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Announcements / Changes for the next version!
« on: March 18, 2014, 12:53:20 AM »
Hello comrades,

It is time to talk about some of the upcoming changes for the Soviet and Ostheer factions in Eastern Front. Since we couldn't release our previous patch due to the issues with Company of Heroes updates, we continued working and improving the build, so we have now what we think it is more balanced and enjoyable to play rather than in previous versions. We will start talking about Soviets.

One of the big changes of the Soviet army, is the removal of the upgrades in the Support Barracks used to unlock the units, now they require additional buildings to be unlocked. We also replaced the ZiS-2 anti tank gun with the ZiS-3, because the latter was more common and the ZiS-2 is a much stronger AT gun and having the most powerful AT gun (zis-2) available so early in the game just looks/feels strange... so the ZiS-3 was a better choice. However, would that mean the end of the appereance of the ZiS-2 in Eastern Front mod? We don't think so.

ZiS-3 will be the regular anti tank gun that you can recruit from the Support Barracks. ZiS-2 now is a special unit for the Propaganda War Strategy Command Tree. You can get it unlocking the second right-hand side upgrade on that tree, and it will replace the ZiS-3. If you have several ZiS-3 units on the field, they will remain as it, but you can pay some resources to convert them into ZiS-2. If you recrew a lost ZiS-3 as Soviet player, you can upgrade it as well.

The Tank Hall also got some tweaks, being the most important ones: getting a third upgrade in order to unlock the mighty IS-2 and you can now use T-34/85 and SU-100 in the same match. We are still working to get the new models onboard, we hope to get the T-60 and the T-70 to replace the old models when this new patch rolls out.

Conscripts also got a boost, they now can recrew heavy weapons, although you surely know how delicate they are, so it is up to you how to use it in your favor. The Commissar call-in was also removed, in it's place you now get an ability that let you select a Conscript squad and convert it into the Shtrafnie squad(whose squad leader is equipped with a PPD-34 submachine gun).

And now, the last change to report about the Soviet Army... is that they now can use Heavy Machine guns. Yes, you are not dreaming nor drunk.

We tried several workarounds for blob suppression weapons based off vehicles, but all of them are gimmicky and do not work right.
  • First try was the Ford GPA, which doesnt work because it's destroyed by frontal assault with SMGs, fausts, schreck hits and Hafthohlladung as it's immobile while in suppression mode.
  • Second was T90 with lockdown, also doesnt work properly because it's also suffering the same problems as above.
  • Third is suppression with Red banner Strelky with DP28. Also doesn't work because it limits strategy. Always Red Banners + DP28 or you'll loose to lategame Axis blobs - without suppression they can just run through your army, much like the old USA rangerspam when they had no exhaust effect after "Fire Up", just that Axis do not even need it because Soviets can't suppress.
This is something that soviets already suffer from since a very long time. Only chance to fix this seems to be by adding a hmg type weapon to them... and so we did.

However, this weapon, the SG-43 Goryunov, it is just a temporal replacement as a heavy machine gun team. Our real goal is to finish this one:

Meanwhile, we will remain using the placeholder(Credits to DMz). There are more subtle changes for Soviets, but that will be for another time. For now let's talk about Ostheer...

The Sturmpioniers now get Gewehrs 41 when purchasing their combat upgrade.

Landser squads can now get three MP40 instead of a MKB42(W)

Or two Panzerbüchse 39 anti tank rifles.

Ostheer can now produce mortar teams when selecting the Support pool.

Panzerfusiliers no longer get MP40/IIs, they can get now MG-34s.

Jägers no longer have Gewehr 43 as upgrade; they don't have MP44s,
 but they use something similar...

The Support Army Troops tree no longer gives you either Wespe or Panzer 38t,
you now get a Panzerjager squad with a Luchs light tank for support.
(Wespe is it's own call-in at the end of the tree
and Panzerjagers are no longer available as regular unit)

First new unit: the Skirmish Commander, only one available at the field,
 just like the Soviet Command Squad... however both use different abilities.

Second new unit: Bombardier Team, composed of one soldier equipped
 with a Granatbüchse 39 and two more using MP40s. Replaces the LMG Team.

Thanks for your support,

Archaic Entertainment Team

Announcements / Eastern Front Patch
« on: March 12, 2014, 08:46:57 PM »

Hello comrades,

It has a while since the last announcement happened, and we have been literally offline since last year Christmas week... but now we have returned! Thanks to Cope who had fixed our FactionFix.dll, he really did an outstanding job; thanks to Relic and Smoking Gun Interactive as well because they have been supporting us since that patch released around Christmas!

