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Patch 1.60 '(Re)Union'
« on: February 02, 2012, 11:50:36 AM »
Eastern Front Patch 1.60

* Fixed a bug where you were unable to reinforce recrewed soviet mortars.
* Fixed a bug that allowed an immobilized vehicle to move after getting a damage/destroyed engine.
* Fixed an issue with 25-pdr, Priest, Hummel, Firebase and ISU-152 that caused uneven terrain.
* Fixed a bug with smoke grenades criticals.
* Added new optional game type, "King of the Hill".
* Fixed some UCS entries.
* Removed Operation: Save Christmas.
* Normalized UI Stats for Soviet units.

* Added voices to Soviet HMG Dugout.
* Added a new warning sound for God of War.
* Added a new sound for the scoped SVT40.

Bugs Fixes
* Fixed a bug that caused Sniper Rifles not to deal correct damage to garrisoned units.
* Removed the Siren Strafing Run.

* Fixed a bug where Tank Guards couldn't enter some buildings.
* When purchasing Shock Guards or The Red Flag, the names of Guards and Strelky are now properly updated for squads already on the field.
* Fixed missing 4th man while recrewing a Soviet Heavy Mortar.
* Fixed an issue where flares could unintended be used in Enemy HQ Sectors.
* Fixed issues while recrewing HMG Dugout.
* Fixed issues while recrewing Panzer Elite Flak 88.
* Fixed a bug when capturing heavy weapons with Red Banner Strelky gave crew only Soviet Flags as weapons.
* Fixed a bug where Partisans could retreat while camouflaged.
* Fixed a bug where it looked like the Sniper Ace was changing gun when using suppressing shot.
* Corrected the range of Soviet HMG Dugout.
* Fixed a bug where the tactical map symbol for God of War and IL2 run was missing.
* Naval Infantry now can replace dropped equipment like intended.
* Fixed a bug where your own Armoury was able to be wired by Partisans.
* Soviet Heavy Mortar now has its own unique impact effect, to avoid confusion with artillery shells.
* Fixed various Sharpshooter issues. It now gives the correct amount of experience and swaps clothing as intended.
* Fixed a visual bug with PTRD where it was attached to the soldier when he dies.
* Fixed a bug where Heavy Crush didn't crush ISU-152 wreck.
* Fixed a visual issue with the burning of a Molotov Cocktail.
* Fixed a rare glitch with Sturmovie's health bar.
* Fixed Sniper Ace selection group.
* Fixed the missing smoke trails of Scoped SVT-40 Sharpshooter and Sniper Ace.
* Fixed a bug where Guard DP-28s couldn't be dropped.
* Fixed a bug where T-90 Rounds could bounce of snipers.

* Fixed an issue with Tiger Ace shot not having the intended damage/penetration values.
* Fixed an issue where supervise ability was not working with Bunkers.
* Fixed a visual bug with Stormtrooper camouflage ability.
* Fixed target priority over Soviet Sniper.
* Fixed a bug that caused Sniper Rifles not to deal correct damage to garrisoned units.
* Removed Christmas tree from Pioneers building selection.

Panzer Elite:
* Nashorn firing animation now match with projectile.
* Fixed Panther Battlegroup bug.
* Fixed a bug where Jagdpanzer IV had panther armor instead of Jagdpanzer IV armor.
* Fixed a bug where Tread Breaker ability sometimes not working on T34s.

* Soviet AT grenade now has a proper model, the RPG 43.
* Soviet AT mine now has a proper model, the TM-35.
* US Sherman now uses the old vanilla skin.
* DP-28 and PTRD have a correct dropped weapon model.
* Fixed a glitch on Naval Infantry skin.
* Fixed Danko's and Partisans glitchy hats.
* Soviets now have their own rally point icon.
* Removed US Engineer backpack from Ingenery portrait.
* Added new icons for some units.
* Added new icons for some abilities.
* Added new normal and doctrinal portrait images for soviets and missing doctrinal portrait images for Commonwealth and Panzer Elite.
* Added own Soviet portrait for the HQ and own symbol for the tactical map.
* Added new portrait for Firebase.

