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Patch 2.40 (for Steam version)
« on: June 26, 2017, 08:47:19 AM »
* Removed Soviet starting squad from annihilation maps.
* SU-76 will no longer fire its main gun normally after getting the artillery upgrade (not even getting very close will make it fire).
* Fixed some wrong references in the SU-76 RGO file.
* Fixed wrong population requirement displayed in ISU-152 call-in.
* Fixed some incorrect modifiers and unit references in the Large Scale Assault ability from Propaganda War Strategy.
* Fixed Men Against Tank upgrade working for all future PTRD upgrades.
* Conscript squad can no longer pick up items (all their available slot items are necessary for their upgrades).
* Fixed wrong angle when building the MG Nest.
* Updated KV-1 to use new KV-1 M1939 model.
* BT-7 will no longer pass through fences or walls.
* Fixed BT-7 wreck having the ghost bug.
* BT-7 can now be upgraded to BT-7A.
* Added ZiS-2 emplacement to replace the 52K while we make a good one.
* Removed unneeded upgrade from Sapper reinforcement squad.
* Fixed Guards upgrades so they can have both at the same time.
* Guards now also benefit from Men Against Tanks upgrade.
* Added antispam ability for guards.
* Guards now don't benefit from the modifiers in their aura ability.
* Guards bonuses from their aura ability do not stack anymore in infantry units.
* Reduced Guards HP from 95 to 90 per entity.
* Sturmovies and Ingeneries squads can now use demo charges if Urban Combat Strategy tree is selected.
* Reduced SU 100 rec. penetration bonus from 15% to 5%.

* Swapped on/off icons for Elefant hold fire ability.
* Replaced Panzerfusilier squad with a Landser squad received from call-in when your HQ is down.
* Fixed orange cube for missing object when reviving a Kubelwagen.
* Fixed some incorrect Sturmpioneer references.
* Fixed bug that allowed an Ostheer player to get a free Sturmpioneer squad after repairing the HQ wreck.
* Panzer IV and StuG III in ambush mode no longer hold fire automatically unless the player uses that ability.
* Fixed typo on Ostheer recrewing path for the Pak 97/38.
* Normalized stats for leFH18 crew (no longer immortal).
* Ostheer Panther squad is now visible even if not unlocked.
* Added firing sounds for the Mannlicher rifle model.
* Updated Ostheer support vehicles research icon.
* Replaced Hungarian tree banner.
* Replaced Elite tree banner.
* Fixed Panzerwerfer lights.
* Fixed armour requirement for Panzer III (no longer can be taken out by bullets after getting skirts upgrade).
* Removed squad size increment from Improved Infantry Gear upgrade.
* Lowered Panzer III upgun cost to 150MP/40F, reduced teching time to 50s from 60s
* Increased 75mm LeIG range by 15m (from 120m to 135m), hits more accurately now
* Lowered LeIG 18 scatter slightly.
* Lowered Landser reinforcement to 26MP (from 27MP)
* Fixed LODs for some Ostheer gear models.
* Ostheer Panther now uses its own set of icons.
* Tweaked bomb positioning of the Hungarian JU-88 ability.
* Fixed cap for Sturmpioneer being of a different color than intended.
* Removed Flak 36 from Sturmpio building menu.
* Removed leFH 18 from Sturmpio building menu if the new reward tree is selected.
* The smoke screen ability in tanks for Assault Pool now uses a different icon.
* Added new reward tree to replace Army Elite Troops Command Tree: Assault Division Command Tree
* Support Pool passive health regeneration doubled in friendly territory
* Support Pool zeal bonus only works on friendly territory
* Kampfkommandant can collect veterancy again
* Reworked Landser weapon upgrades:
  - removed infantry modernization II
  - added mg34 upgrade, requires modernization I
  - mkb requires modernization II
  - Schrecks require modernisation I
  - reworked MG 34 lmg weapon, more damage and accuracy
* Kesselschlacht tweaked:
  - now gives light vehicles the ability to capture points while active
* Increased Elefant health to 1600 (from 1200)
* Lowered Close Air Support upgrades cost to 100MP/15F and 200MP/25F
* Added Spotting Scope upgrade to StuG III (requires Modernization II, increases range by 10m and sight range)
* Increased Pak 97/38 damage to 140 (from 110) but slightly lowered the weapon penetration (~10% less)
* Reworked Heavy MG 34 weapon, more damage and accuracy, longer burst.

* Removed additional tank trap from American engineers.
* Fixed weird text for Calliope.
* Fixed weird text for Pershing.

* Added right veterancy symbols for some weapon capture squads for the Wehrmacht faction.
* Sturm Armory units are rearranged to cover the missing unit.
* Panzer IV now has the same vet icons than the other vehicles.
* Fixed description of the German mortar.
* Removed weird UCS entries for Sdkfz 234 Armoured Car.

Panzer Elite
* Bergetiger should no longer resurrect anything from non-Axis factions.
* Hotchkiss is now a reward unit of the Panzer IV.
* Fixed pink veterancy symbols for some recrewed PE squads.
* Fallschirmjaegers have their vet icon hidden like the rest of PE.
* Removed weird UCS entries for Hotchkiss.
* Lowered Squad Size upgrade cost to 150MP/25F (from 200MP/40F)
* Changed requirements for Increase Squad Size upgrade to T1 + T2 and either T3 or T4
* Lowered 221 Scout Car cost to 10F (From 15F)
* Lowered Incendiary Grenade cost to 100MP/20F (from 120MP/20F)
* Lowered T1/T2 build cost to 200MP (from 240MP)
* Lowered T3/T4 cost to 260/280 MP and 50/50 fuel
* Fixed requirement text for Panzer Elite Sprint ability.
* Fixed vanilla bug where ACPR ammo wasn't being applied to rebuilt entities.
* Removed green display text from Kettenkrad when choosing a command tree.
* Lowered Pgren buildtime to 32s (from 37s)
* Lowered reinforce cost to 41MP (from 43MP and 50MP respectively for Tankbusters/AssaultGrens)
* Lowered Ketten buildcost to 145MP (from 165MP)
* Marder weapon range increased to 60 to match the intended value.
* Panzer Elite Assault Grenadiers now have a 5th MP-44 when they increase the squad size.
* Panzer Elite no longer receives the Schwimmwagen as additional starting unit in some maps.

* Updated Traditional Chinese local (pending some lines).
* Updated Russian locale (pending some lines - Many thanks to @azamat.magometov for the help!)
* Tweaked some wrecks just in case they were giving problems (Famo, SU-85, Panzerwerfer, KV1, Elefant, King Tiger).
* Adjusted teching for AI of all factions, AI now makes better choices now with making buildings and choosing upgrades.
* Fix typo causing AI error.
* Fixed Wehrmacht AI not building Kampfkraft and sometimes teching too slowly.
* Fixed "The man himself!" not unlocking properly.
* Fixed "Collateral Damage" unlocking on maps that have no ambient buildings.
* Fixed achievements not working and causing Scar errors in save games. This change is retroactive; old save games will now load as intended and you will be able to earn achievements.
* Improved CoH:EF Steam Friends display reliability.
* CoH:EF will now notify the user if he/she installed in the wrong directory.
* Removed pipeline.dat from the current and future builds (now no one should get the "one file always need to redownload" action).
* CohEF will now notify the user if he/she installed in the wrong directory
* Removed unused files.
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