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Announcements / Fourth reward command tree: Urban Combat Doctrine
« on: July 11, 2015, 07:40:54 PM »

Hello comrades,

This weekend we have to show another reward tree, but this time is for the Wehrmacht faction and replaces the Blitzkrieg Doctrine tree.

We've planned to show the second reward tree for Ostheer, however, we couldn't have it ready for today and instead we present you this one. Enjoy it!

LHS - Urban Operations

1CP - Forward Command
Forward Headquarters are cheaper to create from neutral buildings when this upgrade is unlocked from the tree. A Wehrmacht player will surely use this feature wisely.

4CP - Sturmgrenadier Battlegroup (800 MP)
Mobilize reinforcements for the combat, the commander will receive a squad of Sturmgrenadiers(close combat elite infantry) and a Panzer IV/70 "Alket" (aka Jagdpanzer IV L/70(A)). They will enter the battlefield riding in the self-propelled unit. This Jagdpanzer comes with four different random textures. Model courtesy of DMz and Beefy.

1CP - Fanaticism (75 MU)
This targeted ability will make the infantry squads more resilant to enemy damage. The infantry units in a radius of 20m will get a 50% reduction for received damage, received accuracy and received suppression.

LHS - Urban Tactics

1CP - Blinding Devices
Volksgrenadiers, Grenadiers, Knight Cross Holders and Sturmgrenadiers receive the ability to throw Blendkorper 2H smoke grenades. These grenades stun the enemy armour for a small amount of time and then lower its accuracy for a few seconds.

2CP - Additional Support Assets
Unlocks the Flare ability(50 MU), which let you peek at non-allied territory for a short period of time and Pioneers can lay incendiary traps in buildings. The flare ability will help to target areas unreachable due to fog of war and if you combine it with your artillery units, they'll have better precision due to the lack of fog.

5CP - Sturmtiger  (850 MP)
Request the support of the unique Sturmpanzer VI, which fires 380mm rockets and it is based on the Tiger tank chassis. This unit needs to be locked down to fire, and due to the massive type of ammunition it uses, the vehicles needs two minutes to cooldown and prepare the next rocket to be launched. Due to how rare these units and it's ammunition are, only one can be used in the field at a given time and it cannot fire in the fog of war, so the flare ability might come handy. Model courtesy of Halftrack and Tankdestroyer.

We are still testing the tree, so there is a chance of stuff being moved or replaced. For now is all we have to show, if you have any comment or tip please let us know by writting a comment here.

See you next week!
Archaic Entertainment Team

Hello comrades!

This weekend we will disclose the second reward command tree and it will be for the Soviets, and it is about some former units that now will come as support, I was considering to just name the announcement "The Return of the Forgotten", but Rommel came with a good name for the tree. Hope you like it!


1 CP: Mechanized Assault Tactics
Unlocks body armor for Ingenery squads and gives them the Advanced Repair ability. When one squad is upgraded, it gains more HP, armour, and four PPSH-41 submachine guns for close combat. They can no longer be ordered to build advanced structures but are still able to build defensive structures.

3 CP: Tank Riders (500 MP)
Deploys a BT-7 tank which comes with a squad of Sturmovies on it. The BT-7 will have the "Tank Rider" ability/perk just like the T-34 tanks or the SU-85/SU-100 self-propelled guns, but unlike them heavy concentrated machine gun fire on the rear of the BT-7 can damage this unit due to its armour. This tank can (tentatively) be upgraded by the player into a BT-7a. The squad provided will be the same than a Sturmovie-upgraded Ingenery squad.

This is just a placeholder picture

3 CP: KV-85 Command Tank (700 MP)
Equipped with the same gun as the T-34/85, this tank's role is to support other tanks and give them better stats when they are close (works similar to Command Squad vet Off/Def bonuses). Due to how rare these tanks were, it is limited to one at the same time. If possible, this unit would have a DShK upgrade for the cupola.


1 CP: Artillery flare (50 MU)
Debuffs enemy units in the area of effect. It is the one that used to be in Urban Combat Strategy command tree, but was replaced by the smoke barrage.

3 CP: SU-122 (600 MP)
The old SU-122 will return in this tree, but with the new model. So the commander will be able to be upgraded as well as cage armour (just like the SU-85 or the SU-100). However there’s only a limited amount that can be allocated to the battlefield at the same time.

3 CP: IL-2 Rocket Run (200 MU)
Allows the commander to request for an IL-2 Sturmovik to fire it's load at a given target. Unlike the US bombing run, the IL-2 will shoot 8 rockets in the target direction.

We haven't started to work with the BT-7 and the new KV-85 tanks, thus, their lack of screenshots. If you have any comment or tip please let us know.

See you next week!
Archaic Entertainment Team

Announcements / First Reward Command Tree: Romanian Support
« on: June 27, 2015, 07:10:33 PM »
Hello comrades!

This weekend we will disclose the first reward command tree for Ostheer, and it is about Romanian support. We talked about this for several days and it is ready to be presented as base to be added ingame.


2 CP: Sapper Battalion(400 MP)
Request Romanian reinforcements! The players receives a Panzer 38(t) with a sapper squad; these Romanian sapper squads are specialists who can building any type of structure as long as you have the resources; they can build the same structures than Sturmpioneers but their perk is decreasing the construction time of buildings, field defenses and combat structures they build. They can also repair neutral buildings.

2 CP: JU-88 Bombardement (100 MU)
This bomber(Romanian textured plane in case you are wondering) will drop three bombs in the targeted area. Cannot be used in the HQ Areas.

3 CP: Auxiliar Panzer Group (1000 MP)
Foreign Panzer units are sent to support the Ostheer commander. These reinforcements are: Romanian Panzer III ausf. N(stubby, similar to PE stubby), tank destroyer TACAM T-60 or a StuG, and Vanatori de munte squads.


2 CP: Romanian Oil Fields
Assist the German commander with a better flow of fuel. Each time one strategic point is captured (manpower ones, not munitions nor fuel) you receive an additional unit of fuel. If the sectors are cutoff or become neutral/enemy, you stop receiving the fuel bonus from them.

2 CP: Romanian Manpower (100 MU)
Allocate all the resources available to fight! This munition-based timed ability allows you to increase your manpower flow by 50% for a full 1-2 minute(s). The munitions/fuel flow rate is decreased by 25% as long as the ability is active.

Click to watch the video.

4 CP: 88mm Flak 36 (400 MP, 90 FU, 12 POP)
Allows you to construct a 88mm Flak 36 gun which has the same longe range and penetrative power than the German counterparts, but is also more expensive to construct(you can't decrew it that easy). It has a munition based ability which allows it to fire like a howitzer. Hard to deal with by enemy tanks but can be dealt with by artillery and infantry in general. (Can be built by Sturmpios or Romanian Sappers).

We have planned if possible to include the TACAM using the T-60 as base, but we can't promise we will finish it on time so, the StuG would be used instead. To make Romanian soldiers we will reuse some units with new textures, but so far we haven't started with this yet. If you have any comment or tip please let us know.

We don't have a name for this tree yet, so if you have a suggestion it is welcome.

See you next week!
Archaic Entertainment Team

Announcements / Eastern Front Mod status for the Steam version
« on: June 22, 2015, 08:10:44 PM »

Hello Comrades,

We have been a bit busy with the beta and real life commitments, and here is a small announcement aimed to give some insight information about what is happening with the Steam version of Eastern Front.

First of all, there are two things we need to accomplish before releasing Eastern Front on Steam:

1. Asset Replacement
The public version of Eastern Front uses some models which have high poly counts and cause some lag and crashes. We are aiming to replace such models before releasing on Steam and that has high priority for the Developers involved. Right now there are only three.

