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Author Topic: Patch 2.22 'Intermission Over'  (Read 8268 times)

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Patch 2.22 'Intermission Over'
« on: March 12, 2014, 08:33:23 PM »
Eastern Front Patch 2.22
'Intermission Over'

* Eastern Front is now functional with the latest version of Company of Heroes once again.
Valar Morghulis
[CoH:EF-Dev]Walki: I'll eat a tree if this won't work now
[CoH:EF-Dev]Rizz: ok
[CoH:EF-Dev]Rizz: I'll hold you to it
<10 minutes later>
[CoH:EF-Dev]Walki: I think I really gotta eat a tree...
[CoH:EF-Dev]Walki: got a decent one?