standard mortar and the USSR heavy mortar (60 ammo)

Strumsquad:heavy infantry (400 mp)
5 men squad that can do many different things
Initially armed with K98Ks: BUT

-can be equipped with MG34S HMG, which is great vs infantry, but it takes 2 seconds to set up. (50 ammo)

-can be equipped with STG44 w Vampir sight, which enables accurate fire from a single man (more accurate Mp44)  (45 ammo)

-can be equipped with schiessbecher launcher, which enables use of incendiary rifle grenades (like brit rifle grenade launcher but incendiary) They can also switch to AT rifle grenades, which are effective vs enemy armor. (requires shaped charge technology)

Panzer III(50 fuel 450 mp)
Medium tank of the ostheer. Initially armed with 50mm kwk 39 L43, good vs all targets but great vs none. Can be individually upgraded for 60 fuel to ausf L, which makes the gun more effective against enemy tanks and improves the armor. Can use APCR rounds once individually upgraded, (50 ammo) temporarily boosts AT performance further.

Stug III(50 fuel 450 MP)
Armed with a stubby 75mm. Very good vs infantry, horrible vs tanks. If shaped charge technology is researched, it can fire a single HEAT round, which does a high amount of damage to enemy tanks (50 ammo). If lengthened barrels is researched, it gains a KWK 40 L48 gun, which dramatically boosts its AT firepower, but it loses its HEAT round ability.

2.8cm spZb 41 squeeze bore at gun: Basically a heavy AT rifle, the spzb is very fast and is set up much like a Wehr heavy Mg42. Using powerful APCNR Tungstun rounds, this enabled extreme velocities and dispite the very small calibre of the gun, the high velocity enabled it to cause heavy amounts of penetration. It would be very useful even aganist the IS2 if it rear shotted. However, it is expensive for such a small unit and is nearly useless versus infantry. It coula have the ability to ambush on a first strike too, but maybe this should cost ammo.

Shaped Charge Technology: enables use of pak 35 pzgr43 and stug III HEAT round. (80 fuel)

T4: elite guards post (told you i suck with names)
Chemical Warfare squad: (500 mp)
Squad of 3 men equipped with steel body armor and MP44's. Can do the following: Twin Flammenwerfer 42 upgrade (100 ammo)
Thermite Grenade: Throw a powerful thermite grenade which burns through tank armor like nothing. Causes devastating continous damage to enemy tanks, but it is lessened if the enemy tanks move.  (50 ammo)
White Phosphorus Grenade: (50 ammo) The WP grenade airbursts over enemy positions and causes horrific burns to enemy infantry squads in the open.

Jadgpanzer 4: (75 fuel 500 mp)
Tank destroyer armed with Pak39. Equal to hetzer in performance. If Lengthened barrels is purchased, it gains the powerful KWK 42, which boosts its firepower considerably and allow the use of APCR rounds for 50 ammo.

Brummbär: heavy Support:
Heavily armored tank armed with a 15cm gun. Build limit of two. IT is equipped with massive HE shells that are powerful versus everything except tanks, but it has a slow rate of fire and the shells are slow. it can shoot further then the STUH though. It can fire an HEAT round for 45 ammo, once HEAT research has been completed. This round causes massive damage to enemy tanks IF IT HITS, but be careful because it is slow and innaccurate near the max range.

Lengthened barrels (100 fuel) give JPZ4 KWK 42 and STUGIII KWK 40 L48.

Last Ditch Effort (125 fuel) enables ostheer pioneers to use basically free  panzerfausts and VG1-5s and Mp3008's are issued to volksstrum.

I don't have many doctrine ideas but i was thinking at the beginning of one doctrine idea you could call in panzer 1's for like 200 mp, which have twin MG34 and wreck enemy infantry, but their armor is so thin that a single hand grenade will blow them up.

also, i was thinking that if the Jadgtiger isint in the game, why not have a immobile buildable 128mm flak 40 or very slow mobile 128mm PAK 44?

Bugs & Tech Support / Problem starting EF, cannot find reliccoh.exe
« on: February 14, 2010, 08:52:40 AM »
My friend bought coh gold off of d2d, and installed it. he patched up using thr relic patcher, then installed ef teh way you should.

but it wont start. he just gets cannot find reliccoh.exe. we tried commandline direct launch and i even gave him my exe, no luck.

why does this happen/ works fine for me and we are both using win7 64 bit, runnign as admin.

oh crap i just realized i put this in the wrong forum,can it be moved to tech support?

i read the sticky and it says this is caused by putting ef in the wrong spot, but i am 99% sure he put it in the same directory.

Balance Discussion / SU100 is a joke
« on: January 30, 2010, 05:26:46 AM »
Honestly, for 300 muni, and 100 fuel, it really sucks. Average armor, average range and not much improved damage make it a lousy TD. IT needs to do more damage then the IS2 per shot, being a heavy td and have alonger range. However, it obviously would haveless armor then the IS2, so it would be a semi-glass cannon. It needs a buff of some kind though.

Balance Discussion / KV2 is horrible
« on: January 23, 2010, 12:37:25 AM »
honestly, it is. I was facing aganist the AI who were spamming hetzers and pz4s and some infantry and it just got raped. the armor on this thing is abysmal and a pak can kill it in like 3 shots. the gun also shoots why too slow and does shit damage to vehicles, altho i guess its good aganist infantry.

Suggestions / a few ideas/ questions about tanks
« on: August 26, 2009, 02:38:46 AM »
I think that the SU-100 and SU-122 should be added, the SU-122 under artillery, and SU-100 as an SU-85 upgrade.

su-122 would have paper armor and meant to be a fire support unit...not very good aganist tanks.

maybe the SU-100 could be an upgrade to the SU-85...cause in reality thats all it Su85 with a 100mm cannon.

the KV1 could also be added..but if the Kv2 is in i guess its not needed.

in addition, the ML20 is not a 120mm cannon, but a 152mm cannon. The same cannon as fitted into the ISU 152.

also could maybe the T35 be put in? the huge fortress? lol

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