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Author Topic: Let's talk Brits...  (Read 11924 times)

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Re: Let's talk Brits...
« Reply #30 on: July 20, 2011, 01:58:36 PM »
for brits i usaully go fron brens carriers very good in game for rushes and killing pio squads,Mgs. then build more inf for territory and quick get sappers to get piats and arty.
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Re: Let's talk Brits...
« Reply #31 on: February 25, 2013, 06:32:27 AM »
I don't see why it is that hard to learn with the Brits.  It's a matter of getting a LT followed by 2 infantry sections, along the way upgrade your sections with the Brenguns.  Then if you encounter MGs, simply get your recon squad and snipe the MG gunner and charge your forces around the MG or use your heroic charge after vet 1 from Lt.  Or as all Brit players do just plop down a mortar pit and let it do the work.  Get your Casualty Clearing Center then tech to T2 and get 3 sappers with PIATs and park your truck yet on another munitions point.  After that you get a captain and start getting a Armor Command truck on yet another munitions point.  When you are up against vehicles you'd simply button it and attack with PIATs once again.  If you encounter more challenges use the instant artillery to instantly pin and cause massive damage to your unsuspecting opponent.  In a game with a big VP war, you can take it the easy way and drop a commando on a VP and save your ass once again.  Or just getting the 17lber to save your ass from a vehicle rush THAT YOU DESERVE.  An example would be like:

Player1: haha I have got a fast panzer4 Infantry Support Tank/Ostwind/Panther and my opponent has got nothing but just 1 PIAT Sapper and no armor command truck.  I'm going to end the game that easy and rush into his base and lockdown and kill everything he has, since he's got nearly nothing to counter it!  Golden opportunity.

Player2 (Brit): oh no it's a panzer4, I got caught off guard by a lot.  What do I do to counter it?  I am so behind the war!  Wait, let me button the tank with my Bren squad and build a cheap and too cost effective 17lber.  Ill also drop an instant artillery officer barage on his tank and his schreck squads.  That will show him!(panzer ends up being buttoned multiple times and is forced to stay within the 17lber arc of fire which then either destroys the tank or makes it very low health, also force retreats the Schreck squads)

Player1: great now my panzer is forced away from that area and I can't even base rush and kill all of his squads like planned now he plopped that down.  He should have been punished for being behind, especially since his trucks provide resource bonuses!  Now my investment I have been rushing for is now nearly useless.  He deserved to get punished!

Player2: haha brits are so forgiving ;D.  You loose to my one click abilities you noob ;D

I basically sumed up a regular Brit game.  It's just spam this and that, and abuse these one click abilities and build whatever you need to win you the game.  It's that easy.  If you don't believe me, check other high level people stats who play Brits from time to time.  You will notice even though they don't play that faction as much as the others (or maybe they do) they end up with a better win to loose ratio than their most played faction or the others (Wehr, PE, US)

As it does look like a rant, I am just complaining about the faction design, I am in most cases perfectly fine countering against what they have on field.
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Re: Let's talk Brits...
« Reply #32 on: February 25, 2013, 10:57:27 AM »
Did you really bump a thread just to complain about a faction that was once broken, but now the laughing stock of the CoH armies?

You sound frustrated.
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