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Patch 1.10 'Revolution'
« on: May 22, 2010, 04:49:23 PM »
Eastern Front Patch 1.10 Changelog

Faction Design

* Tank Hall now costs [200 MP / 40 FU] and can Research the following:
   - Light Tankovy Support [100 MP / 50 FU] Unlock: T70, T90, SU85
   - Heavy Tankovy Support [150 MP / 75 FU] Unlock: T34, IS2

* Support Barracks now costs [200 MP] and can Research the following:
   - Close Range Support [120 MP / 40 FU] Unlock: Heavy Mortar, Tank Hunters
   - Medium Range Support [120 MP / 40 FU] Unlock: AT Gun, Sharpshooter Team

* Removed Shock Guards' Slow Down ability
* Guards' SVT Moving accuracy set to 0.7 and Medium accuracy set to 0.6.
* Guard costs 340 manpower.

* Mechanics moved to Tier 2.
* Removed Mechanics' Zombie Vehicle doctrine ability.
   - Replaced by Call-In Sherman 76 Lend Lease - 3CP.

Thanks to Normandy 44 team for the Sherman and Xalibur for its critical UI art.


* New equipment added to infantry.
* Textures updated.


* All infantry now cost pop, removes confusion.
* Increased armour type of Strelky Flag Bearers to 'Heroic'.
* ISU-152 CP cost increased to 5CP.
* Removed population cost for Soviet Base MG Bunkers
* Linked Command Squad abilties to Base Building Tiers
   - [Tier 1] Unlock Artillery strike (with reduced shells to 8 and half damage)
   - [Tier 2] Binoculars
   - [Tier 3] Upgrades Artillery Strike (salvo increase to 15 shells)
* T70 speed set to 6.
* T70 rotation set to 45.
* T70 main gun reload time decreased to 4.5s.
* T70 main gun damage decreased to 55.
* T90 speed changed to 6.
* T90 rotation set to 45.
* T34/76 change rotation to 38.
* T34/76 gun reload time set to 6s.
* T34/76 pop set to 6
* T34/85 speed set to 6.
* T34/85 rotation to 38.
* T34/85 armour type changed to 'Churchill'.
* ZiS-2 changed reload to 3s.
* ZiS-2 crew armour type changed to airborne.
* ZiS-2 crew  reinforcement cost set to 20.
* Mortar crew armour type changed to airborne.
* Sharpshooter Team build time set to 30.
* Sharpshooter Team reinforce time to 15
* Spotter armour type set to 'heroic'.
* Increase Tank Hunter total health to 320
* Set cost to 220 manpower.
* Unupgraded Mortar stats changed to identical of those of a Wehrmatch mortar with extra 5 damage.
* SU-85 hitpoints increased to 350.
* SU-85 damage modifier against Pz4 to 1.1
* SU-85 rotation speed set to 35.
* SU-85 cost set to 340 manpower 70 fuel.
* SU-85 pop is now at 6.
* Katyusha scatter decreased by 20% as well as range.
* Katyusha hitpoints increased to 150.
* ZiS-2 damage modifier increase against Pz4 and Puma to 1.15
* PPSh-41 accuracy changed to medium-0.25 short-0.5.
* Ingenery is now equipped with the better of the two Conscript mosins.
* Increased Strelky suppression tolerance and recovery by 20%.
* Changed red banner bearer pop to '0'. He now replaces as squad member so the squad size remains at 7.
* Changed cost of T34/76 to 340 manpower 70 fuel.
* T34/76 pop set to 6.
* SU.100 armour type set to 'churchill'.
* SU-100 rotation speed to 35.
* SU-100 cost set to 360 manpower and 85 fuel.
* T34/85 pop reduced to 7.
* IS-2 pop set to 11.
* Sturmovie Ingenery upgrade is now at 75 munitions 15 fuel.
* You can now build both regular ingerney and sturmovie ingerney in HQ after upgrading.
* Cost of sturmovie ingerney increased to 200 manpower 50 munitions.
* Regular ingerney can upgrade with 1 roks after the upgrade is researched.
* Molotov Cocktail damage over time decreased by 20%.
* Major's detection range increased to 24 and pop changed to 0.
* IS-2 main gun damaged increased against bunkers and buildings by 25%.
* Is-2 main gun area of damage increase by 20%.
* Created 'leaders' for Strelky/Guards/Ingenery/Sturmovie/AT squad with identical stats to normal troopers but pop 0. This it to lower the amount of pop they take.
* DP-28 accuracy changed to L-0.35 M-0.5.
* DP-28 damage increased against elite and heroic by 0.1
* PPS-43 Accuracy is now S-0.5 M-0.4 with a Moving Accuracy of 0.7.
* Firebase now has a requirement of two buildings to be built.
* Firebase is now hard capped at 1.
* Firebase pop decreased to 6.
* Firebase now costs 350 manpower and 50 fuell
* Firebase Barrage shells fall 15% more frequent.
* Conscripts now hard capped at 4.
* Conscript commissar replaces a squad member so that squad number remains  at 8.
* Strelky upgrade upgrade cost changed to 100 Munitions and 40 Fuel.
* NKVD upgrade upgrade cost changed to 75 Munitions and 15 Fuel.
* Men Against Tanks upgrade cost changed to 75 Munitions and 20 Fuel.
* Ballistics Veterans upgrade cost changed to 50 Munitions and 25 Fuel.
* Gunnery Veterans upgrade cost changed to 50 Munitions and 25 Fuel.
* Shock Guards upgrade cost changed to 100 Munitions and 30 Fuel.
* SU-100 and T34/85 upgrade costs set to 150 Munitions and 20 Fuel.
* Tank Rider's armour changed to 'soldier'.
* T90 armour type changed to M8.
* T90 main gun ranged increased by 5m.
* T90 main gun damage against infantry-elite targets increased by 0.1.
* IS-2 gun damage modifier against Panther/Panther w skirts/PzIV/PZIV w skirts set to 1.15. Damage modifier against Tiger armour to 1.4.
* IS-2 deflection damage modifier to 0.5
* IS-2 reduced reload to 9.
* SU-100 Main Gun damage set to 150
* SU-100 Main Gun modifier against Tiger/Jagdpanther armour to 1.4.
* SU-85 Main Gun damage set to 137.5.
* T38/85 main gun penetration modifier against Tiger/Panther/Jagdpanther increased by 0.15. Damage increase against Marder3 1.3
* KV-2 gun has nebel suppression
* KV-2 increase projectile speed by 25%.
* ZiS-2 range increase to 65.
* T70 increased accuracy against sniper by 0.2 and splash area by 0.15.
* T34/85 accuracy changed to S-1 M-1 L-0.75.
* Lower XP reward for t-70, t-90, and su-85 to 5, 5, 18 resp.
* ISU-152 now has the following speeds. Max Speed:4. Acceleration:3. Deacceleration:4. Damage modifier against Jadgpanther is now 1.25.
* PTRD will now use the M1 Bazooka as mains stats with the following changes:
   - Accuracy changes to M-0.7 L/D-0.55
   - Damage set to 25
   - Deflection set to 0.5
   - Reload duration set to 2.5-2.8
   - Range 40
   - Damage against Marder3 set at 1.6 and 1.15 accuracy
* Men against Tanks Also increases AT nades damage to 140-180.
* Increased accuracy at long and distant by 15% for the Strelky Mosin. Moving accuracy changed to 0.6.
* Strelky armour type changed to 'Airborne'.
* Changed capping speed of Units. Strelky/Conscripts/Partisans/Mortar/Sharpshooters/Command Squad/Tank Riders will cap at 1.5. Ingenery/Guards/Tank Hunters/Mechanics will cap at 1.0.
* Sharpshooters movement speed changed to 3.5.
* Conscript's short range accuracy increased to 0.8.
* Tier3 Command Squad is able to upgrade to PPS-43 for 50 Munitions.
* Molotov cocktails will now damage Vehicles.
* Soviets can now build the same Observation Posts as Americans.
* Guards' Health Reduced to 90 per man.
* Tank Riders' Health Reduced to 90 per man.
* Commissar will now armed with PPSh.
* ZiS-5 Medic truck Population reduced to 3 and speed set to 6.5.
* PPSh-41 damage against elite armour increased by 10%.
* Firebase scatter decreased by 0.15.
* Firebase damage against 88s and Bunker increased by 0.25.
* ZiS-2 AT gun accuracy increased by 0.20.
* T34/76 main gun accuracy against Puma increased by 0.25.
* KV2 now suppression suppresses like a Nebel.
* Sniper reinforce cost dropped to 80mp