Balance Changes
* Increased starting fuel for Soviets to 35 fuel in normal resources and 65 fuel in high resources.
* Ingenery can no longer throw Satchel Charges.
* Added minesweeper upgrade that costs 35 munitions.
* Added Sturmovie upgrade that costs 100 manpower 75 munitions.
* Sturmovie upgrade grants:
 - SN-42 Body Armour.
 - 4 PPSH-41s.
 - An increment of 30 health per man.
 - Satchel charges.
 - Double flamers if Street Fighting is obtained.
 - Can only build barbed wire, sandbags and tank traps.
 - No 5th man from veterancy 2.
* Reworked HP bonuses:
 - Ingenery have now 32.5 health per man (130 per squad).
 - Sturmovie Upgrade at armoury grants them 7.5 health more by entity (30 per squad).
 - Sturmovie as stated above.
 - Ingenerydon't get health bonuses with Street Fighting anymore.
Command Squad
* Reduced detection radius to 20.
* Reduced sight range to 35.
* Reduced damage of Light Artillery Barrage vs Buildings.
* Removed Heavy Artillery Barrage.
* Reduced Light Artillery Barrage initial recharge time to 30s.
* Reduced Light Artillery Barrage recharge time to 60s.
* Reduced damage vs bikes.
* Reduced Light Artillery Barrage cooldown from CS from 60s to 45s in vet3.
Sturmovie Ingenery
* Removed. Added as part of Ingenery (see above).

Soviet Mustering Tent
* Added a 35 fuel cost.
* Can now obtain veterancy.
* Reduced damage modifier of conscript mosins vs Soldier armour (Panzer Elite) to 0.55 and accuracy modifier to 0.9.
* Reduced base damage of Conscript mosin to 9.
* Lowered conscript reinforce time by 1 second per man.
* Lowered Molotov recharge time to 60 seconds.
* Reduced squad size by 1 man.
* Added 10% accuracy boost when getting full rifles.
* Added +6 range for Molotovs at veterancy 2.
* Added Red Flag as weapon slot.
* Squad size is now 6 man.
* Health is now 55 per soldier.
* Cost is now 270 manpower.
* Changed range table of Strelky PPSH to 6/15/32 (short/medium/long).
* Changed veterancy requirements to 7/14/24.
* Added modifier of 15% damage increase after Red Banner Strelky upgrade purchase (to match the loss of firepower from flag carrier) and available until weapon upgrade is obtained and while flag carrier is alive.
* Moved suppression bonuses to veterancy 3.
* Recharge time of Guards' Smoke and AT Grenades set to 30 seconds, AP Grenades to 20 seconds.
* Added shared timer for all the grenades assortment that Guards have.
* Changed Health to 90 Health per man as starting health and 100 Health after getting Shock Guards upgrade is obtained.

Soviet Support Barracks
Mortar Squads
* Medium and Heavy Mortar costs set to 260 manpower.
* Heavy Mortar Gunners' Health increased by 55.
* Lowered Heavy Mortar damage vs bunkers.
* Removed 5th man from Heavy Mortar at vetrancy 2, now have a 20% faster rate of fire instead.
* Doubled mortar barrage recharge time.
ZiS Support Guns
* Decreased None-Upgraded ZiS damage modifer vs Tiger armour from 1.2 to 1.
* Decreased Health of ZiS crew to 150 health and 200 health respectively.
* Replaced the received damage modifier for a received accuracy modifier when a ZiS is digged in.
* Increased Upgraded ZiS base damage from 125 to 145.
* Removed 5th man from Upgraded at veterancy 2, added an increment of sight radius of 10% instead.
* Now the None-Upgraded ZiS targets infantry properly.
* Increased None-Upgraded ZiS damage to match the Upgraded ZiS when Veteran Crew is purchased.
* Tweaked spotter artillery damage vs buildings.
* Rearrange Sharpshooter/Sniper/Observer veterancy to:
 - Veterancy 1 - 0.85 reduced incoming damage.
 - Veterancy 2 - 0.9 weapon cooldown, 1.2 sight range.
 - Veterancy 3 - Camouflage smoke ability, +3 detection radius, 0.85 reduced incoming accuracy.
* Changed armour to sniper by default.
* Observe ability recharge time increased to 5 seconds.
* Sharpshooter now decloaks for 4 seconds when using Mark Target or Artillery abilities.
* Reinforcement of the Observers lowered to 40 manpower.
* Observe upgrade now costs 100 manpower.
Tank Hunters
* Health increased to 80 per man.
* Decreased Tank Hunter mosin's base damage from 12 to 8.
* Armour type set to Infantry.
* Decreased damage and penetration of the PTRD.
* Increased delay time for Tank Hunters camouflage to 10s.
* Cooldown at short ranged set to 0.5.
* Added first strike bonuses:
 - weapon_penetration_modifier: 2x
 - damage_weapon_modifier: 1.25x
* Increased recharge time of retreat to medic truck to 90 seconds.
* Normalized paths on this unit.
* ZiS-5 can now only be lock down in friendly territory.
* Retreat to and Healing from the ZiS-5 will no longer work if the sector lock down in is cut off. Additionally Retreat to ZiS-5 can only be done if it's lock down.
* Removed population cost.
* Changed ZiS-5 armour from M3 halftrack to Sdkfz. 250 halftrack.

