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Author Topic: 8p_belgorod (only .SGB here for other mappers)  (Read 54 times)

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8p_belgorod (only .SGB here for other mappers)
« on: May 08, 2020, 08:52:30 PM »
devoted to first exemption of belgorod feb 1943, kharkov "star" assault operation, belgorod outskirts. The slush is kinda frozen until spring. Again: I felt like EF lacks this kind of a map.

Map is unfinished - SGB now only in zip (though after simple export in sga it will be playable). Layout and concept and obstacles ready, but map needs DonXavi or smb else to finish it - I can do that, but map will be a bit boring for me then! I can finish grass patterns after 2'nd mapper though.

(Still waiting - maybe Max will add smth on vitebsk and bratislava maps as well, cos it's a bit boring to play when you know map too well. Oh well, his design is genius-level, so I'm requesting beautification touch or adjustments.)

No accidental unnecessary land impassability, pls - now ice is accessible from any side.

So, I request here to use minimum amount of objects and splats to speed up map loading. Need more thought-in content: maybe make 1 side (you'll see which one) slightly more urban-ish, finish OOB part of the map. Some light poles and your night atmosphere option for this map.
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