Company of Heroes: Eastern Front

Author Topic: Been away a few years and I had a few questions that some browsing didn't answer  (Read 1053 times)

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I'm finally back playing and modding coh because I have a few friends that just discovered the game so I have been updating and playing all these old mods. I had some questions about this mod that I haven't been able to figure out just but browsing the forum and moddb.

1. Did the Ostheer fox hole ability go away or is it tied to a tech tree?

2. Does anything happen when the support pool or assualt pool is toggled in the Infantry Gruppen Post?

3. Does Hungary still have the Henshel Turret king tiger call in?

4. Is any work being done on the Romanian reward faction?

Thanks guys, this mod has brought me much enjoyment over the years.
Ostheer is a new German faction for this mod.
It will be done when it is done.
Keep mapping and modeling.
Tell a friend about EF.