Tank Hall
Heavy Tankovy Upgrade
* Set normal cost for Heavy Tankovy upgrade cost to 105 fuel and 80 fuel if you purchased a Soviet Support Barrack upgrade.
* Removed from this building.
* Added to this building.
* Cost set to 320 manpower 50 fuel.
* Damage of 100.
* Range of 50.
* Removed AP rounds.
* Reduced accuracy of SU76 vs infantry.
* Health set to 350.
* Swapped camouflage detection from T70 to T90.
* Set base damage to 24 max and 18 min.
* Increased damage vs infantry, elite and airborne armour.
* Increased penetration vs Infantry.
* Accuracy vs soldier armour set to 0.8.
* Decreased damage vs sniper armor from 1 to 0.9.
* Set damage_multiplier vs axis_sdkfz234 to 0.9.
* Set damage_multiplier vs axis_sdkfz251 to 0.9.
* Set damage_multiplier vs PE sdkfz250 armor to 0.725.
* Set damage_multiplier vs PE sdkfz22x armor to 0.725.
* Reduced T70's accuracy against infantry by 10%.
* T-70 rate of fire slightly decreased.
* Removed camouflage detection.
* Reduced damage modifier vs Hetzer to match M18 Hellcat's weapon vs Hetzer.
* Reduced damage modifier vs Pz. IV from 1.15 to 1.
* Reduced penetration modifier vs Pz. IV to 0.53. and decreased penetration modifier on rear armour to 5.
* Fuel cost increased from 70 to 80.
* Lowered Area of Effect damage and size.
* Reduced penetration modifier vs Pz. IV to 1.05.
* Reduced rear penetration modifier vs Pz. IV to 5.
* Fuel cost increased from 80 to 90.
* Lowered Area of Effect damage and size.
* Tuned down accuracy and damage against infantry.
* Received penetration slightly decreased.
* Lowered Area of Effect damage and size.
* Decreased damage and penetration vs Tiger.
* Slightly decreased damage and penetration vs skirted panthers.

Propaganda War Strategy
Naval Infantry
* Reduced Command Point cost to 2.
* Naval Infantry now can purchase mixed equipment.
* Now Naval's PTRD is stronger than the normal PTRD.
* Naval's now get a buff of 20% more damage for PTRD when reaching veterancy 3.
76mm OBR.1927
* Lowered penetration vs Panzer IV.
* Lowered damage vs Soldier armour.
* Increased slightly accuracy vs infantry.
* Max range reduced to 75.
* Cost set to 300 manpower 40 fuel.
* Increased minimum range of OBR to 20.
God of War
* Duration time reduced to 50 seconds.
* God of War ability radius decreased from 45 to 30.
* Cost set to 250 munitions.
* Scatter of Katyusha rockets set to match Calliope scatter.
* Damage lowered to 55/33.
* Lowered veterancy 3 bonus to 1.25 damage.
* Normalized paths on this unit.
Red Tide
* Removed replace squad ability.
* Increased command point cost of Red Tide to 3.
* You get 2 NKVD Squads and more depending of your tech level:
 - An additional NKVD squad, if no support upgrade purchased.
 - A Strelky/Red Banner Strelky squad, if any Soviet Support Barracks is purchased.
 - A Guard/Shock Guard squad, if any Tank Hall upgrade is purchased.
* A NKVD squad consist of 5 conscripts armed with regular mosins and a commissar armed with a PPSH-41.
* NKVD's Commissar has an ability called motivate that breaks suppression for 10 seconds.
* Motivate ability duration time can be increased by 2 seconds for each vet level.
* NKVD health set to 290 manpower (58 manpower per member).
* Reinforcement time of NKVD set to 8 seconds.
* Reinforcement cost of NKVD set to 20 manpower.

