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Author Topic: Patch 2.402 (for Steam version)  (Read 10752 times)

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Patch 2.402 (for Steam version)
« on: June 28, 2017, 10:16:56 PM »
* Fixed Partisan missing phosphorus grenades for Urban Street Fighting.
* Rearranged upgrades from armoury.
* Tweaked projectile position of the SU-76 barrage ability.
* Changed a bit the extra text from the Mustering Tent infantry units.
* Rearranged positions for Strelky and Observer Team.
* ZiS-2 on the AT Nest should no longer escape from it (lol).
* Optimized ZiS-44 lockdown ability (the lockdown part).
* Fixed missing requirements for Strelky DP-28.
* Removed infiltration feature from Sturmovies.

* Landsers can now get the MG26(t) instead of the MG34 and can only get one.
* Landsers MG upgrade weapon has slightly nerfed accuracy, suppression and damage.
* Landsers MKB42(H) has slightly better performance.
* Fixed values for MKB42(H) vs SU76 armour.
* Skirmish Commander support ability had some tweaks:
- lowered the Zeal bonus to the weapon reload (0.85 to 0.9 - i.e. from 15% to 10%)
- lowered healing bonus to 0.033 in friendly sectors (from 0.044)
* Fixed LODs for Pak 97/38 wheels in low settings.
* Updated LODs for Ostheer Tier buildings.
* Fixed LODs for Panzernest in low settings.
* Panzerwerfer squad no longer captures sector without the right ability.
* Luchs squad no longer captures sector without the right ability.
* Faustpatrone projectile should come now from the tip of the tube instead of above the head of the soldier.
* Sturmpioneers upgraded with minesweepers should be able now to fire the Faustpatrone.
* Updated description of the Pakwagen call-in ability.
* Updated name of the Pakwagen vehicle itself.

* M3 Halftrack upgrade should work like intended.

Panzer Elite
* Updated description for the PE Schwimmwagen.
* Hummel call-in now has the proper description.

* Updated some descriptions for the locales.
* Removed like 200MB of unneeded files.
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Re: Patch 2.402 (for Steam version)
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