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Author Topic: Double Ostheer vs British/Soviet Combination  (Read 2830 times)

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Double Ostheer vs British/Soviet Combination
« on: September 21, 2014, 01:15:13 AM »
Strategies for a Double Ostheer combo against a Brit/Soviet combo?
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Re: Double Ostheer vs British/Soviet Combination
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2014, 05:49:43 AM »
Survive to 3 CPS then spam a bunch of jagers with the mkb upgrade going for the elite troops doc. The only thing you have to worry about at that point is just armor which a marder ii w/ upgun deals easily with
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Re: Double Ostheer vs British/Soviet Combination
« Reply #2 on: October 14, 2014, 10:37:56 AM »
One should start t1, get Some Landsers + 1-2 mortars. The other one should Focus on getting heavy mgs. Then advance. Use the Mortars to Barrage a Forward HQ truck from brits, and use it to bombard conscripts in cover. Also, in case of soviet snipers, get Kübels/countersnipers. Grenades and mp40/pzb 39 might be good Options for the t1 Player.

After that one Player should focus on getting more arty. The t1 Player suits better for that - use army elite for calling in Jägers. Alternatively, you can also unlock Sprint/Ostkrieg to make flanking and placing grenadies easier with Landsers. Then build t4 to get Panzerwerfers. Of course, Army Support can also be used, but utilize the left side, for Brandenburgers and Stuka bombardments (better syngery than going RHS with call ins).

The t2 Player may need some decent front line infantry, so building t3 for Panzerfusiliers suits better. Also, since he won't get many fuel expensive Upgrades like the t1 Player. That's also the reason why he can Focus on getting heavy AT and/or a halftrack with flakdrilling. Flakdrilling + Panzerfusiliers = awesome infantry fighting power. Also, Hafthohlladung + HVAP rounds from the Drilling = dead light vehicle. Then mix in some paks/Marder IIs and you'll be able to fight off everything from the enemy.

This strategy is pretty solid and does not only work against Brits/soviets, but also against other allied Combos ofc course.
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