Urban Combat Strategy
* Duration set to 30 seconds.
* Lowered damage vs elite and soldier armours.
* Upkeep set to 1.4 manpower/minute.
* Increased cost of Partisans to 320 manpower.
* Health points set to 270 health.
* Increased set up time of fire trap to 8 seconds.
* Recharge time of Demo Charges set to 120 seconds.
* Damage of MP40s vs Soldier armour set to 0.65.
* Damage of PPSH-41s vs Soldier armour set to 0.55.
* Accuracy of PPSH-41s vs Infantry armour set to 0.8.
* Cannot be spawned in enemy HQ area.
* Tuned down KV-2 damage vs Panzer Elite light armoured vehicles.
* Changed penetration, area of effect damage & friendly damage to match StuH.
* Swapped position with Street Fighting.
Street Fighting
* Swapped position with KV-2.
* Removed Fire Barrage from mortars.
* Ingenery don't get health bonuses with Street Fighting anymore.
* Lowered damage vs Ostwind, Pz. IV, flak 88 and weapon teams.
* Lowered damage vs Sdkfz. 22x & Sdkfz. 251.
* Lowered damage vs heavy tanks.
* Changed penetration, area of effect damage & friendly damage to match StuH.
* Changed area of effect suppression.
* Increased reload time from 6.5 to 8 seconds.
* Changed horizontal tracking from 30 to 25.
Sniper Ace
* Increased cost of ace artillery to 150 munitions.
* Tweaked artillery damage vs buildings.
* Removed ability to spawn in enemy HQ area.
* Decreased cost to 700 manpower.

Breakthrough Assault Strategy
* Removed from this doctrine. Added to Tank Hall
* Added to this doctrine.
* Slight increment of HP/armour.
* Increased SU-85 accuracy vs infantry based armours.
* Increased cooldown from 150 to 360 seconds.
* Can only build barbed wire, sandbags and tank traps.
Tank Riders
* Removed the T-34/85 variant.
* Increased cost to 750 manpower.
* Tank Guards reinforcement cost increased to match Guards.
* Changed Tank Guards Health to 90 Health as starting health and an addition 10 health after Shock Guards upgrade is researched. Per man.
* Added yellow cover modifiers to tank guards while riding.
* Increased recharge time on 90 seconds.
* Tweaked gun stats to avoid one shooting light vehicles and tanks.
* Added small delay before and after firing the barrage.
* Reduced ISU-152 accuracy against infantry based armour.
* Swapped bonuses from veterancy 2 and veterancy 3 on ISU-152.
* ISU-152 reload time set to 12 seconds.
* Lowered cost of ISU-152 barrage to 40 munitions.
* Added same manpower drain as King Tiger.
* Cost set to 500 manpower.

Other changes
* Removed munition upkeep from all units except Sturmovie Ingenery.
* Reduced cooldown of "No One Step Back" to 60 seconds.
* Reduced cooldown of "Inspired Speech" to 60 seconds.
* Reduced cooldown of "For The Motherland" to 120 seconds.
* Lowered SVT rifle damage modifier vs Soldier from 0.75 to 0.7.
* Reduced TT-33 pistol penetration vs Panzer Elite vehicle armour to match Wehrmacht Halftrack input.
* PPSH-41 accuracy multiplier on the move increased from 0.2 to 0.4.
* Damage of Standard Mosin-Nagant vs soldier set to 0.575.
* Penetration of all PTRDs set to 0.575/0.6/0.75/1.
* Decreased PTRD damage vs neutral buildings.
* Set penetration of Tiger gun vs T-34/85 to match T-34/76.
* Penetration of Tiger vs IS-3 increased to 0.65.
* Penetration of Panter guns vs IS-2 set to 0.7.
* Increased regular mosin accuracy at long range to 0.4 from 0.5.
* Reduced damage of normal mosin vs bikes.
* Lowered Molotov recharge time to 60 seconds.
* Penetration of Tigers guns vs IS2 increased from 0.7 to 1.
* Reduced damage of Marder III vs T70.
* Applied these changes for Sturmovie armour:
 - Sniper accuracy against it increased to 5 and priority increased 90.
 - Volkgrenadiers MP40 damage modifier increased to 0.7 and accuracy to 1.
 - 234/1 20mm gun stats set to match elite ones.
 - LGM42 accuracy set to 1.
 - Flamethrower 42 damage set to 1.25.
* Added munition cost for required abilities:
 - Abilities:
  Molotovs: 10 munitions
  CS arty: 75 munitions
  Guard grenade: 25 munitions
  Phosphor grenade: 35 munitions
  TH grenade: 25 munitions
  Guard AT grenade: 25 munitions
  Observer arty: 125 munitions
  Red Tide: 200 munitions
  Not One Step Back!: 50 munitions
  God of War: 250 munitions
  FTML: 75 munitions
  Flares: 40 munitions
  Sniper Ace Suppressing Shot: 50 munitions
  Sniper Ace One Man Army: 50 munitions
  Sniper Ace Artillery: 125 munitions
  Inspiring Speech: 50 munitions
  IL2: 200 munitions
  Satchels: 50 munitions
  Partisan incendiaries: 20 munitions
  Demos: 50 munitions
  ISU-152 barrage: 50 munitions
 - Upgrades:
  DP-28: 75 munitions
  PPSh: 75 munitions
  SVT-40: 75 munitions
  PPS-43: 65 munitions
  Naval's DP28: 50 munitions
  Naval's PTRD: 50 munitions
 - Armoury:
  Sturmovies: 200 manpower 25fuel
  RBS: 150 manpower 50 fuel
  Guards: 200 manpower 40 fuel
  TH: 150 manpower 40 fuel
  HM: 150 manpower 60 fuel
  ZIS2: 120 manpower 45 fuel
  85mm: 200 manpower 60 fuel
  30% upkeep: 100 manpower 60 fuel
  Petrol Bombs: 100 manpower 15 fuel