* Zhytomyr is now playable again
* Kharkov has received performance improvements
* Kharkov now has new weather settings & options
* Minsk middle bridge bug fixed
* Minsk now has new weather settings & options
* Moscow revamped territories
* Fixed bug with salvageable wrecks on Moscow
* Moscow now has new weather settings & options

* Strelky upgrade now shows 2 vet pips - third is received through PPSh/DP upgrade - allowing the player to see whether or not they have upgraded the unit.
* Re-adjusted Armoury icons to remove empty gap at start of 2nd line.

* Fixed so Tank Riding T34's only has 4 slots instead of 6.
* Fixed a bug where Partisan's would Mosin show a mix of the 'New Mosin' and the Kar98.
* Fixed a bug where Partisan's would show random part of a hat.
* Fixed a bug that allowed you to gain both Strelky upgrades.
* Fixed that the Throw Smoke Grenade and Reinforce hotkeys were overlapping on Guards and Shock Guards. New Key for smoke is "S".
* Fixed that PPSh silhouette icon appearing after DP upgrade instead of DP one.
* Fixed that Sturmovie Ingenery did not receive the 3 Veteran pips.
* Fixed issue with T70 double firing and firing blanks.
* We had multiple loading screens - although they were all copies of each other. Code edited to only load one. Duplicates deleted.

* Updated all existing Localizations
* Fixed translation errors in some Localisations
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