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Worldbuilder FAQ
« on: December 21, 2011, 11:13:03 AM »
Before you read! Check this out:

If you have a question ask it here (FAQ is taken from there):
Noobish mapping questions post here

[...], how to get fx fire not spitting fuckedup smoke in game.

Use: Tutorial: Action Markers

I just can't find any good,decent roads
What roads do you guys use ?

Rural main: road_asphalt\rural_highway (width=8)
Urban main: stone_road\bia_urban_road_02 (width=16)

Largest playable area possible in meters?


See how it's fugleh :(
It dosen't match,how do i make it match   ???

[...] Use a bridge_blender object on the seam, or just make a land bridge.

I can't save my map, it says i have to have 2 or more starting positions owned by different players
I did placed them from Object placement>ebps>then starting  pos 1 and pos 2,but still it won't save ???

You need to place one of the ebps\gameplay\starting_position_0X, the number doesn't decide about the objects owner, it just describes the variants (1 and 2 are rural HQs, 3 and 4 urban, 5 and 6 industrial, 7 and 8 holland).
You need to assign these starting positions to a player, you can do this to the right, world is the default setting, change it to player 1 and player 2 for both starting positions. You'll also need to do that to the object ebps\gameplay\map_entry_point.

When I tried saving my nw map I got a message that said, "There are more than 1 sector creating entities in the same sector..."

Select the TER tool in the toolbar and then click on "Calculate Voronoi" to the right.

What victory point actually shows up in multiplayer games?

ebps/gameplay/victory_point ( it's on the end of the ebps/gameplay list (don't use the one with the _sp ending!)

What's the difference between a decal and a splat?

Splats can have cover decals can't. Decals are "cheap" versions of splats and may be disabled on low graphic settings.

How to remove the impass sectors?

There are orange impass and red ones. I can only remove the orange ones.

Either update the impass map (Overlay > Regenarte all pathfinding)
or there are some objects under the earth or they are part of a object spline.

- Flat ground (high editor)

- removing objects (object editor)

- removing spline (spline editor)

What are stamps and how can I use them?

Stamps are basicly the copy & paste function of the worldbuilder, you selected a couple of objects, splines, spalts & decals and "stamp" them.
In the vCoH Worldbuilder the stamp tool is broken so make sure to check out this website for Cope's stamp tool fix. (This will also allow you to save Atmosphere Presets)

Hello, I have another problem...
The grass types have vanished and I can't change the grass now. The only grass type which appear is the "No grass".
How can I fix it?

Try this:

Where in the objects list can I find the fence used around the barracks section of Sturzdorf? Like in this image:

The fence is in walls/stone/ and is named concrete_m_...

Can you change the size of a map while working on it?

Only by stamping the whole map.

Is there a way to change the angel of an object? like pointing an object upwards.

You can move it e.g. on an edge and click "Autoalign", then move it to its designation.
Note: The collision box is NOT going to get moved... So beware of models which you can walk through.
So use other objects underneath your object or use the impass editor

How can i put starting base defenses (for example the bunkers for a wher player) and how do i put victory points?

gameplay>bunker_marker for the base defense. In the same folder you also find victory_point.

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