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Author Topic: 6p_dubna winter map  (Read 308 times)

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6p_dubna winter map
« on: July 03, 2020, 05:29:13 PM »
Another map I'd like to get into EF - 6p_dubna (0.08 sga version attached to this post). Fully playable.
Tried to imitate zhytomir map a bit, coz I like pines.

3 atmosphere settings here and a thoughtful minimap (buildings close to map border should be seen clearly on it, IMO, as it is now).
Check out .sga size due to my perfect design, comparatively to other maps, BTW - it should load rather fast. Minimum amount of used objects, but in quantity, as usual = minimalism.

Suggested description: battle of moscow (or a bit before, then it would be november), december 1941 (or you could just write - 1941 winter incoming), settlement close to Dubna river. Kinda, until battle of Moscow germans went forward through that settlement, and then they were pushed back during counterattack. Hey, check out da photos and maps - [nofollow]

Can be added either in My documents\My Games\Company of Heroes Relaunch\ww2\scenarios to load (ingame name "[EF] Dubna (6)"), or, what's better, included in .module as other mod map .sga - then atmosphere settings can be read by coh.

Map needs proper loading screen though, help me Max.
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