We know there are several units needed to be replaced, and these will be done in it's due time, but at the moment what has priority is than the mod can run at better FPS. We are also trying to save some resources from the vanilla SGA Art files, which have some vanilla models we don't use and they only make EF load slower (like the Sdkfz. 250 HT or the King Tiger or the Marder III).

2. Model Ownership
Some of the models we use have dubious ownership, so, in order to avoid conflicts once we release the mod in Steam, we are getting rid of those first and so far there is only one left.

What has been done?
Our 3D/2D artists(Beefy, Burro and DMz) have been working as well on different models, here are some screenshots of them:

SU-76: This is our new SU-76, and now the cannon has the right animation when firing a barrage.

T-34/76: Has the right parts for it's flamethrower upgrade and also can have cage armour like the SU-85 and SU-100. It also is featured with the mine roller upgrade(it comes  with the Breaktrhough Assault tree though) and just like the current one, it can be upgunned by paying a cost if the correct upgrade is researched.

T-34/85: The upgraded version of the T-34/76, and has all the same defensive upgrades posibilities than it's predecesor. And it gets also a Soviet commander in the cupola.

SU-85 / SU-122 /SU-100: We have replaced the SU-85 and the SU-100 with their proper models, they still can earn cage armour and the SU-100 gets also a Soviet commander on it's cupola.

PT Mine Roller: Here is the mine roller mentioned above. It was made to fit in the T-34 series chassis, so, it can be used in the SU-85 as well, if the player requires it.

BM-13 Katyusha: This is the new model that will replace our old one.

ZiS-44 Field Ambulance: Soviets will now have a proper ambulance, and it is completely animated.

Upgraded Infantry Gruppen Post: Uses less resources from the game and also has some states.

Sdkfz. 250/20: Nicknamed "Uhu" (Eagle Owl), so far this unit is an addition for the campaigns.

ZiS-5 and ZiS-6 Trucks: This is another model variant that will be used as campaign asset, it has some variants, like supply truck, with a quad M1932 Maxim mount(AAA gun), with searchlight for night operations and troop transport(canvas).

Maxim AAA: This is the Maxim AAA gun, and it will be used in emplacements in some missions.

75mm leIG 18: This is the render of the new model, it still needs animations.

Panzer III: This is the render of the new low-poly version of Panzer III. It will have variant textures of dunkelgrau/gelb and disruptive camo [WIP].

What about the campaigns?
Robotnik is working on the code of the campaigns, and Max and Rommel are working on their maps in their spare time, so we have some progress on that front. But that's for another announcement.

What about the Foreign stuff?
We have announced in the past the creation of one Foreign-themed Command Tree used as reward unit for one of the existant trees, however, after some discussions, we realized it was too many units to add for just one tree, so we are thinking of having three command trees focused on this instead of one:
  • The other one will feature Romanian support.
  • One will feature Hungarian support.
  • Tentatively, the last tree would be about Italian support.

We will talk more about these ideas in future announcements.

What about the reward doctrines?
Most of our players know than we were making a reward tree for Ostheer than would feature the Sturmtiger. After some discussions, we think this tree would fit better for the vanilla Wehrmacht rather than for Ostheer, so we are testing this tree using it as reward for Blitzkrieg Assault and it seems that works better this way. The players that play the beta can confirm this change.

We also decided to make one reward tree for the other vanilla factions as well. We haven't discussed about what they would be about, but if you have an interesting idea, please share it with us ;).

So, when this will be released on Steam?
We don't really know how much time will require to replace the four models we have left, but hopefully it won't take too much time. At the moment we are updating the beta version of the mod frequently, so if you are a beta tester and find a bug, please let us know in the right section. Also, if you found new bugs in the release version, please let us know as well so we can fix them!

That's all for the moment, but stay tunned for more news in the coming weeks!

Thanks for your support,

Archaic Entertainment Team

Announcements / Looking for balancing players!
« on: January 26, 2015, 02:12:22 AM »


We are looking for balancing players to help strength the Steam launch of EF. The amount of content we have coming is huge, and will most likely rival the amount of content seen in Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor combined.

Steam Keys are limited so, so if you would like to join us, you will have to go through an audition process. The audition process will be both a practical demonstration of your skills, and an interview with the members of the development team, you may also be subject to a small background check. After passing the audition process, you will also be asked to sign an NDA.

The NDA will be strictly be enforced, no exceptions. We have a positive working relationship with Relic, as well as an internal testing SVN, and we will not put these in jeopardy.

So, if you think you can help us out, and have the skill and time to do so. Post your steam account below, and a quick little blurb about why you would like to help us out.

~Archaic Entertainment Team.

Tech Support / MOVED: CRASH
« on: January 18, 2015, 08:22:37 PM »

Announcements / Christmas Contest Starts!
« on: December 20, 2014, 08:00:52 PM »
Hello comrades!

The time has come! Good luck!

  • Here will be posted the blurred pictures so anyone should take a look at this topic.
  • The theme of the pictures are units from Company of Heroes: Eastern Front.
  • Once a picture is posted, anyone can try to guess what it is and send a Private Message(PM) to me with the game you want to get and your guess.
  • If your guess is correct you get the game you asked. Only the first eight users who answer correctly will get their game.
  • If more than one user ask for the same game, it will be given to the first one who send the PM.
  • There will be ten rounds, so I expect everyone has enough chances to win.
  • After a picture is solved, between three to five minutes after getting the eight winners, the solution will be posted and a new blurred picture will be uploaded in the first post(OP) and as the latest post at that given time.
  • If someone doesn't specifiy what game he/she wants in case of answering correctly, it will be given lower preference to choose the games(so if someone sends a PM with the right answer and the desired game after one PM like the depicted in this rule, the former will be given the game first regardless if the latter wanted it because he didn't mention it before). Also, if after 30 minutes of the PM being sent without specifying a game, the user doesn't call back it will be forfeit and another user will be selected.

List of available games

Air Forte
Alien Breed Complete Pack
Atom Zombie Smasher
Beat Hazard Ultra
Broken Sword: Director's Cut
Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box
Cho Dengeki Stryker
Cities in Motion 2
Crayon Physics Deluxe
Crysis 2 Maximum Edition
Dead Space
Defense Grid Gold
Dungeon Defenders
Dungeon Defenders + All DLC
Dynamite Jack
Ether Vapor Remaster
Frozen Synapse
Garry's Mod
Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to Japan~
Magicka + 2 DLC
Mirror's Edge
Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae
Natural Selection 2
Omerta, City of Gangsters
One Way Heroics
Orcs Must Die! 2: Complete Pack
Orcs Must Die! GOTY
Organ Trail: Director's Cut
Overlord, Overlord: Raising Hell, Rise of the Argonauts, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Operation Flashpoint: Red River
PixelJunk Shooter
Red Faction: Armageddon Path to War DLC
Sakura Spirit
Sanctum: Collection
Serious Sam 3: BFE
Sir, You Are Being Hunted
Sir, You Are Being Hunted
Solar 2
Space Pirates and Zombies
Stealth Bastard Deluxe
Suguri Collection
Super Hexagon
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
Superfrog HD
Takedown: Red Sabre
Thirty Flights of Loving
Unholy Heights
Vanguard Princess
Waking Mars
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War
World End Economica 1
Worms Armageddon
Worms Blast
Worms Crazy Golf
Worms Pinball
Worms Revolution Gold
Worms Ultimate Mayhem
Ys Origin

Battlefield 3
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising
Dead Space
Medal of Honor
The Sims 3
The Sims 3 Date Night Key
The Sims 3 High End Loft Stuff Key
The Sims 3 Late Night Key

Dysfunctional Systems: Learning to Manage Chaos
Ether Vapor Remaster
Higurashi When They Cry
Suguri Collection
War of the Human Tanks

First Round

Second Round

Third Round

Fourth Round

Fifth Round

Sixth Round

Seventh Round

Eighth Round

Announcements / Christmas Contest!
« on: December 20, 2014, 06:06:38 AM »
Hello comrades!