If someone wonders what was the problem and what was needed to do every time Cope updates our DLL, you can read it here:

As requested, here are some details on what is actually causing crashes. This may be somewhat technical.

As you may be aware, in the past EF had problems with recrewing weapons. This is because CoH is hardcoded to only read capture squads for the 4 basic factions from team weapon entities. If you try to capture a team weapon with a Soviet squad, the game will crash because it cannot find the appropriate entry in the RGD (and subsequently runs into invalid memory sooner or later).

What I did back then was writing a custom DLL FactionFix.dll which for all purposes acts like the original game DLL (WW2Mod.dll; in fact it just forwards any calls to that DLL) but does some in memory patching, i.e. it changes some parts of the code in the original DLL. The code that is changed is the code that controls which squads are spawned when a team weapon is picked up. Whenever a non-standard faction tries to pick up such a weapon, my code jumps in and calls a certain ScaR function that returns the RGD-path of the appropriate squad. (To get the actual Lua-state of the ScaR-instance, I make use of Corsix' LuaExtCore.dll.).

Everytime a patch containing more than just balance changes is released, there is a chance that the address of the code that is to be patched has been changed. If parts of the DLL have been recompiled, it is even possible that parts of the fix have to be rewritten: Because we only have the binary files (i.e. the compiled code), my code needs to seamlessly interface with x86 assembler (which I very much like). Unfortunately that means, that if the compiler thinks it is better to put some value that was in some register EAX last time around into EBX this time, I have to rewrite parts of the code and spend sometime reverse engineering the data flow. These are all things that can be done rather quickly (even if some engineer at Relic decides that what has been an __stdcall up to v2.601 should be a __thiscall in 2.700).

The ugly part is if things do not work out immediately: This stuff is impossible to debug; without proper debug symbols even the stack traces of DMP-files are bogus and most applications totally don't like being debugged. Furthermore, debugging without any source code is tedious and not fruitful (especially when you are working with a system where you do not even have the faintest idea what most of the functions actually do!).

So what I currently have is the following:
I have updated the DLL accordingly and I have noted that besides some changes in the offsets, WW2Mod.dll has not been changed in the parts relevant to this patch. Still, the patch is not working as intended: Sometimes it works, sometimes it crashes, and sometimes it does not even allow a weapon to be recrewed (the cursor does not change into the right symbol and no action is possible). This (in a way) is the worst case scenario: My code seems fine (it is the same as for the last version and it worked for that one), but the behavior is somewhat non-deterministic. Sometimes you can capture a weapon, yet other times it won't work (using the same squad type and weapon type). If the game was crashing consistently, I could just look at where it is crashing and backtrace from there. But it does not.

I am not sure what causes this behavior. I have already witnessed similar behavior when I only patched an irrelevant part of the code (swapping two independent opcodes). This could indicate that some kind of memory protection mechanism is employed, yet I am not willing to believe this (why would it show that specific behavior? Why wouldn't it just crash all the time?). Non-determinism in behavior may also be indicative of multiple threads using the same code with non-thread-local data, but I highly doubt that because my testing setup was fairly isolated and it seems unreasonable to distribute the game logic to different threads, at least for this specific case. Another possibility is that I am missing a new piece of code that was inserted, but I was unable to find anything.

As you can clearly see, this problem is specific to mods that have additional factions.

To clarify another thing: I am not getting paid for this. Nobody here is getting paid for anything. And even if you did, you would not be entitled to anything because quite obviously, you did not pay for anything ;).

We released a small patch containing the new compiled DLL that will fix the crashes when playing with the New Steam version of Company of Heroes. Also, due to popular demand, we will release a patch that will make the mod compatible with 2.602 (Old Steam version or Retail). But remember, while this is a small assistance for those who don't want to play it in the new version, we don't offer support for it so, play it under your own risk.

We intended to release more content and balance changes, but we still need to finish the new models and to test more the balance changes, so we expect to release a new patch in the next two weeks, three at most, featuring all the content we have shown in pictures in the past weeks. But we certainly have changes that no one expects for Ostheer and Soviets.

So, the plan right now is:

1) To release the new DLL so everyone can enjoy Eastern Front. Changelog here.

