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Author Topic: Patch 2.21 'Break the Bad'  (Read 7202 times)

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Patch 2.21 'Break the Bad'
« on: September 29, 2013, 01:58:20 AM »
Eastern Front Patch 2.21
'Break the Bad'

------ GAMEPLAY CHANGES ------
* Marksman now can uncloak after getting cover cloak with a new ability.
* Marksman can get cover cloak in 2 seconds instead of 10.
* Sniper Team now can uncloak after getting cover cloak with a new ability.
* Sniper Team can get cover cloak in 2 seconds instead of 10.
* Lowered spotter suppression resistance by 25%.
* Slightly increased PE Panzergrenadier Kar98 accuracy against Conscripts and Strelky.
* Increased PE Infantry HT suppression against Conscripts slightly.
* Fixed wrong requirement description for NKVD upgrade on Conscripts.
* Increased tracking from 5 to 12 in Katyusha.
* Added support for SU-85 with Mechanics supervision ability.
* Fixed marker issues on obr.1927 that caused it to be invisible.
* Fixed Red Tide ability once and for all.
* Added new ZiS-2 model.
* Fixed SVT-40 issue being invisible after reloading a saved game.
* Disabled AI debugging because of lag it was causing.
* Changed brightness on normal map rgb & alpha channels, also removed artifacts on the black channel for Jagdtiger.
* Fixed Cromwell odd tint.
* Added correct sound for Ford GPA DP28 and Maxim variants.
* Fixed wrecked beutepanzer Cromwell.
* Fixed pink portrait for lefh18 when decrewed.
* Added suppression ability for Ford GPA.
* Lowered t70/t90 vet requirements slightly.
* Removed Molotov buggy fire.
* Fixed description on MG34.
* Fixed rebuilt Kugelblitz.
* Redistributed the population for the Soviet Heavy Mortar team, Crew now cost 1 and Mortar 3.
* Redistributed the population for the Ostheer leIG18 team, Crew now cost 1 and leIG18 3.
* Lowered J├Ąger upkeep slightly
* Increased luchs accuracy, lowered cost to 290mp
* MP40/II now useable with t3 modernization
* Added portrait and fixed texts for Ostheer tank traps
* Fixed Sturmovie Ingenery armourtype (they didn't upgrade to Sturmovie armour with assault gear)
* Removed molotovs from strelky
* Added 20 ammo cost to "Stand your Ground" and lowered suppression by 10%
* Panzer III now comes from Support Pool on T3
* Panzerwerfer now comes on Support Pool on T4.
* StuG III now comes in Assault Pool.
* Fixed wrong UCS references for Elefant ability.
* Fixed turret breaker ability from Elefant disappearing when getting ace vet.
* Fixed bug with OH tank traps only being allowed to be built in allied territory.
* Updated icon for Elefant lockdown.
* Fixed requirement description in the KV-1 call-in ability
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