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General Discussion / Re: Combineing EF with other mods
« on: May 01, 2010, 09:23:08 PM »
I hear ya Zerstörer. I cannot deny that you have every right to protect your work and allow yourself the credit you deserve for it.
Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

General Discussion / Re: Combineing EF with other mods
« on: May 01, 2010, 08:54:11 PM »
You guys are taking to much offence here.
Am I complaining ? Sure
Am I complaining about you ? No, nor do i in any post.
Am I complaining of EF itself ? No, as a matter of fact I compliment your masterpeice in my last post.

I merely try to better understand your position better in the absence of any comprimising attitude on your part. So allow me to share my thoughts, if they offend you, or piss you off, just dont reply and I too will disappear. But my opinion in the matter is not intended to offend, so dont take offence over the word "lame". Its just my opinion okay ? No harm in it.

You're complaining that we're not allowing everyone who can't be asked to put the same effort in to learn to mod/skin/model to to 'nick' ,what we had to work for 3 yrs to construct, then go around publishing saying 'look how good my mod is' and how much better I can make EF cause I know better blah blah blah.

You put it so plainly, but essentially yes. This is what I am complaining about.

If you're so adamant you can create a better mod and want to share your amazing mod making skills with the rest of the world, then build one from scratch, no one is stopping you.
But don't come crying that we're not allowing you to 'butcher our mod' and then present it as 'Little Johny's EF mod', credits or no credits.

Huh ? Litte off topic here man, I have not debated any of this
No, I wasnt adamant that I can create a better mod. Nor share my "amazing mod skills" as you put it. I am not a modder, nor do i claim to be one.
I depend on "Johnny's little EF mod" to make the experience of YOUR work enjoyable.
I'm not debating this, not sure why you mention it.

What is lame, is that there are people out there who think its ok to say 'Now that you've done all the hard work and made all the content, I should be able to nick it all, put 3 lines and change a thing here and there,then present it as my improved version and great achievement'.

I agree with that completly. And can understand your concerns here, but this is unavoidable. You concern yourself with matters that you cant likely change. This has less to do with what other publishers claims are likely to be and more to do with some faith that fans will know and give credit to where it is due, no matter what other small sub-mods make claims of. This wouldent even be a consideration to you at all if you had some faith in your fans and followers of your work giving you the credit you deserve.

As a skinner, I've given shit loads to the community over the years for which I've spent a stupendous amount of time. So don't preach about 'sharing' etc. Modding Relic's factions is one thing. Modding someone else's mod is a whole different thing.

Yea yea i get it already. Its your baby, your work, your time, you want to protect it..... Sound about right ?

Just try asking Blitzkrieg Mod,N44, EIR, OMG if you could re-balance their mods a bit and publish them as your own version...see what they say...'NO' will be the...'polite term'
Because of EF's unique content some people seem to think that the rules somehow change....well, NO they don't.

Why would I do that ? I'm not interested in their mods. I'm sure thier great and all, but not really interested.

Anyway. Thanks for the constructive portions of the discussion gents. I'm sure we have debated it to a conclusion.
Thanks Zerstörer for sharing your thoughts on the matter, appreciate the feedback. Have to sift through some strong thoughts here to find your stance on the matter ,but I think its clear, and more importantly, why you wish it that way.

Although I understand your concerns with not allowing others to publish sub-mods for EF. I hope one day you reconsider down the road sometime. I wish you luck and congratulate you (and the rest of your team) and all thier work and effort.

General Discussion / Re: Combineing EF with other mods
« on: May 01, 2010, 04:36:17 PM »
Obviously you didn't read Zerstorer's post.

This makes you a moron. :P

You are allowed to modify it to your own liking, BUT NOT to publish.

You also, when you modify it, risk the chance of ruining the whole thing. So why risk it?

Maybe you should read what the mod's say before you start giving false accusations.
Spare me the petty mewlings child. Just because someone leaves feedback you dont like to hear dosent mean you would reply with insults. You wouldn't say it to my face, trust me.
Your reply reveals much of your maturaty rather than my own. One could draw a few more conclusions as to your own character.

Speaking of not reading posts, your missing my point.
Of course people could mod it on thier own. with or without your permission. You cant control that anyway.
Those that cannot mod this game, (its not as simple as editing a config file I assume) depend on others providing thier work to others via publishing it for download. But this you dont allow, so unless your users of the mod are modders of some talent themselves and have suffucent time to invest. Then This mod can only be enjoyed on the terms in which you have released it.

That being said, its a truely epic mod, and my hats off to those who put in all the effort to put EF together, but this strict limitation on not allowing others to publish some work, with the exception of that Normandy mod, then its kind of a shame for those like me.

General Discussion / Re: Combineing EF with other mods
« on: April 30, 2010, 12:24:13 PM »
We neither give permission nor support for those trying to Modify our Modification, that is correct.

Also, If you do go ahead and try at your own risk to modify it for personal use in your own pc, keep it that way and do NOT make it available to the public as you have no permission to do so.

There is one mod that we have agreed to include their own version of the soviets.

Lame, i installed Eastern front played it once... realized i hated the pop cap being imposed on me again.I used to play rc_realism mod (one feature being unlimited pop cap). And you wont allow others to even slightly mod Eastern front to enjoy it on thier terms ?

Uninstalling eastern front, your over managing an otherwise brilliant project. I'll play it one day if someone is ever allowed to mod it a little.

General Discussion / Re: Population Cap ?
« on: March 31, 2010, 06:09:10 AM »
I've tried cheat mod,just for th unlimited pop cap, but no luck.

Tried also adding Rc_Realism (mod I used before Eastern Front), but as expected no luck with the soviets.

Need someone with some actual modding experience to take an interest in this request...

General Discussion / Population Cap ?
« on: March 30, 2010, 12:28:07 PM »
I hve yet to find a way or another mod that will work to increase the population cap for eastern front. Can anyone help me with that ?

I played CoH/ToV Vanilla with practically unlimited pop cap before, was hopeful there was a way to do this in Eastern Front.


Bugs & Tech Support / RC_Realism Mod w/Eastern Front help request
« on: January 28, 2010, 08:07:52 AM »
Anyone who uses the RC_Realism Mod know if it can be integrated with Eastern Front ?
It makes the game much more fun for me to play w/that particular mod.
Unfortunatly I cannot find any contact info for the mod creator otherwise I would consult them.
So I was hopeful for some help from you fine folks.
Appreciate all constructive feedback

P.S. My Hats off to the creators of Eastern Front, has been working almost flawlessly. Heck of an addition to a great game and alot of hard work for a long time. Cheers lads.

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