2) To finish the pending models and balance changes and release the big patch.

3) Start working on the reward Command trees for Soviets and Ostheer.

Problems with the download? Look here.

Want the compatibility fix for 2.602? Look here. Mirrors: SpeedyShare MediaFire.

This Weekend we will talk about what you will see in the next patch so, stay tunned because we are back in business!

Thanks for downloading and continue to enjoy,

Archaic Entertainment Team

General Discussion / New weapons for Soviets!
« on: February 24, 2014, 11:47:31 PM »
Hello guys,

DMz has finished the following models that were planned to be added for Soviets some time ago:

Screenshots courtesy of Darc and DMz. Model by The Soldier and DMz and textures by DMz.

We will bring you more news soon :).

General Discussion / Final SU-85, SU-100 and SU-122 models
« on: February 21, 2014, 08:27:19 PM »
Hello guys,

DMz and Beefy^ are working hard to finish these models, and guess what, they just finished (model-wise) today! I'm adding some screenshots courtesy of DMz:

We will bring you more news soon :). The model is almost done texture-wise, they just needs to uvmap the new bits.

Announcements / Eastern Front not working on Steam (update)
« on: January 06, 2014, 08:59:40 PM »
Hello comrades,

We have talked with Relic, and they said they were unaware of the changes made and they are going to look at it.

I know you are waiting for the new release to check the latest announced stuff, but it is better to wait for the right people to fix this issue.

So, I hope you can bear with us the situation. And don't worry, we will be back soon!

Thanks for your support,
Archaic Entertainment Team

Announcements / Eastern Front not working on Steam (right now)
« on: December 27, 2013, 12:38:20 AM »
Hello guys,

Sorry for the silence occurred last week about the mod. Since the last couple of weeks Relic released a patch that broke the use of custom DLLs and custom factions, so Eastern Front no longer works with the Steam version.

We have planned to make a new version compatible with 2.602, but we have been waiting for Relic's answer about our current issues, because, as everyone know, we have been greenlit and this would mean we cannot release it on Steam at all. Since Relic no longer makes the patches for Company of Heroes, but a company named Smoking Gun Interactive, we think there was some sort of miscomunication. So, we will take a decision after we have Relic's answer.

Anyway, when we have Relic's answer, we will update this announcement. But Eastern Front is not going to be stopped, at worse case scenario, we would just release it for the last retail version (or the "regular" Steam version).

Thanks for your support,

Archaic Entertainment Team

Announcements / Future contents for the mod!
« on: December 17, 2013, 04:32:20 AM »
Hello Eastern Front fans!

In this third update you will take a look at our latest additions in the mod. Feel free to ask about the details of each model.

1 - New building models and assets!
Walki and Burro were busy these last weeks making the new buildings for the Soviet faction. Good bye to the old ones and thanks for serving us well during all this time, let's welcome the new ones!

This is the new Soviet Support Barracks building:

This is the new armoury. Every time you purchase an upgrade, something is added to the building.

This is the new Mustering Tent, it still needs to be animated though.

The Tank Hall hasn't being started, so that will be covered in further updates.

Walki also made a different anti-tank mine, due to players being deceived by the strength of the former Teller Mine. Players were surprised that Ostheer Teller Mine was weaker than Panzer Elite's one, but the difference is that PE one is doctrinal, so it better is strong or no one would use it and adding something as strong as that as non-doctrinal is too much. So, the best way to make players aware of the difference of the strength was making a new AT mine, and this is how the Riegelmine 43 was born in EF.

We also intended to give the Brandenburger squad a special mine since the alpha version of the Ostheer, and now they have it, this is the Bentonmine M43, also known as Stock Mine M43:

It is an anti-personnel stake mine, made of concrete and definitely suits the theme of the unit.

2 - New team members!
Not only we have new models, but we also have new team members! Let's give a warm welcome to our new modeler, our three new balancers and our new Russian translators:
* The Soldier(The Soldier) - Modeler
* chaosval3 (Warhammerchaosgod) - Balancer
* Tom (Zenith) - Balancer
* Yappir (Yappir) - Balancer
* ComradeRazor - Translator
* vadklop - Translator

3 - About our future content
Since we are working on full Steam to get a better balanced "base" version to commit into Steam, anything else planned for Eastern Front, such like Campaigns, Reward Doctrines, etc. will have to wait more time. This means we will spend the time improving models, gameplay and we cannot add experimental "changes" into the equation, otherwise the end product will appear like an alpha version.

