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Author Topic: So many problems and bugs with the Ostheer  (Read 1437 times)

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So many problems and bugs with the Ostheer
« on: December 03, 2013, 02:41:13 AM »
Too many problems with the Ostheer to list:

1. Sniper can not use “Burst Fire” mode from buildings.

2. PanzerJager squad extremely buggy and extremely weak. Still misses often with the “Focus” ability activated. Why do they come in squads of 3? Please buff.

3. LMG team is just pathetic. They are only somewhat useful with the “hot barrel” ability activated. Their DPS is horrible as a T2 unit and for the cost. With half the squad size of the American Rifleman, who also have a researchable suppression ability, they are absolutely inferior in every way. HORRIBLE.

4. Panzerfuliers do not correctly fill their role as a T3 anti-infantry tech. Underpowered compared to the Wehrmacht Grenadiers which are a T2 tech and probably even worse than Landsers with the MK42 upgrade.

5. The camouflage mechanic coming from “Ambush Tactics” makes the infantry units affected extremely buggy. They won't attack when an enemy unit comes in range, and no, I did not have “hold fire” selected. The camouflage mechanic called “Ambush” on many of the OH T4 Tanks is just as buggy and needs to be addressed. View this thread for more information and a replay: [nofollow]


Improved Fortifications
“Famo can construct Panzernests” - No they can not.

“Plus Stormpioners, Landsers, and Panzerfuliers can construct Foxholes” - No, Stormpioners can't construct Foxholes, but they can construct Panzernests.

Come on guys, this is literally a 2 minute fix. Keep your tooltips up-to-date.

Dig In
First of all, the description of the skill doesn't even fit into the box that it's placed in. Secondly the entire thing needs to be rewritten using grammar please.

have the Wehrmacht Pillbox tooltip for some unknown reason. No, it can not transform into a Medic Station, MG Nest, or Repair Center. It comes as an MG nest. That is so incredibly misleading.

Panzerfuliers have a tooltip that says their grenade ability comes from the assault pool and their anti-tank weapon comes from the support pool. In actuality, the grenade ability comes naturally, and the AT weapon comes with a building upgrade.

Why do I care so much about these tooltip errors?

Quite simply, because after 6 years, the EF team hasn't found it necessary to make an in-game overview of the new races, their purposes, strengths and weaknesses, and overall playstyle tips and tricks. So the new player has to rely on the in-game experimentation and tooltips in order to learn about the game. So if those are wrong, then you've really screwed the pooch. I will be working, during my Christmas break, on some kind of .pdf file for this purpose.

I will continue to update this thread as I find more (and I will find more).

Thank you for your consideration.