Christmas is just a few days away, so we have planned to make a contest and give away some free games. We did a similar event last year, but this one is more ambitious, because we have a lot of games to give away!

Here comes the list:

Air Forte
Alien Breed Complete Pack
Atom Zombie Smasher
Beat Hazard Ultra
Broken Sword: Director's Cut
Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box
Cho Dengeki Stryker
Cities in Motion 2
Crayon Physics Deluxe
Crysis 2 Maximum Edition
Dead Space
Defense Grid Gold
Dungeon Defenders
Dungeon Defenders + All DLC
Dynamite Jack
Ether Vapor Remaster
Frozen Synapse
Garry's Mod
Magicka + 2 DLC
Mirror's Edge
Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae
Natural Selection 2
Omerta, City of Gangsters
One Way Heroics
Orcs Must Die! 2: Complete Pack
Orcs Must Die! GOTY
Organ Trail: Director's Cut
Overlord, Overlord: Raising Hell, Rise of the Argonauts, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Operation Flashpoint: Red River
PixelJunk Shooter
Red Faction: Armageddon Path to War DLC
Sakura Spirit
Sanctum: Collection
Serious Sam 3: BFE
Sir, You Are Being Hunted
Solar 2
Space Pirates and Zombies
Stealth Bastard Deluxe
Suguri Collection
Super Hexagon
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
Superfrog HD
Takedown: Red Sabre
Thirty Flights of Loving
Unholy Heights
Vanguard Princess
Waking Mars
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War
World End Economica 1
Worms Armageddon
Worms Blast
Worms Crazy Golf
Worms Pinball
Worms Revolution Gold
Worms Ultimate Mayhem
Ys Origin

Battlefield 3
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising
Dead Space
Medal of Honor
The Sims 3
The Sims 3 Date Night Key
The Sims 3 High End Loft Stuff Key
The Sims 3 Late Night Key

Dysfunctional Systems: Learning to Manage Chaos
Ether Vapor Remaster
Higurashi When They Cry
Suguri Collection
War of the Human Tanks

So, what do you need to do to earn one of these? The rules are simple, in the next 14 hours, we will begin posting pictures like this in the latest public announcement:

The first eight people than send a PM to the thread's creator with the identity of the thing depicted in the blurred picture will earn a key from one game on the list. The game to get it is up to the winner and the one who send first a PM with the right answer is who gets served first. This contest will have ten rounds and once the current picture got it's eight winners another one will be posted, so you need to stay tunned!

Once the picture is changed we will also post the normal version of it, so everyone knows really what it is.

Everyone can join in this event, just remember to have a registered account in our forums. So, good luck to all the contestants.

Meanwhile, if you haven't voted in the Mod of the Year 2014 event, feel free to do it. If you want to vote for this mod(or for other one) and you don't know how you can follow these steps (and if you want for other mod then replace EF with the mod of your preference). And remember to vote using your ModDB account.

Thanks for your support,

Archaic Entertainment Team

Announcements / Mod status and updates for future content
« on: December 09, 2014, 07:47:19 PM »

Hello comrades,

It has been almost four months of silence, so we decided to make an announcement, to tell you what's going on on the mod. But rest assured, as usual, we haven't stopped working on the mod regardless of our lack of announcements.

1) Models
We still have a lot of work on this front, but slowly things are getting done:

* T-60: As we have commented many times, now the T-90 is replaced by a T-60 light tank. It is a more solid unit for the Soviets than the previous one and there is more to it, but it will be a surprise until you play the new version. The texture is not final.

* T-34 variants: We are close to finish this new model, hopefully it will be ready by January thanks to the efforts of DMz and Beefy^. As you know, both will have access to cage armour (the requirements are still up to discussion), the flamethrower upgrade and will still be able to carry an infantry squad (unless you purchase the cage armour, then it can't carry anyone).

* SU-85 & SU-100: This model still needs a bit of work, but we expect it will be done before we launch the Steam version. It will feature the old cage armour upgrade (most likely it's requirements will match with T-34's upgrade) and it will be able to transport infantry just like the T-34 units (except when you get cage armour).

* 75 mm leichtes Infanteriegeschütz 18 (aka leIG 18): Burro has made a new model for this weapon, and it will be properly animated by Walki.

2) Balancing
Thanks to the feedback given, we have tweaked Ostheer and Soviets and the balance is better... it will be up to you guys to judge that when playing though. It really helps us when balance issues are discussed in the public section, so we are looking forward to more balance discussions in the near future.

Also, I would like to ask, if possible, for players to submit PvP replays of Ostheer vs Commonwealth. This is to improve the balance between those factions; Brits are known to be disliked by a lot of the CoH community, however, as they are part of CoH and Relic worked to balance them against their factions, it is our duty to make these scenarios more balanced.

3) Greenlight

We are not dead on that matter, if you probably think it has past a lot of time since we were greenlit and we haven't been added into the store. Perhaps you lost hope because The Great War 1918 was the first mod released even if Eastern Front was the first mod greenlit. But the problem is, mods don't run correctly in Steam at the moment and it is what Relic is working to get right. Thanks to their support we have hope that soon this problem will be fixed and we will release Eastern Front on Steam. We still stand on the decision to not release the mod on Steam until these problems are fixed because it will only cause troubles to every other mods around.

In other words, it means we are really close to get on Steam, so stay tunned!

4) New Patch ??

We are still working and discussing about when we could release the next patch and what additional content will have, and by additional content we mean the first reward tree for Ostheer. We are still working upon a few suggestions and discussions made about some problems we had for the current public version, so, if you want to know what we are discussing feel free to check our forums.

5) MOTY 2014

The time goes on, and we are again at the last month of the year, so, it is time to vote comrades! Last time we got the 4th. position, let's climb to the top!

If it is the first time you hear of the MOTY (Mod Of The Year) event, it is a yearly event where users vote for their favorites mods to contend for the title of MOTY, this contest is divided in two parts to make the more popular mods prevail:
  • Vote on the top 100 mods: In the first stage only these most popular mods will pass.
  • Vote for the top 10 mods: Once a mod pass the top 100 part, the next step is to win the top 10!

In order to vote for Eastern Front to achieve the top 100, click here and vote clickling the "VOTE FOR THIS MOD" button as it is displayed here:

6) New Event Manager
At last but not least, we are proudly to announce a new member of the crew, who will be working on orginizing events and posting articles for Eastern Front, his name is Floki.

If you are part of our Steam group of Eastern Front, you would have noticed events being announced since the last weekend, so expect we become a bit more active than before in our interactions with the community. If you are not, feel free to join us!

That's all for the moment, but stay tunned for more news in the coming weeks!

Thanks for your support,

Archaic Entertainment Team

Eastern Front / MOVED: problem !!!
« on: September 08, 2014, 11:43:02 PM »

Bugs & Tech Support / [2.300] Game crashes/freezes - Post here
« on: September 08, 2014, 06:19:41 PM »
We figured out the TEMP Folder Full Error.
See here for more details.

Please include the following files:

*Documents/My Games/Company of Heroes Relaunch/warnings.log
*Documents/My Games/Company of Heroes Relaunch/LogFiles/scarlog.[Date-and-Time].txt
*Documents/My Games/Company of Heroes Relaunch/LogFiles/ailog.[Date-and-Time].txt
*Temp/RandomLettersAndNumbers.dmp (see below)

How to get the DUMP file
  • Hold Windows Key and click R
  • Enter "%Temp%" (without " " and with % %)
  • Find the .dmp file that was created at the time of the crash

Additional Information
Please provide the following information as well.

*What map were you playing?
*Which factions were involved?
*What were you doing when the crash occurred? Try to be as accurate as possible!
*Do the crashes happen during every or almost every game?
*What game mode were you playing?