4 - Mod of the Year 2013 (aka MOTY 2013)
Remember we are still on competition, every vote counts! Help us to reach the first place this year! Remember you can vote for any number of mods you like and you are not limited to one; you can vote for us here.

Thanks for your support,

Archaic Entertainment Team

Announcements / About Greenlight and the Team name
« on: December 14, 2013, 12:14:53 AM »
Hello Eastern Front fans,

In this update we will talk about some milestones made by the Team. We decided to make a small update to explain why we have signed our last update as Archaic Entertainment, and to talk about the Greenlight process where we just passed some days ago.

1 - We have been greenlit on Steam!

In fact, we have been greenlit last week, probably everybody is curious about what will happen, so feel free to ask :).

What does that mean?
It means we will start to use Steam to update the mod, which means a more secure source for updates.

Does that mean you will only use Steam from now on?
No, we will continue to upload each version into ModDB and Modsaholic(along other mirrors). This is in case an offline player wants to use it.

When is it going to happen?
While we were greenlit, we still have a lot of paperwork to do for the Greenlight Team and as we weren't used on such things, we will need some time to get all done.

Thanks to Relic and Sega for the assistance, without their help we wouldn't be greenlit. Also, thanks to all the Eastern Front fans that voted for us and supported us all the time until we were chosen. We are one step closer guys :).

We have also prepared a new layout for the main menu for the next version. You can say thanks to Walki for it :).

2 - Assembling a Company!
One of the things we needed to publish on Steam was to be part of a real company, and so we did! We are now Archaic Entertainment, we didn't choose "Eastern Front Team" because we might do different projects and the name might not fit very well into them. But our buddies can still call us EF Team, no problem with that ;).

So far, it is just a name change at the moment, there is not going to happen something special or different in the site. Regardless of this, just as the current version of Eastern Front is free to download, the Steam version will be free as well.

3 - Mod of the Year 2013 (aka MOTY 2013)
Remember we are still on competition, every vote counts! Help us to reach the first place this year! Remember you can vote for any number of mods you like and you are not limited to one; you can vote for us here.

4 - Russian translator needed

We still need a Russian translator for Eastern Front, if someone wants to help, please send us a message or write a comment here.

Thanks for your support,

Archaic Entertainment Team

Announcements / ModDB MOTY 2013 - Top 100
« on: December 12, 2013, 12:29:20 AM »
Hello Eastern Front fans!

It has been a while since the last update and many things happened during that time. First of all, we apologize for the lack of updates in the last few months but we have been busy with our duties/studies/work so we paused the work on Eastern Front for a while, or at least the core developers. Nonetheless, the balance team continued working on the balance of the Ostheer and Soviet factions, so big changes have occurred in the Eastern Front factions. However we'll talk about it in a bit because we have a lot of important stuff to cover.

1 - Mod of the Year 2013 (aka MOTY 2013)
It is this time of the year once again! The Mod of the Year 2013 is here! We are at the Top 100 competition right now thanks to your votes in the nomination round, so keep voting and we'll win this!

In order to vote for Eastern Front you need to go here and vote for CoH: Eastern Front. The process is very easy and straightforward, as you can see in the pictures below.

You just need to hit the "VOTE" button/word.

Once you have voted, it will change into this.

You can only vote once per mod, but you can vote for more than one, so feel free to vote for the ones you like the most. :)

2 - Next update is close!
We have planned to release the next patch around December 18th, we are working hard to ensure this date is final and we will keep you informed about it, expect more announcements soon. In the following paragraphs we have some information about the changes.

3 -Because feedback matters!
In these last few months, the balancers have been tweaking the stats and the design for some of the elements in the Ostheer faction, including the pool system. But you might be wondering why we did this if we were so convinced that it was 100% right. Well to clarify, we did think the idea was spot on, although we had our doubts for it's implementation. So we reorganized the upgrade system for the Ostheer, because most of the players found it too complicated: get one of the two pools, get modernization upgrades, get support upgrades from buildings, get squad upgrades... Certainly the Ostheer had a lot of upgrades and this made the tech tree too complex, at the very least more complex than our Soviets or any other CoH faction released by Relic so far.

