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Last year there was uproar when a L4D mappack won the best upcoming mod. This year we expect more controversy because excluding the exceptional CoH: Eastern Front, Half-Life based mods

The above quote in itself is an acknowledgement of the Quality and fan base the mod has ...


General Discussion / Download Resumption
« on: January 21, 2010, 06:19:27 PM »

Can some one tell me on which sites resumption option is supported .

Cause i have lost the files twice already because resume was not supported .


Mapping / Yelnya Smolensk(2) - (Update -Replay Attached)
« on: January 17, 2010, 10:16:08 AM »

Credit :- Thanks to Slayer for the minimap / Map Slots Screen



Loading Screen

I am not sure if i can release my map here, So if it shouldn't be done with out concent , Please remove the post .

Yelnya is a town in Smolensk Oblast, Russia, situated on the Desna River82 km from Smolensk .The name of the town has come from 'yel' (fir tree) or yelan' (land cleared from forest) in russian. Yelnya became the place of the Yelnya Offensive, the first successful offensive operation of Soviet troops in the Great Patriotic War.

It is a 2player map , There are four bridges heads , One is a foot bridge , There are structures along all path ways which can be garrisoned and used defensively initially .

I dont play Victory points , Thus i don't know how they work , But have placed them around the corners and center , Any suggestion on getting the Fuel /Munitions section along with Victory points for better gameplay would be appreciated .

Small Update 26.01.2010

Have moved the fuel positions and placed some AI markers , Have a look .

Small Update 05.02.2010
The AI with the current patch (1.04) is little subdued at normal, At expert it is interesting , I lost both the times i tried .Thus since initially the AI goes for the fuel positions i have not changed the AI marker positions .

I have redrawn the sector map , The strategic points now can be used more effectively to cut of sectors , and have moved the sectors .

Pls try to give the AI slot 1, Cause it is aggrisive only then , When given the slot one they just gang up near the hamlet and wait .

I see the downloads , It would help if you could write the opinions and suggestions also .

Replay 07.02.2010

Have attached a replay of my game (EF mod) to show how the AI plays , I gave up , But i could have won .. ;)

Funnyme /Akka - Rishad

P.S.I had asked DEV for permission , But presume he is busy .

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