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Patch 1.02 'Pickle'
« on: January 30, 2010, 05:51:27 PM »
Eastern Front Patch 1.02 Changelog

* Sharpshooter now higher priority target than Spotter.
* Spotter's Mosin-Nagant will cause the same critical hits like Wehrmatch Officer's Pistol.
* Spotter's Mosin-Nagant will be more likely to target snipers then normal infantry.
* Spotter's Mosin-Nagant range increased.
* Tank Hunter's armour type has been change to airborne
* PTRD AT Rifle Range has been increase.
* Command Squad Major now acts as a 'detector' unit with the same detection range as a Jeep.
* Command Squad's Artillery damage has been lowered vs buildings and bunkers.
* T70 also acts as a detector with the same detection range as a PE Scout Car.
* Medic Truck Deploys/Redeploys identical to a Marder. Healing only active when deployed.
* Sharpshooter Team's artillery delay set to 5 seconds.
* Sharpshooter's Artillery now available as a 75MU upgrade on individual sharpshooter squads
* Sharpshooter's Global Upgrade "Artillery Spotter" has been removed.
* Change the cost of Sharpshooter Teams to 320mp
* ISU-152 Health dropped.
* Mortar stats change: Damage lowered to: 45-60
* Area effect and suppression increased.
* Pistols used by mechanics and everyone else, half their chance for causing critical and but instead increased damage.
* Strelky Upgrade - Once researched squads have the Red banner and have 2 upgrade options at no cost available. Either get two DP-28s OR they all switch to PPSH. Sprint comes with the PPSh upgrade while the 'not being able to move and health bonus' comes with the DP-28 upgrade.
* Medic truck health increased to 300
* Conscripts build time set back up to 24 seconds.
* T34/76 cost increased to 350mp
* SU-100 hitpoints set to 450
* Tank depot cost increased by 15 fuel.
* Katyusha cost increased to 360mp, however to compensate the was speed increased by 1.
* Removed the capping option from the Tank Rider T34, but gave the Tank Guards the ability to cap with 1.5 speed
* Tank Rider's T35/85 cost increased by 50mp.
* Gave AT Grenades of Tank Guards to Tank Hunters
* PPSH-41 Changed accuracy to medium-0.3 short-0.6
* Guard's SVT Rifle Changed for target type 'infantry elite' Accuracy-0.8 Damage-0.8
* Conscript's Mosin Changed Short accuracy changed to 0.7
* NKVD upgrade now costs 125. Upgrade now re-equips entire unit with new 'Conscript Mosin2' with Damage 7.
* All Mosin Rifles Changed Penetration vs tp_vehicle_sdkfz_22x_light_armoured_car to 0.25 as well Changed for target type 'infantry elite' Damage-0.8
* SU-85 lowered fuel cost to 85
* SU-100 Increase gun range and was given the slight of an upgraded Hetzer.
* SU-100 modified weapon damage vs Panther and Jagdpanther.
* SU-100 cost increased to 500mp 100 fuel
* T34/85 Health was lowered, cost increased to 380mp and 80 fuel.
* T34/85 upgrade cost lowered to 250muni
* IS-2 lowered health and modified weapon damage to compensate vs Tiger/Jagdpanther.
* IS-2 cost was lowered to 600mp/135 fuel
* God of War - Reduced area of effect, reduced active time, reduced frequency of shells falling.
* IL-2 bombing run - Reduced number of bombs dropped as well as double their scatter. Reduced the frequency of the aircraft attacking.
* PTRD damage vs Buildings halved.
* Change armour type of T70 to M8
* Mines moved from Ingenery to Tank Hunters


* Fixed bug where Mortar cost 280 instead of 350, also fixed that the build time was reduced (unupgraded)
* Fixed bug where AT cost 275 instead of 300, also fixed  that the build time was reduced (unupgraded)
* None-Guard Infantry should no longer be collected by British CCS or American Medic Tent.
* Fixed Instant lose as soviets on certain maps (eg. Gilroy's Harbour)
* Fixed the uncrushable wrecks bug
* Updated soviet repair ability in order to prevent crashes.

* Salvage doctrine icon changed to salvage icon.
* Fixed wreck textures for SU85 and SU100
* Added new skins for Tank Rider versions of T34/76 and T34/85

* Fixed various German Translations Errors

* New Launcher Version 3.0
** Revamped User Interface
** Additional Settings for Advanced Users

* Some Translation may be out of date!
* Propaganda War and the Wehrmacht Officer equivalent are NOT working vs soviets. We are trying to give it some effect on the Soviet. If anyone knows how, please PM Rizz.
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