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Soviet bugs
« on: February 10, 2019, 10:43:20 PM »
The tooltips for most Soviet doctrines are wrong/outdated:
- Propaganda war says it enables Ingenery to construct additional structures, as far as I know this is not true.
- It also mentions the God of War artillery, but it's since been removed.
- Not One Step Back! doesn't do what it says on the tooltip. I'm not sure it does anything at all?
- Shock Guards don't have a special selection of grenades. Also didn't they use to be Naval infantry? I'd really like those back, if at all possible. Their black uniforms were just so gorgeous and I miss them.
- Sturmovie Ingenery don't construct anything "advanced" that the regular Ingenery can't. I think that tooltip is misleading, too.
- The Breakthrough Assault strategy mentions Sturmovik airplanes, but they're in Propaganda War.

Other tooltip errors:
The artillery piece from the Urban doctrine (the actual field unit)'s tooltip reads "M2 105mm Howitzer"

General issues:
- Neither the Soviets nor the Ostheer can build forward HQs, which is a problem on large maps (especially for the Soviets who have very limited troop transport capabilities).
- The Shock Guards honestly suck for their price. They get beaten by most any other infantry. Atm they feel like mediocre Strelky.
- The Katyusha sound is wrong (the rocket launch sound should be like Nebel's, but they sound like Stuka right now).
- The mortar upgrade in the Armoury says it affects all units in the field, but existing mortars don't get upgraded (and have no upgrade to purchase with munitions). Upgraded mortar squads also cost extra manpower to train, compared to regular ones.
- The Red Banner Strelky's flag holder has no weapon and doesn't shoot. Which I think makes the upgrade sort of not worth it, except for the SMGs package. (I also want to say the price is a little steep for only a potential upgrade that costs munitions on top, when for example American BAR rifles are cheaper and provide a free global upgrade, but that's more of a balance concern and not a bug)