Doing this helps us figure out the cause of the crashes easier, and fix them. Posts without any relevant information will be deleted.

Since we only support the Steam version, I updated the paths where the logs should be found. We do not offer support for bugs found in versions which use a different directory for storing their logs. Also, we only support the latest Steam version of Company of Heroes.

If you are going to post the content of the log files instead of attach them in the topic, make sure you use the code tags!
Code: [Select]
Quote to see the code tags

That game-type was included due to popular demand, and since CoH Essence engine cannot support the stress of handling too many objects regardless if you use vanilla factions or not, specially if you are fighting against AI(regardless of faction) we can't do anything about it.

Announcements / Eastern Front ver.
« on: September 08, 2014, 04:04:00 AM »
Hello comrades,

It has been a long time since the last announcement we posted. After several months of silence, yet working non-stop in the shadows, we prepare the release of the new version. A lot of things have happened so let's begin with the bad news so we save all the good stuff for the end...

Steam Greenlight
At the moment we are still working on bringing Eastern Front on Steam. So far we have some build to test, but unfortunately Eastern Front cannot run as a Steam game at the moment. Thankfully Relic is helping us with this and they have supported us during all the Greenlight process. Let's hope they bring good news to us soon :).

New Models
We are still working on some of the missing models for Ostheer and Soviets, hopefully we will have them for the Steam version. Which new models we are talking about? The new T-70, T-60, T-34/76, T-34/85, SU-85, SU-100, SU-76, Katyusha. We have other models to fix but these ones have priority.

Now let's focus on the rest of the announcement on the good news!

Changes for this version
As we said in our previous announcement, the Soviet and Ostheer armies got several changes for balance's sake, in our internal test the gameplay was improved, so we hope you can agree with us. We decided to call this version internally the "Pre-Steam" version, because it will be the last version we release only in ModDB. As such, it is intended to be like a beta of what the Steam version will be, and you shold expect some stuff not properly finished so, please report anything odd you find so we can fix it for the Steam version. This version already works with the latest version on Steam.

The ZiS-3 field gun will be added in the Support Barracks replacing the ZiS-2, while the former will be unlocked when picking up the Propaganda Strategy Tactics Tree second upgrade in the right hand side.

The Commissar call-in was replaced by a "Commissar" upgrade. When you unlock it on your Propaganda Strategy tree, it will enable an ability that allows you to select and instantly upgrade a conscript squad into a Shtrafnie squad. This new squad gets three PPD-38 submachine guns, increasing their firepower in close combat. Regular Conscripts also got an improvement so early game combat against enemy units is better. The most easily things to spot in this new version are:

  • The Soviet army now has a SG-43 Goryunov as heavy machine gun and anti-blob asset. It can be recruited from the Support Barracks. Thanks to DMz for the new model!
  • The Mortar team also got a new mortar model, courtesy of The Soldier and DMz.
  • The new Mustering Tent, Armoury and Support Barracks models are completely done, thanks to Burro and Walki.
  • The T-34 series now have an additional upgrade: you can replace it's hull mounted machine gun with an ATO-42 flamethrower.

And for the Ostheer army, they also had several improvements, first of all some units were reallocated to another tier and some Command Tree abilities were modified. There is no medic halftrack for Ostheer (at least in this version) and the veterancy has been tweaked according to the feedback received and our internal tests as well. We have changed some infantry squad upgrades to other type of infantry units to create a better gameplay as well, in example: No more light MG 34 team, but Panzerfusiliers can now purchase these ones instead of the submachine upgrade and Landsers now use the MP40/II and at the moment they get the squad leader after they get the MP 40 upgrade(that will change for the Steam version to "when they get Seargant Promotion"); Jagers no longer get the MP 44(or StG 44 as it is known as well) or Gewehr rifles, but now they get a Mkb42(H) that is customized to do both weapon's job.

The Support Army Troops command tree received several changes: the first ability available at the left hand side is a medic kit airdrop. These will be airdropped just like paratrooper units are and you need to "capture" them before using them and they have a fixed time of use before they are depleted and "die"; they can be targeted by the enemy to avoid giving a break to some injured infantry troops or can be captured if the opponent manages to get to the landing zone first and then it will heal the enemy infantry until it is depleted or destroyed. Wespe now comes in it's own call-in at the end of the Support Army Tree, and the Luchs was removed from the Schutzen War Camp along with the Panzerjägers from the Infantry Gefechts Kommand and are now available as group call-in in the second upgrade in this very tree in the right hand side. The Ostheer Halftrack also got some visual improvements and we have a new Elefant model(which still needs to be scaled up btw), but you will see this by yourself soon. Now, we also present a small gallery of screenshots with some visible changes they got:

About the incoming models, we have some pictures of the new T-60:

Once we have more to show, I'll post them here.

Hopefully, they will be finished before we sort out everything on Steam.

Download here! | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Changelog

Enable Simplified Chinese Locale

Compatibility Patch for 2.602 (READ INSTRUCTIONS)

At the moment we only have a full installer version and it is waiting authorization in ModDB so, to some of you it will appear as unavailable for a little while. Since it is a full version, the launcher is not going to detect it. We will add the mirrors as soon as we can.

Thanks for downloading and continue to enjoy,

Archaic Entertainment Team

Changelog / Patch 2.30 'Pre-Steam'
« on: September 08, 2014, 03:49:55 AM »
Balance changes

Changes and new stuff
 - Added new techs to armoury: Rifle Reserves, gives all conscripts full rifles, individual rifle upgrade removed.
 - Replaced ZiS-2 with ZiS-3 in Soviet Support Barracks.
 - ZiS-2 now unlock in Propaganda War Strategy RHS at 3cp, replaces buildable ZiS-3 with ZiS-2, ZiS-3 in field can upgrade to ZiS-2 for ammo. Replaces the 76mm OBR emplacement.
 - Added Soviet ZiS crew training upgrade in the armoury (damage 115 -> 150, penetration +10%).
 - Removed heroic charge from Commissar, replaced with not a step back.
 - Replaced NKVD call-in with an ability that:
  1) Gives Conscripts three PPD-34.
  2) One Conscript soldier becomes a NKVD Commissar.
  3) The squad is treated like a Shtrafnie squad.
 - New unit: SG-43 HMG.

 - Stuka Dive Bomb is the regular ability in 2nd. place LHS at 3 CPs(Cost: 125 MU).
 - Added barrage ability for Elite Army Troops tree. Removed Sturmpanzer IV call-in from Elite Army Troops tree.
 - Changed Ostheer layout and pool system:
  1) Only two units will require pool swapping.
  2) Added Skirmish Officer in T2.
  3) Changed requirements to unlock tier buildings.
  4) Reallocated several units.
 - New Tripwire model (Bentonmine M43), costs: 10 seconds, 40 munitions.
 - New Ostheer AT Mine (Riegelmine 43) to replace the OH Tellermine.
 - Removed medic ht from HQ, added medic HT upgrade to halftrack, uniquely available to army fortress. lockdown adds passive healing to sector and infantry receives a -15% rec. damage modifier in it.
 - Added pak36 emplacement to LHS Fortress doctrine. costs 270mp/10f/3pop, 50m range, penetrates decently against light vehicles, but not efficient against medium tanks & heavies. Unless you use their Stielgranate ability.
 - New unit: Granatbüchse squad, replaces lmg team. Shoots rifle grenades every few seconds that can supress enemy squads that it hits.
 - Added medical supplies paradrop ability.
 - Enabled FHQ upgrade for Ostheer, regular buildings can now produce Bombardier teams, Panzerfusiliers, Landsers, Sturmpioneers and Heavy MG34 Teams.

* Added new main menu.
* Luftwaffe Officer ME262 ability swapped for a ME109 one.

