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Author Topic: in vcoh, how do you counter fast m3 or fast m8 as PE?  (Read 6886 times)

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Re: in vcoh, how do you counter fast m3 or fast m8 as PE?
« Reply #15 on: July 14, 2015, 10:18:38 AM »
Hello irik, I would suggest you to try the PE T1 route. Go scout cars, secure high resource sectors, and fight on those terrirory, along side your locked scout cars, bunched fairly close to each other, preferably sectors near VPs. Get a good resource boost, get T1 upgrades and go T4 for ATHTs. AT nades are very powerful. Playing defensively against US is a good idea as US will not be able to field units as fast as you because of it's horrible manpower drain until mid game, even if they control larger area than you and have more pop cap. So, securing sectors early is the key. If you do that, then you'll have a great base to build from. Your PGs will be powerful with 4 man, with ATHTs and AT nades they can handle even Tank Depot units on their own(even more true with TD doctrine), by the time you will easily have access to marders anyway. Try this route. Going T2 as the first building will provide you with good offensive abilities, but versus US, doesn't help much, as US ARE the offensive faction in this match up,not the PE! So, utilize your STRENGTH, i.e early game resource securing, which is easily defendable, and then produce the shit load of units very soon. US will not be able to match your unit production speed until mid game, even if it has more pop cap than you. US are meant to play offensively, because if it does not deny enemy resources, it will not be able to match unit production speed, and will get mp blocked soon. PE doesn't have such problems with manpower.