So listening to the feedback from our players (you guys ;)), we have made some changes here and there so as a result the balance was dramatically improved and the tech tree was simplified, while keeping the pool choices. Some of the changes we made are:

  • Luchs removed from T3.
  • Panzer 38t removed from Support RHS call-in.
  • Infantry Gefechts Kommand now produces Landsers, Marksman, Mortar & leIG18 teams.
  • Infantry Gruppen Post now produces an Kampfkommandt squad(Skirmish Officer), the Kübelwagen and the Light and Heavy-MG teams.
  • Schutzen War Camp now produces Panzerfusiliers, Halftracks, Panzer III, PaK 40 & Marder II.
  • Panzer Kampf Kommand now produces the Sdkfz. 9 "Famo", StuG III, Panzerwerfer 42, Kugelblitz and the Panther/Panzer IV/Tiger tanks.
  • Sturmpanzer IV removed from Elite tree.
  • Foxholes no longer are treated as buildings and infantry digs one hole for each soldier (making it more like Commonwealth's Hull Down ability).

The new officer on Ostheer side is similar in essence to the Soviet Command Squad, yet they are quite different units. The Luftwaffe Officer's ME-262 ability will be given to the Kampfkommandt unit and the former now has a BF-109(also known as ME-109) bombing ability instead.

Yes, we already had a BF-109 model. Though it is not very detailed because you barely will see it flying above.

The mortar squad was added to add choice about how do you want to support your troops (due to being requested by fans) and currently only two units from each building require a specific pool choice:

  • Mortar/leIG18 teams in T1.
  • LMG/HMG teams in T2.
  • PaK 40/Marder II in T3.
  • Panzerwerfer 42/Kugelblitz in T4.

So, this means you can get your main battle tank regardless of what pool you get when you get into T4.

There are more changes, but listing all would make this post very long, but we will make a changelog about all the changes.

4 - The Red Army wants to join to the party too!
While Ostheer had some changes to make things more simple, Soviets also had some of their own:

  • Firebase removed from Propaganda War Strategy tree.
  • 76mm obr.1927 removed from the same tree.
  • God of War has been reworked.
  • ZiS-3 is now the anti-tank gun available at the Soviet Support Barracks.
  • ZiS-2 is now a possible upgrade for ZiS-3 that comes from Propaganda War Strategy tree.
  • T-34s can be upgraded with the ato42 flamethrowers.
  • Soviet Support Barracks no longer uses pools.

Probably a lot of you will be surprised to see the Firebase and the 76mm obr.1927 removed from the command tree; and perhaps due to the rework of God of War. Propaganda War Strategy have an overkill of artillery, because the tree gave you Katyushas along with God of War, Firebase and 76mm obr.1927 plus you have SU-76, artillery barrages (observer team) and mortars as non-doctrinal units. Too much to use for indirect fire and on the other hand it was the only command tree that didn't have armoured support of any kind so, we thought about replacing the Firebase/76mm obr. 1927 to something else.

Now for the replacement of the mentioned artillery units, players wanted to have the ZiS-3 ingame and their wish was justified since it was the most produced anti-tank weapon by the USSR during WW2. On the other hand the ZiS-2 was barely used compared to it's brother. ZiS-3 is a field gun it had a bigger caliber but lower muzzle speed, which means lower penetration. It is a good unit for the Soviet Support barracks, unlike the old ZiS-2 that while his caliber was lower, it could perform better versus the German "cats".

When you get the 2nd. RHS upgrade of the mentioned tree, your Soviet Support Barracks will no longer produce ZiS-3 and will instead produce ZiS-2. All the produced ZiS-3 units can be upgraded individually, just like the T-34/76s when you get the up-gun upgrade. There are more changes but as said before we will create the changelog soon so you can read them by yourselves.

5 - Constant updates!
We have a lot more to say and to not make a too big post, we decided to split it up into multiple so we will have more updates on Friday 13th, Sunday 15th and either Tuesday 17th or Wednesday 18th. If you have any questions feel free to ask, we will try to answer as accurately as possible.

Like some Russian players have noticed, we need a Russian translator for the mod. If you have free time and you want to help Eastern Front to be translated in the Russian locale, send us a message or let us know in the comment section.

Thanks for your support,
Archaic Entertainment

Announcements / Eastern Front Patch 2.210
« on: September 29, 2013, 02:14:52 AM »

Hello comrades!

We release at last a patch to fix most of the issues detected with the previous patch. Thanks to tungpro9901 we realized an AI code was making Skirmishes more laggy than they should be. Now this line is disabled, you should be able to get more FPS when facing AI. For further information about what was changed, you can take a look at the changelog.