Balance tweaks

* Wespe
 - Updated Wespe Popup cost.
 - Wespe now fires 6 shells per barrage.
 - Wespe hardcap changed to 2.
 - Increased wespe damage to 150, increased range to 225 (from 100/175).
 - Increased Wespe reinforcement recharge time to 120s (From 80).

* SturmPioneers
 - Sturmpios get 3 g41 with combat training now.
 - Modified Sturmpionier AT equipment. Passive mine detection + 2x panzerbuchse + Riegelmine 43 for 50 MU.
 - Removed rec. dmg modifier from Sturmpios with Flamers.
 - Lowered Sturmpio combat upgrade damage output.
 - Sturmpio get 1 Pzb39 instead of 2 with upgrade.
 - lowered sturmpios minesweeper to 35mun.
 - Lowered Sturmpio capping speed to 0.75 (from 1).

* Landser
 - Added logistic vet to Ostheer infantry.
 - Vet 1/2/3/4 reduces reinforce cost by 10/5/5/25%.
 - Vet1/2 reduces ability cost by 5 ammo and cooldown by 10%.
 - Tweaked Landser buildtime (-5 sec) + health bonus received on researching Feldwebel.
 - Landser grenade now has 45 dmg.
 - Increased Ostheer grenade range to 18m (from 15).
 - Applied 5% resistance to supression when getting FEldwebel upgrade for Landsers.
 - Increased Landser vet requirements to 7/16/38/54 (from 6/14/32/48).
 - They have access to pzb39 and 2x mp40 + 1x mp40/II upgrades now.
 - Increased upkeep & reinforce slightly.

* Panzerfusiliers
 - Increased hit points to 85 from 80.
 - Lowered cost to 290mp & 31mp reinforce.
 - Removed T2 requirement from Fusilier G41.
 - Applied a small suppression resistance buff.
 - Changed Panzerfusilier armour type to regular.
 - Increased vet 2/3/4 requirements slightly.
 - They have access to hhl, lmg34 and g41 upgrades.
 - Use tp_riflemen armour now, grants -10% rec. damage from all small arms.

* HMG-34
 - Lowered HMG-34 damage slightly.

* Brandenburgers
 - They are now visible on the minimap.
 - Lowered hitpoints to 75 (from 95).

* PanzerJagers
 - Removed requirement from focused firing.
 - Increased health to 70 (from 65).

* Marksman
 - Can toggle his sniper mode inside buildings.
 - Reveal camo ability repositioned.
 - Cannot capture points while cloaked anymore.
 - Added regular camo.
 - Burst mode should now work once vet 2 has been reached now.

* Jägers:
 - Receive 2 mkb for 75 ammo now
 - MKb42(H) tweaked to make it different from MKb42(W)(better moving acc, mroe long range acc).
 - Jägers come at 3cp now.
 - Applied a small suppression resistance buff.
 - Jägers can throw grenades now.
 - Increased vet 2/3/4 requirements slightly.
 - Reworked g33_40t rifle - has 75% moving accuracy now, increased damage to 16 (from 14), tweaked reload/cooldown modifiers
 - MKb42(H) has focus firing ability - squad stands still + 50% accuracy but no burst any more.
 - Increased XP from Jägers to 2.5 (from 2).
 - Lowered Jäger hp to 90 (from 100).
 - Lowered Jäger supression resistance.

* Officer
 - Command aura dependant on pool system now - assault pool grants zeal aura, support pool grants bonus sight range and boni to units in own territory.
 - Vet increases binocular range.

* Opel Maultier
 - Added 100mp cost to Opel extra resources.
 - Increased hitpoints to 240 (from 200).

* Tiger I
 - Increased tweaked range of the Ostheer Tiger tank.
 - Increased Tiger I basic penetration to 0.87/0.92/1 (from 0.8305/0.92/1).
 - Increased Tiger I line of sight to 45m (from 35).
 - Added mg gunner to Tiger I commander vet 1.
 - Lowered Tiger I penetration against IS 2 slightly.

* Kubelwagen
 - Lowered Kubelwagen HP to 180 (from 195).
 - Kubel mg upgrade time increased to 20s (from 10).
 - Fixed faulty modifiers on kübelwagen mg42 upgrade.

* LeIG 18
 - Removed deflection damage from LeIG 18.
 - It costs 325mp/10f, works like howitzer now
  1) 70s barrage cooldown, fires 6 shells in the targeted area.
  2) Range increased to 115m (from 90), increases by 10% with each level of vet (up to 156m).
  3) Lowered damage slightly.

* LeFH18
 - leFH can now reinforce.

* Mortar
 - Increased Ostheer 81mm Mortar buildtime to 52s.
 - Lowered 81mm mortar performance against tp_regular by 10%.

* Halftrack
 - Re-enabled flakdrilling for Ostheer Halftrack.
 - Added ability: HEIAP (high explosive incendiary/armour piercing) rounds

* Luchs
 - Lowered acceleration/deceleration slightly.
 - Increased main gun accuracy and damage to match puma.
 - Lowered accuracy against Conscripts slightly and against elite armour.
 - Lowered mg gun damage vs. soviet infantry.

* Panzerwerfer
 - Nerfs to fire damage/scatter.
 - It now requires modernization.
 - Increased barrage cooldown to 105s (from 90)
 - Lowered Area by 15%.

* Marder II
 - Lowered Marder II damage to 115.
 - Lowered Marder II damage against SU 76, both need 2 shots for each now.
 - Increased Marder II build time to 45s (from 35s).
 - Increased cost to 300 MP / 35 FU (from 260 MP / 35 FU).
 - Lowered health to 300 (from 350).
 - Added upgrade for Marder II : 50 ammo, increases armour penetration by 40%.
 - Added 15% damage bonus for Marder II against T34.
 - Increased Marder II turning speed.
 - Focus firing cost 30 ammo (from 40).
 - Increased penetration against SU 85.

* Stug III
 - Lowered StuG III damage bonus against T34, increased penetration modifier to 70% (from 50%).
 - Removed AP rounds damage bonus, now only increases penetration by 50%.

* Panzer III
 - Increased Panzer III mobility.
 - Modified Panzer III 50mm KwK 39 long barrel penetration and damage.
 - Removed 25% bonus damage from Panzer III against T-70/T-90.
 - Panzer III cost now 360MP/50FU.
 - Tweaked KwK39 long barrel upgrade.
 - Lowered pIII penetration against KV 1 and SU 85.
 - Removed pIII damage bonus against Sherman tank.
 - Added shortcut to Flammenwerfer upgrade for pIII.
 - Lowered Panzer III Flamer damage output.

* Panzer IV
 - Lowered PzIV long range penetration by 10%.

* Jadgpanze IV
 - Jagdpanzer now gets PE jagdpanzer armour.
 - Skirts now give -20% received penetration.

* Kugelblitz
 - Increased Kugelblitz accuracy to 0.4/0.6/0.65 (from 0.38/0.54/0.54), increased rate of fire to 7 (from 6).

* Elefant
 - Lowered speed.
 - Increased HP to 1200.
 - Applied Jagdpanther armour to Elefant.
 - Added -35% rec. penetration modifier to Elefant.
 - Elefant Turretbreaker matches with weapon range now and now scales with commander vet and lockdown (range increases from 45m(50m) -> 60(70m) with lockdown(+commander vet)).
 - Added higher cooldown to elefant lockdown ability, lowered Elefant splash damage to match Panther/88.
 - Increased Elefant reinforcement recharge time to 180s (from 120).
 - Added reload modifier and accuracy bonus to elefant lockdown.

* Beutepanzers
 - All different Beutepanzers all share the same selection group now.
 - Tweaked Beutepanzer stats (t34 516hp - pIII armourtype, Crommwell 636hp+ pIII armourtype, Sherman - 636hp + pIV armourtype).
 - Added +15% rec. damage modifier for Beutepanzers.

