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Ostheer concept by The Reaper
« on: July 16, 2010, 11:46:23 PM »
Concept of the Ostheer

The Ostheer is a regular battlegroup, witch can call in different type of support from doctrines. Panther Tanks ain't available of this side of the battlegroup, they broken down on arrival, and the operational ones are needed to deal the bolseviks elsewhere. So you must stand ground until the mighty Tigers arrive to the front. You have light tanks, of the feared "ghost division", and stug assault guns, for support and light artillery. Infantry Units can heal themselves wit medikit.

Forward HQ
can build: Assault Pioneers. Can upgrade to advance repair, that can fix tanks no time on the battlefield. Primary builder unit.

Front barracks: Can train Volunteers. These man joined from all over Europe from the country's of the Axis allies. Fast point capture units but poorly equipped, and can upgrade with Kar rifles.
         Light MG team. To ensure the quick assault, there is only LMG team available, fast moving with MG34s.
         Panzer 2 light tank. Effective for soft targets. Equipped with a 20 mm cannon and an MG 34, to counter light armoured vehicles.

Light Tank Depo:  Panzer 3 tanks comes with 37mm gun, but can upgrade to 50 mm gun and armoured skirts.
         Stug 3 mobile anti tank gun, harder to hit this turretless tank, can support you're troops. 7,5 mm short barreled gun upgrade with a long barreled version for more firepower. Can camouflage.
         Grenadiers are an elite infantry units, they saw combat from the beginning of the war. Can upgrade to fire panzerfaust, and MP40.

Heavy Tank Depo: Möbelwagen is an excellent anti-air unit, helps to clear the sky, and protect you're advance. Effective against both infantry and lightly armoured vehicles.
         Panzer 4's are excellent medium tanks, its comes with long barreled 7,5 cm guns and armoured skirts.
         Wespe Self-propelled Artillery can provide you excellent artillery cover. This is good use against gigged in allies with it's 10.5 cm leFH 18M L/28 gun.
         Tiger tanks are the heavyest tanks in the German arsenal. Two can be in the field. Can research "Tiger Tactics", this works, when two tigers and two Panzer 3's staying together. Panzer 3s protect the flanks and protect the Tigers from infantries. This battlegroup can crush any AT guns or reinforced positions to dust.

Ideas of  Veterancy for the ostheer
The veterancy reflects how accurate and fast reacting were the soldiers. I took example the Battle of the "hill 252,2" (that was near Prohorovka and Petrovka).

I was thinking about the veterancy system, that should be. I think the Hero Soliders started to appear in the EF, it could be done in the Ostheer. But that was told, there only 3 level of vet in coh, no chance adding a 4th one. My idea is that each level of vet gets an aura, that gives bonuses to accuracy to nearby units, like the british captian (not that much), or in Vet3 it can be upgrade to "Hero" that gives aura bonus to nearby units. It changes the look of the tank, that most of the heroes made custumozation to their vehicles, and the enemy can spot the hero unit. So the vet system works as the britis captain for everyone, or as an upgrade. It contain:
- faster turret turning speed
- faster reloading time
- faster turning speed
- blowing down the turret, or the tracks
- increase the line of sight
- decrees penalty for shooting, while the tank is moving. (for example a vet 3 Ost tank has no penalty to it's accuracy, when moving, like the M10)
- faster running speed
- Increase LOS
- higher accuracy
- faster reloading time
- reduced received suppression
- Higher detection radious

-extra veterancy, for very high kill ratio: can became command vehicle, or command squad and gain a knight's cross to his banner. Acts like the British command tank, but it takes a lot of xp to achieve this.

Doctrinal support:

Elite Troops assistance

Left side
Cost: 470MP
Possible Abilities:

Ability 1:Upgrade one or two MP44 Assault Rifle (60 munitions per squad member)
Ability 3:Add one Panzerschrecks to squad weapons complement (75 munitions)
Ability 4:Throw bundled grenade (40 munitions)
Ability 5:Use med-pack (35 munitions)         

Basic weapons: 3xMauser 98K +1 MP40 (sq. leader)

Peiper Battlegroup
The assault guns now gain veterancy faster

Elefant call-in
Cost 1000 MP

Right side

SD presence
Whit this you're infantries can't retreat, but increase the HP and accuracy. (not drastically)

Heroic Charge
Sturmgrenadiers get this ability. Same as the British.

Crusade against Bolsevism
Sturmgrenadier squad receive +1 squad member. Or maybe other infantry's get one plus member.

Luftwaffe aerial assistance

With the carefull coordination of the Aeriel and land combat units, there isn't a battle, that you won't win.

Air reconnise (a Storch plane flying on the map for a few seconds, providing reconnise, but can easily soot down with AA.)

BF108 ground support (counterpart of the American SR)

He-111 bombing run (A He-111 bomber drops bombs on the targeted area. Effective against buildings)

Supply Drop (drops supplies on the targeted area in a package. )

JU87G Tank hunter squad (Hans-Ulrich Rudel’s squad is your command to help you out. Ju 87 G-2 "Kanonenvogel" with its twin Bordkanone BK 3.7, 37mm underwing gun pods.)

Secret Intelligence assistance

Radio Jamming plane (the enemy doesn't receive any warnings and the mini map goes black for a short period of time. The plane can shot down with AA.)

Field report (on the mini map, you can see the enemy units icons for a short period of time.)

Field agent (an invisible, unarmed solider enters the battlefield, can scout, and call in special abilities like marking target, place radio device that can reveal a small are of the fog of war, can provide fake alerts to the enemy player)

Axis allies infantry support (The axis country's sending troops to assist the germans. +1 squad size, and reduce the price and reinforce time)

Axis allies industry support (with the support of the axis countries, the vehicles can build faster)

Police Divisions: (Foreign troops assist you to secure the captured territories. Increase the output of the oil and ammo.)

NOTE: This is very rough concept, though I don't really know the unit stats, so don't ask balance, or anything. :) I mean, how many fuel or manpower each unit would cost. And I really don't know what would be with the Luftwaffe support, I'll expand that later, but feel free to have any advice. :)

NOTE 2: Historical background:
1943 July 13 a German Battlegroup ordered to push forward to soviet lines commanded by Dragunsky field marshall, who digged in their troops. In the German side there was
-11 Tiger
-72 Panzer 4
-16 Panzer 2 and Panzer 3
-30 Assault guns and Wespe SPA
With aerial support the Germans pushed forward to Prohorovka, and on July 12, they battled in the Voronyezs Front, commanded by N. F. Vatutyin with five army (1st Tank army, 6th and 7th guard army, 5th guard tank army). With additional Panzergrenadier task force support, the Peiper's Task force immediately began to push forward to capture the "hill 252,2" witch had a great strategical importance. At night, they captured the hill. The soviets begun to attack with a huge task force witch contained over 150 T34 tank and Guard Infantry support. This huge force begun fight in the first night. The Germans fought desperately made every shot count. Over two days continuous fights the germans held the hill, and on July 13 the German reinforcements arrived.
In losses:
Soviets: 536 tanks
Germans: 89 tanks and assault guns
In this two days fight there confirmed kill was the following: The 2nd task force's Panzer 4s destroyed 90 soviet tanks, led by Martin Gross. Michael Wittman's task force tank count was 21, Von Ribbentrop's destroyed 14 tanks, with his Panzer 4. On this day a decision was by High Command made to pull out these task forces, and they sent to Italy, to fight the American forces.
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