In other news, DMz fixed the ZiS-2 atg, so it now the model doesn't have issues and also he has finished to fix the ZiS-3 as well. We are going to show some pictures of the ZiS-3 later, so for now you have some pictures of the ZiS-2.

It might look very similar to what we used to have, but at least it doesn't have that visible error.

Also, DMz has been including in the previous patches some new map objects, so every mapper can try to make cool maps for Eastern Front (or any other mod that supports them), at the moment we feature these two that were the last ones added in the previous patch:

In some bad news, the new SU-85(with the proper SU-100) we expected to get in this patch couldn't be finished. Unfortunately, DMz and Beefy^ had an accident with his PC, everything is fine so do not worry, so this has to be postponed for another date. But do not despair, the model will be eventually done, just like the rest of them ;).

You just need to update the mod using the launcher, but in case you are unable to do it you can download it from this page.

Thanks for downloading and continue to enjoy,

Eastern Front Development Team

Announcements / Eastern Front Patch 2.200
« on: September 14, 2013, 09:47:42 PM »

Hello comrades!

The patch 2.200 was just released! After working on the feedback brought by players and balancers, we have done many changes on Eastern Front mod, hopefully they would make balance better. For further information about what was changed, you can take a look at the changelog.

We also want to inform you about the foreign faction reward thingy. After discussing the idea, we decided to not create a foreign reward faction, because it would involve a lot of balance work, and we don't have the time nor the crew to pull this out. But do not despair, because Ostheer and Soviets are getting a big surprise!

Ostheer will get access to three reward doctrines, featuring unique units and abilities, one of them will be completely based around the foreign support. This means Ostheer will not have any reward unit, but three reward doctrines and the Sturmtiger will be relocated into one reward doctrine.

For the Soviets, there are another set of three reward doctrines, so we will have now some freedom to allocate some units that players would have liked to use, like Soviet paratroopers, KV-85, BA-64 and more. Also, it is a fantastic time for those ones expecting the return of the SU-100, and you will be happy to know it returns to the Tank Hall once more. Just like with Ostheer, Soviets reward units will be relocated into the reward command trees if necessary:

1) The Observer Team now comes on T1 while the Ford GPA still comes from T2.
2) The SU-122 will be on it's own reward tree.
3) KV-1 is now the default unit of breakthrough.

We will be releasing two reward command trees at every "big patch" (you can identify it looking at the second number starting on the next update, one for Soviets and one for Ostheer. We think this is the best way because waiting for the three trees means a long wait, while releasing one by one helps players to access quickly to the new features. Or what do you think?

Going back with the current changes, you might wonder what happened to SU-85... it was now moved to Tank Hall and requires Heavy Tank upgrade. So, SU-85 and SU-100 in Tank Hall? Correct, you get SU-85s and T-34/76s after you unlock them, and a new upgrade was added into the armoury: 100mm upgun for SU-85. So, you can start getting SU-100 after that upgrade... but there's a catch, because it is too much having both (SU-100 and T-34/85s) one upgrade disables the other. So you can upgrade the production to SU-100 only if you haven't got the T-34/85 upgrade and vice versa for the rest of the match.

This means that if you get the SU-100 upgrade, you won't be able to get T-34/85s, but you will get the SU-100 with it's superior cannon and you will only build T-34/76s. On the other hand, if you get the T-34/85 upgrade, you will stick with SU-85s, so it is up to the player to decide what tactic he will approach. This change will be present in this patch, but we don't have the new SU-85 model yet(which means we will use the SU-85 as place holder with a different name) so you would need to bear with us.

But don't worry, both of them (SU-85/SU-100 and T-34/76|T-34/85) will be able to carry passengers or get cage armour. I know the screenshots are old but when we have new progress you will know ;).

The Beutepanzer ability now should work correctly against allied factions, however, it was tied to the Fortress Army Group Tree due to it was a strong ability to be used normally. Cromwell now has the proper Beutepanzer texture(thanks VanAdrian) but the T-34/85 still doesn't have a proper texture. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next patch.

One last important change made was for both Sniper units for Ostheer and Soviets, Marksman and Sniper Team, according to the feedback received, we tweaked a bit their mechanics and now they present the following changes:

* They start with cover camouflage, once they stay by ten seconds on light or heavy cover they will camouflage, but they will lose the camouflage when retreating or firing a shot. In order to regain it they should stay on cover again. Detection of the sniper/marksman doesn't completely remove the camouflage if the sniper doesn't retreat or fire, so getting away from the enemy units will make it come back in a few seconds.