*Concrete Emplacement
 - Concrete emplacement automatically spawns with field hospital upgrade and costs 200mp/20f, when built in HQ sector it heals allied units.

* Foxholes
 - Changed foxhole cover type to garrison (from heavy).

* Panzernest
 - Reworked Panzernest: new range : 42/20/10, lowered damage.
 - Panzernest's MG-34 now uses 60° arc of fire.
 - Lowered Panzernest cost.
 - Panzernest can now be wired with explosives.

* S-mine
 - Lowered S-mine damage to 100-120 (from 150 <- M8 mine stats).
 - Tweaked S-mine splash ratio.

* Veterancy
 - Commander Bonus Ace tank zeal now grants modifiers to all Ostheer vehicles:
 - 50% weapon scatter, +20% sight range, +15% penetration.
 - Some changes to medic vet
  1) Each level of vet lowers the slow-motion effect (15/10/5/0).
  2) Healing lasts for 5s now.
 - Added new scout vet ace bonus: +50% line of sight, +6m camo detection.

* Tech/Buildings
 - Lowered pool teching cost to 60 ammo/35f, added initial research time of 15s
 - Increased Schutzen War Camp modernization cost by 5 fuel, increased teching time to 60s (from 45).
 - Increased Schutzen War Camp build time by 10 seconds.
 - Increased build cost for Schutzen War Camp to 300 MP / 60 FU (from 200 MP / 50 FU).
 - Increased Ostheer T4 build cost to 350mp (from 300).
 - Lowered t4 cost by 10 fuel
 - Support modernization grants support weapons a mp40 weapon
 - New teching system for Ostheer: Teching t3 modernization makes t4 modernization cheaper and the other way around
  1) t4 cost changed to 300mp/110f (from 350mp/120f), modernization cost to 300mp/90f (from 150mp/70f).
  2) teching t3 modernization reduced t4 mod. cost to 100mp/20f.
  3) teching t4 modernization reduces t3 mod. cost to 100mp/10f.
 - Added +5% weapon damage modifier for Sergeant promotion.
 - T1 modernization unlocks mp40+pzb now, grenade supply only grenades.

* Doctrines
 - Increased Luchs battlegroup cp cost to 4 (from 3), increased Luchs HP to 375 (from 350), increased long range accuracy to 0.5 (from 0.45), normalized reload.
 - Rework from army support:
  1) Medic paradrop (40 ammo - 1cp).
  2) Brandenburgers (2cp).
  3) Stuka dive bomb (2cp).
 - Incresed improved emplacement cp cost to 2 (from 1), lowered cover cloak to 1cp (from 2).
 - Lowered rec. damage modifier on pzkrieg to 0.95 from 0.9.
 - Fortress Counter Attack breaks supression when used.
 - Improved emplacements now grants passive KCH healing to sector if a medic station has been built in the sector (hq also gets this).
 - Stuka bomb deals dmg in larger AoE now, but lower overall damage.
 - Disabled passive hp regen for medic tent with fortress.
 - Added +15% rec. damage modifier for Counterassault in enemy territory (was missing).
 - Increased cooldown for Stuka Air bomb.

* Other
 - Reverted Ostheer healing to be passive again.
 - Increased Ostheer medikit cost to 40 ammo, increased recharge time to 30s, changed ability duration slightly.
 - Annektion uses hotkey 'V'.
 - Tweaked Wehr/OH Panzerfaust to penetrate IS 2 tanks from all angles.
 - Lowered LMG 34 accuracy slightly.
 - Reduced sniper reload time for OH/soviet.
 - Lowered Ostheer G41 accuracy on long range to 40% (from 45).
 - Tweaked panzerbusche 39 damage.
 - Added 45s cooldown to Stuka Air Strike.
 - Increased equipping time for MKB by 50%.
 - Increased medikit healing rate.
 - Lowered mp40II accuracy slightly.
 - Changed Ostheer Panzerfaust damage to 140 (from 120-175).
 - Lowered G41 damage to 16 (from 17).
 - Added commander tank command bonus to Elefant, Wespe, pIII, pIV, Panther, Tiger, StuG III and Marder II
 - Tweaked Ostheer tank turret gunners to work like mg34 (had mg42 stats).
 - Ostheer weapon crews use Kar98 now instead of mp41.
 - Increased Ostheer healing aura to 20m (from 15).
 - Increased rifle grenade projectile speed.


* Command Squad
 - CS light arty barrage hits the ground after 2.5s (from 5s).
 - Slightly lowered CS squad damage output.
 - New vet bonuses:
  1) Off vet less rec. supression + faster capping.
  2) Def vet less rec. acc/damage in cover.
 - Removed building menu on Soviet Major.
 - Merged Major and Bodyguards models.

* Ingenery
 - Ingenery squads will have their maximum range reduced to 20 when they purchase a flamethrower upgrade.
 - Lowered ingenery hitpoints to 35 (from 32.5).
 - Increased Ingenery capping speed to 1.25 (from 1).
 - Lowered ingenery cost to 140mp.

* Conscripts
 - Lowered Conscript/CS rifle damage against Fusiliers to 75% (from 85%).
 - Increased Conscript exp to 0.65 (from 0.5).
 - Now receive bonuses in light and heavy cover. (-10% received accuracy and -40% cooldown).
 - Can build tank traps, wire and sandbags.
 - Lowered vet requirements slightly, now vet 1 + vet 2 grant +4m range for krak and molotov grenades.
 - Added veterancy bonus to conscript: -15% rec. damage in light/heavy cover.
 - Lowered rifle damage against Kübelwagen to 0.5 (from 0.6).
 - Increased reinforcement time to 35s (from 29s).
 - Lowered cooldown bonus to 0.75 (from 0.6) from cover.
 - Increased rec. damage modifier in cover to 0.8 (from 0.85).
 - Can now recrew heavy weapons.

* Strekly
 - Tweaked PPSH, now deals overall more consistent damage.
 - Lowered cost to 320mp.
 - Increased hitpoints to 62 (from 60).
 - Tweaked Mosin accuracy slightly.
 - Can build tank traps, wire and sandbags.
 - PTRS upgrade now grants 2 weapons with one purchase.
 - Lowered reinforcement time.
 - Can now throw molotows (they replace with phosphorus grenades with urban combat).
 - Increased XP to 1.25.
 - Can use 1 dp28 and 1 ptrs upgrade at the same time.
 - Lowered nade fire damage vs. defensses by 75%.

 - Can build tank traps, wire and sandbags.
 - Added three PPD-34.

* Guards
 - Rebuffed to match their late game status again.
 - Increased hit points to 90 (from 82).
 - Lowered received Suppression by 40%
 - Tweaks to soviet phosphorus grenade, replaces Guard grenade now like intended.
 - Increased soviet basic nade throwing range for guards to 21m (from 15).

* Sniper
 - Added regular camo.
 - Applied unique veterancy.

* Spotter
 - Lowered upkeep to normal infantry levels (0.02 -> 0.002 - 0.02 is upkeep of a Tiger I).
 - Tweaked spotter accuracy.
 - Increased Spotter cost to 270mp and build time to 50s (from 40s and 260mp).
 - Flare costs 10 ammo now (from 35).
 - Spotter artillery hits a bit more concentrated now.
 - It deals more bonus damage against units in cover:
  1) Light: +50%/25% acc./damage (from -50%/0%).
  2) Heavy/garrison: +25%/25% acc./damage (from -50%/-50%).
 - Added first-strike accuracy bonus.
 - Lowered weapon cooldown (longer time between shots), lowered health to 67 (from 72), increased SVT damage to 17 (from 15).
 - Lowered bonus sight range to 60% (from 80%).
 - It uses tp_infantry_sniper_team now - +20% rec. acc from kübelwagen/schwimm/bike mg's, but 25% less from snipers. lowered hitpoints to 57 (from 60).

