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Author Topic: CoH not launching after installing EF. RelicCoH.exe sits in processes at ~16MB  (Read 1128 times)

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After installing CoH Steam Version, i was able to run it properly with no issues. Upon installing EF 1.800, the auto-patch function does not connect and the luancher crashes. No real problem yet, merely obtain the step patch 1.801 and install it. The auto-patch still does not function and continues to crash the luancher. Disabling the auto-patch and going straight to luanching the game, nothing happens. Task Manager shows RelicCoH.exe sitting in Processes at 15-16MB memory. Even after uninstalling EF, regular CoH Steam verison does not luanch either, RelicCoH.exe is running but stays at 15-16MB memory. Steam's file verification function returns a 100% no issues found.

Now comes the real interesting part. I have moved steam's default directory for installing games into another drive as my System C:\ is running on a SSD (its small). I have also moved my libraries (my doc, music, pic, ..etc..) on another drive. Could the installation of EF not have accounted for the possibility of moving the above mentioned folders from their default location.

note: other steam games run fine (i.e. dota2, Torchlight II), only way for me to get CoH Steam working again is to do a clean installation.

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This sounds extremely odd. As long as you had started CoH "New Steam Version" at least once, the installation of EF would have accounted for this during the installation, otherwise it might have installed EF into the wrong folders. EF does not in any way change or effect any of the CoH files, so it's impossible that it caused the issue you were having.
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