* They get the regular camouflage ability when they reach veterancy level 2.

* Their cost is now 300MP.

* The Soviet Sniper is an one man squad until it gets veterancy level 3.

We also have updated our old 76mm obr.1927 model for this new one, courtesy of DMz and Beefy^:

We have fixed a lot of bugs reported by the community, thanks for the feedback guys! I hope you enjoy the changes and to look forward for further updates! Hopefully, we will be replacing several outdated models in the future!

Right now there isn't a full version, but it will come later. Please update using your launcher and if you can't, you can look here.

If you are a Chinese player, don't forget we support Simplified Chinese locale for Eastern Front module, you can always swap it with this.

Thanks for downloading and continue to enjoy,

Eastern Front Development Team

General Discussion / New models for EF!
« on: August 13, 2013, 12:21:07 AM »
New screenshots for everyone :D!

Thanks to DMz and Beefy^, now this vehicle has the correct size, and it is going to join the ranks of the the Red Army soon.

For those who might forgot about the problem with this model, it wasn't included because was too big. But now as you can see it has the right size.

But of course, the BA-64 does not only comes with the DT machine gun(left), but it can be upgunned with a PTRD-41 rifle(right). The model also features the BA-64DShK variant(center), but that's not going to be included for multiplayer.

You can look the vehicle from different angles in this screenshot. You can also see the different turret used for the DT version and the DShK/PTRD-41 ones.

But there is something new in the German ranks as well!

This is the Lisunov Li-2 (not to be confused with the Ilyushin Il-2), which was a plane modded from the C47 "lend & lease" by the US. It was used as transport, paratroop, recon, and even bombing aircraft, and was widely used in Stalingrad siege. For Eastern Front, you can be sure it will be used as campaign asset... we will see if it fits for multiplayer/skirmish though ;).

New Sdkfz. 263!

Where it is going to be used? I think you will know it soon ;).

Thanks to DMz for the 2D,3D and OE job.

Announcements / The Royal Marines Commando issue
« on: July 22, 2013, 09:25:15 PM »
Hello EF fans,

We come this time to ask your opinion about one topic: the future of RMC.

After planning and analyzing the current layout of the RMC reward faction, we do think it has potential but right now it cannot be balanced properly because of the Commonwealth faction design, let alone that causes odd events and coding, so we have concluded than they will have better chance to be improved if they are made a standalone faction.

However, it seems a lot of players wonder what we were thinking when this was added on EF, because certainly Commonwealth doesn't have anything to do in the Eastern Front theater other than lending units to Soviets... so we have this dilemma: either we make it a new faction to balance it properly or we just remove it because it doesn't fit in the mod.

Remember this is not about having as much factions as possible, because more factions isn't going to make this mod a better one, at least not that alone. This is about if RMC deserves a second chance or not and if it does, we would be able to add different content as well(as possible as the models available allow, ofc). One thing to consider is that while making RMC a standalone faction might slow down the bug fixing process and it would keep busy our balancers in a different area rather than Soviet vs Ostheer and you know what this does mean.

Depending of the outcome(your feedback + our internal feedback), if RMC is removed things will be as usual in the latest patch, if RMC is given a second chance it doesn't mean it will come in the next big patch, it could be delayed for a while depending of how Soviet/Ostheer balance goes, because that has priority over anything else balance-wise.

We already discussed this in the internal section, however, we need to hear what the players think about it so, please think carefully, cast your vote and explain your point of view about the issue. I also want to point out than the feedback that really matters is the discussion and their respective posts being held here and not entirely what the poll says, because counting votes without arguments goes against what we are aiming to do here.

Thanks for your support,
Eastern Front Team

Bugs & Tech Support / UI Errors in Eastern Front mod
« on: July 15, 2013, 09:17:08 PM »
Hello guys,

I'd like to ask your help to find UI bugs like wrong icons, descriptions, portraits and criticals for units and abilities. Once you post them here I'll proceed to fix them.

And the first one is:

* The criticals for the Soviet Ford GPA are wrong.
* Kugelblitz uses wrong criticals.
* Famo uses wrong criticals.
* Munition HT uses wrong criticals.

Thank you in advance for your assistance guys :D!

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