* Mortar
 - Lowered cost to 290mp.
 - It now receives -25% rec damage when in heavy cover.
 - Lowered reload time.
 - Increased heavy mortar damage to 47 (from 45).

* Ford GPA
 - Removed Maxim upgrade and abilities.

* Zis-5
 - ZiS 5 healing truck cost drop from 200mp/25f to 150 MP / 20 FU.
 - Replaced duration time of medic truck lockdown with recharge time after toggling on.

* ZiS-2
 - Lowered ZiS-2 damage to 115.

* SU-76
 - Lowered cost to 270mp.
 - Increased arty upgrade cost to 100 ammo.
 - Increased barrage area significantly.
 - Increased range to 60m, lowered hitpoints to 260, adjusted weapon to match ZiS-3 damage etc.
 - Lowered barrage shot cooldown slightly.
 - Lowered sight range.
 - Lowered frontal penetration against axis heavies (sometimes lucky shots penetrated the front armour of Panthers/Tigers).
 - It can't enter/leave barrage mode instantly anymore.
 - Applied last missing vet bonuses:
   1) vet 1: +15% acc. / -15% cooldown + reload / -5s barrage cooldown.
   2) vet 2: +40% penetration / +25% dmg / -5s barrage cooldown.
   3) vet 3: range + 15% / +25% accuracy / -5s barrage cooldown.

* SU-85 and SU-100
 - Tweaked SU-85 penetration against StuG III.
 - Lowered teching cost for t34-85 and SU 100
 - Lowered both vehicles cost to 340mp/60fu.
 - Both now reload slightly faster and have 440 hitpoints (from 400).
 - Lowered SU 85 penetration against Tiger I&II, JP and Elefant.
 - Lowered sight range for both units.
 - Lowered damage bonus of pfaust against Cage armour SU 85 from 25% to 0%.
 - Lowered SU 100 penetration against Tiger I slightly.
 - Lowered SU 100 penetration vs. King Tiger/Jagdpanther armour by 20%.

* T-90
 - Increased suppression when locked down.
 - Lowered damage (specially vs planes).
 - Reduced hitpoints.
 - Lowered accuracy against Ostheer and planes.
 - Reduced burst.
 - Increased suppression slightly.
 - Applied last missing vet bonuses:
   1) vet 1: +15% acc. / -15% cooldown + reload / +15% sight range.
   2) vet 2: +40% penetration / +25% dmg / +15% sight range.
   3) vet 3: range + 15% / +25% accuracy / +15% sight range.

* T-70
 - Increased T-70 hitpoints to 390 (from 350), increased fuel cost to 40.
 - Tweaked T-70 vs Kugelblitz.
 - Edited T-70 accuracy against infantry (+20%).
 - Applied last missing vet bonuses:
   1) vet 1: +15% acc. / -15% cooldown + reload / +15% sight range.
   2) vet 2: +40% penetration / +25% dmg / +15% sight range.
   3) vet 3: range + 15% / +25% accuracy / +15% sight range.
 - Removed Ram from T-70.

* T-34/76 and T-34/85
 - Added hull-flamer upgrade to T-34/76 and T-34/85.
 - Tweaked T-34/76 weapon vs. Panzer III.
 - Lowered teching cost for T-34/85.
 - Lowered both vehicles cost to 350mp/65f (from 350mp/70fu).
 - Applied last missing vet bonuses:
   1) vet 1: +15% acc. / -15% cooldown + reload.
   2) vet 2: +40% penetration / +25% dmg.
   3) vet 3: range + 15% / +25% accuracy.
 - Lowered T-34/76 penetration against Panther, Tiger I&II, JP and Elefant.
 - Lowered T-34/85 penetration against Tiger I&II, JP and Elefant.
 - All t34 share the same selection group now.
 - Increased T-34/85 base penetration.
 - Lowered T-34/85 upgun cost to 60mun (From 70).
 - Increaed T34-76/85 accuracy/damage values vs. infantry slightly(t34-76 had some bugged values and t34-85 actually did less damage than the 76).

* KV-2
 - Added +25% turret speed rotation to soviet KV 2/IS 2 with vet 1.
 - Increased KV 2 hitpoints to 864 (From 750).
 - Increased KV-2 barrage range to 250m (from 120).
 - Lowered KV 2 cost to 700mp.
 - Added 10% rec. penetration modifier to KV 2.

* IS-2
 - Increased splash by 20%.
 - Increased IS-2 turning speed.
 - Increased IS 2/ISU short acc to 1/0.9/0.7 (from 0.9/0.9/0.7).
 - Added +25% turret speed rotation to soviet KV 2/IS 2 with vet 1.
 - Increased IS 2 cost to 670mp/135fu.
 - Removed odd damage modifiers from IS 2 gun vs. StuG and pIV.
 - Increased IS 2 penetration against Tiger I.

* ISU-152
 - Lowered ISU mobility (slightly slower max speed, slightly worse turning speed, worse acceleration/deceleration)
 - Lowered ISU 152 hitpoints to 964 (from 1064)
 - Increased IS 2/ISU short acc to 1/0.9/0.7 (from 0.9/0.9/0.7)
 - Tweaked ISU 152 projectile
 - Lowered projectile speed
 - Changed projectile type from homing to artillery
 - Increased AoE to 5 (from 3)
 - Removed supression/pin effect from ISU 152
 - Increased ISU vet 2/3 requirements by ~15% (28->32 and 38->44)

* Katyusha
 - Increased katyusha reinforcement cooldown to 70sec (from 40).
 - Katyusha call in now spawns 2 Katyushas, cost increased to 650mp (from 330mp).
 - Katysha is now limited to four units at the same time.
 - Tweaked Katyusha, Fires 12 rockets now.
 - Increased reload to 105s (from 90s).
 - Incerased Katyusha damage to 30-35 (from 25-35).

* Sniper Ace
 - Removed sniper ace vet and abilities (op and broken).
 - Applied sniper armour to sniper ace (from heroic).
 - Lowered Sniper ace hitpoints to 90 (from 140).

* Mechanics
 - Mechanics no longer ride tanks.

* Naval Infantry
 - Navals now can get 2 DP-28 or 4 PTRD-41 or 2 PTRD-41/1 DP-28.
 - Re-added long range molotov to navals.
 - Lowered Naval SVT acc to 0.4/0.65/0.85 (from 0.45/x/x).

* Partisans
 - Added PPD-38.
 - Lowered cost to 240mp.

* MG nest
 - Lowered soviet mg nest hitpoints
 - Lowered maxim arc of fire

* Tech/Buildings
 - Rearranged soviet armoury techs.
 - Increased heavy tankovy cost to 105fu.
 - Lowered Man Against Tanks research time to 25s (from 45).
 - Removed Sturmovie upgrade from armoury.
 - Increased soviet t1/t2/t3 hitpoints by 50% each.
 - Tweaks to men against tanks:
  1) Enables strelky & conscripts to build tanktraps.
  2) enables strelky to upgrade a 2nd pair of ptrs & to lay TM 35 AT mines.
 - Lowered full rifle upgrade time to 35s (from 60s).
 - Soviet NKVD upgrade now grants pps-43 after full rifles have been researched.
 - RBS cost increased to 250mp/60f, grants all strelky +10% max HP/0.85 rec. accuracy modifiers.
 - RBS grants 15% resistance to supression.
 - Increased cost for SU 100/T34-85 teching slightly (200mp/90f & 300mp/70fu).
 - Added new tech for soviets, breakthrough tankovy:
  1) Requires light & heavy tankovy.
  2) Unlocks IS 2 and Guards.
 - Slightly alterated Soviet teching system for t3:
  1) Breakthrough tankovy tech independant from other tankovies, but becomes cheaper by teching each one.
  2) If you tech breakthrough first, the other tankovies will become cheaper.
  3) Total cost for IS 2 + tankovies stays the same.
 - Lowered Shock guard cost to 30f (from 40).
 - Added additional member for ZiS-2 when their armoury upgrade is purchased.

* Doctrines
 - For the Motherland now comes at 3cp.
 - Lowered For the Motherland cost to 60 ammo (from 75)
 - For the Motherland now grants additional burst duration and exhaust effect duration is reduced.
 - Tweaked God of War and removed overwatch action.
 - Lowered God of War cost to 200
 - Red tide now only affects conscripts, strelky, guards, NKVD and Partisans
 - Slightly increased IL 2 strike damage
 - Breakthrough inspiring speech now grants supression resistance while the ability is active, moved to 2cps
 - Lowered KV 1 cp cost to 2
 - Increased KV 2 cp cost by 1
 - Removed armour and critical swap on "Not one step back" in propaganda command tree.

* Others
 - Moved Full rifles upgrade for Conscripts into armoury
 - Lowered full rifles upgrade cost to 150 MP / 25 FU.
 - Increased PPSH-42 upgrade cost to 75 MU.
 - Tweaked stats of DP-28 LMG
 - Increased soviet AT grenade damage to 120.
 - Increased PPSH-42 accuracy to 0.1/0.35/0.78 (from 0.08/0.27/0.75).
 - Reduced sniper reload time for OH/soviet.
 - Removed either-or teching from SU-100 and T-34/85
 - Updated PTRS/PTRD accuracy/penetration against Pak40.
 - Increased m1 garand damage modifiers vs. Panzerfusiliers to 1.0 (0.85), increased accuracy against Landsers by 2% (from 1.02 to 1.04)
 - Lowered roks 3 flamer burst duration to 3-4s (from 4-6)
 - Lowered PTRS deflection damage to 20% (from 30%)
 - Tweaked molotovs.
 - Tweaked molotov DoT duration
 - Tweaked PTRD accuracy
 - Lowered PTRS 41 long range acc to .2 (from .25).

* All Panzerschrecks now has 25% less accuracy vs. moving T-34, T-70 and T-90.
* Removed odd values from regular armour.
* Added negative zeal to snipers (+50% rec. acc if more than one is in the targeted area). Affects all snipers, including sniper ace
* Lowered Wehr mp40 damage against soviets by 10%.
* Removed apcr modifier of Panther vs. IS 2 (relict from past).
* Lowered Tiger Ace Ace shot range to 50m (from 70).
* Lowered mg42 supression/damage against strelky slightly.
* Lowered StuG IV penetration against IS 2 frontal armour.
* Tweaked US 105mm Sherman.
* Iincreased cost to 420mp/110f (from 380/95).
* Increased AoE range slightly, lowered AoE damage slightly, increased accuracy, increased reload from 8 to 9, increased projectile speed.
* Increased Hellcat and M4 Sherman, M10 damage against Panzer III (now will need 1 shot less).
* Increased most damage modifiers from US weapons against Ostheer infantry.
* Fixed dmg modifiers of Quad HT & US top mg gunner vs. Landsers.
* Lowered Puma mg gun damage vs. soviet infantry.

AI changes
* Fixed ostheer AI
* Basic changes to the soviet AI
* Prevent ostheer AI from wasting fuel on stupid things too early
* Adjusted the AI values of some weapons. Makes AI choose units more carefully for the situation
* Panzer elite AI should rely less on scout cars during the start of a game
* Some more advanced stuff. On Expert difficulty, AI will circle strafe AT guns and 88's, and other heavy weapon teams with appropriate vehicles
* Certain AI units should avoid certain things that they should avoid (panther trying to engage AT guns, etc)
* Lowered the manpower and munitions bonus hard and expert AI receive
* Re-enabled reward vehicles for AI.
* Tuned the way AI handles some units
* Made ostheer AI use doctrinal tanks more often.
* Updated Strelky squad AI, now behaves more organized.
* Removed m1 garant acc bonus vs. Landsers.

Art and model changes
* Added 107mm mortar model
* Added new mustering tent model
* Reburnt elite guard RGO to avoid the invisible men bug.
* Added new SG-43 HMG (thanks to DMz!) and gunners.
* Added new building model for Soviet Support Barracks.
* Added new building model for Soviet Armoury.
* Added nagant mine detector.

* Skirmish commander has the new pistol model.
* Updated landser model.
* Fixed PZB-39 projectile.
* Fixed texture selection for Landser squad.
* Added new Elefant model and deleted old
* Updated mkb icon and requirements
* Updated markers inside Schutzen War Camp. Spawned units will appear on the correct side.
* Decreased size of the Schutzen War Camp.
* Added the correct explosion FX to Wespe and the Stuka bomber.
* Added Balkenkreuz to Panzerkrieg ability.
* Updated Walther P38 pistol textures.
* Panzer III changes:
 - Added wrecked track mesh.
 - Added Flamethrower damaged gun.
 - All damaged guns should now move with the healthy turret.
 - Fixed some meshes that weren't meant to appear at a certain state.
 - Fixed offset of damaged meshes.
 - Added additional LODs.
* Fixed minor issues with the Tier 3:
 - Decreased size of Tier 3 building.
 - Fixed spawn rotation.
 - Fixed some texture issues.
- Added new trimmed Stug III.

* Updated heavy_machineguns.rgo and heavy_machineguns_sync.rgo with the new SG-43 rules.
* Removed unneeded building models.
* Added some new icons.

Sound changes
* Reload sounds for PPS-43 and PPSH-41 are now played when reloading.
* Panzerbuchse 39 fire sound now matches PTRD/PTRS.
* Gave T-90 some tracers and a new sound.
* Added new sound for the panzer III main gun.
* Added new sound for the pak40.
* Reduced Mosin noise level.

Bug Fixes
* Fixed soviet Naval SVT rifle
* Fixed bug of the Panzernest.
* Added Cope's fix for FactionFix.dll (Thanks Cope!).
* Added fix for breakthrough ability in case of being used while upgrading the t-34/76 into t-34/85(so it doesn't get the wrong weapon).
* Added fix to stop T-34s and Cromwells when they are thread broke/engine damaged/engine destroyed while using their speed enhancing abilities.
* Added correct icon for Commissar unlock in Propaganda War Strategy tree.
* Fixed wrong icon on Wespe call-in ability.
* Added correct icon for Blitzkrieg's StuH call-in ability
* Added correct icon for Blitzkrieg's Tiger call-in ability.
* Updated several outdated descriptions.
* Fixed issue with Soviet and Ostheer flags sometimes not being displayed correctly on every point structure (mostly for Soviets).
* Fixed Sturmpios starting with the wrong repair ability.
* Fixed Marder II upgrade extra text entry.
* Fixed blue/red flag being shown when decapping a Soviet or an Ostheer sector.
* Fixed Ford GPA upgrade description.
* Fixed FX and SFX of Guards mosin nagant rifles.
* Fixed the Beutepanzer Cromwell team color tint once and for all.
* Added correct requirement description for Famo's recover ability.
* Fixed issue with Ostheer losing if the HQ is gone.
* Fixed tracers on PE PGrens kar98 rifle.
* Fixed PE Scout Car tracers.
* Tweaked Luchs weapon values.
* Fixed IS2 and SU85 rounds being not coming from their main guns.
* Fixed Ostheer mechanic vet not applying better repair abilities
* Fixed animations on Beutepanzer Cromwell.
* Fixed invisible minesweeper on Sturmpios.
* Removed double addition of gunner in tanks with three vet-system.

Other changes
* Removed unneeded files.
* Renamed some files to make them easier to identify.
* Updated all locales.

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