Fortress Mode
* Lowered damage of 52k vs axis tanks.

Tiger Ace
* Increased ace shot ability cost to 50 munitions.
* Added engine damage critical to ace shot ability.
* Added small delay before and after firing the ace shot ability.
* Added same manpower drain as King Tiger.
* Cost set to 500 manpower.
* Reduced Health of Tiger Ace to 1300.
* Penetration bonus set to 10%

Jagdpanzer IV
* Added own armour type for Jagdpanzer IV.
* Increased cost of Jagdpanzer IV to 700 manpower.

* Added fuel upkeep of 2 units per minute to Nashorn.
* Set cost of call-in to 700 manpower 0 fuel.

* Added as reward unit for Jagdpanther.
* Same stats than before, except by:
 - Damage of 190.
 - Area of Effect set to match King Tiger.
 - Penetration of main gun set to match Jagdpanther.
 - Reload time set to 7 seconds.
 - Lowered slightly modifiers vs light vehicles.
 - Health set to 2000.
 - Jagdpanther armour.
 - Manpower drain set 60 seconds more than KT.

Luftwaffe Officer
* Added as reward unit for Wehrmacht Officer.
* Same vet type than Wehrmacht Officer.
* Has three abilities:
 - Bomb drop: a plane will drop fire bombs to the desired area, the player needs to reach Battle Phase before using it.
 - Demoralize: the selected squad will receive more damage while propaganda leaflets fall over the area. The squad will retreat slower than usual; cooldown of 180 seconds.
 - Third ability is supervision, same than normal officer.

Sherman 105
* Range reduced to 35.
* Damage vs soldier armour set to 0.6.
* Damage vs infantry armour set to 0.8.
* Lowered rotation speed to 30.

Veterancy changes
* Command Squad
 - Vet1
 -> Enables Light Barrage ability.
 -> Enables Charge! ability.
 - Vet 2
 -> Gets Airborne armour.
 -> Received Accuracy: -15%
 -> Sight Radius: +20 (Only for the Major)
 - Vet 3
 -> Light Barrage recharge time reduced by 25%.
* ZiS-3/ZiS-2/Medium Mortar/Heavy Mortar
 - Vet1
  -> Received accuracy: -20%
 - Vet 2
  -> Extra crew member (only None-Upgraded ZiS and Medium Mortar)
  -> Sight radius: +10% (only Upgraded ZiS)
  -> Rate of Fire: +20% (only Heavy Mortar)
 - Vet 3 (28XP)
  -> Damage: +15%
* Ingenery
 - Vet1
 -> Received accuracy: -20%
 - Vet 2
 -> Accuracy: +20%
 -> Cooldown: -25% (given for flamers)
 - Vet 3
 -> Damage: +20%
* Guards/Tank Guards:
 - Vet1
  -> Range: +15%
  -> Sight radius: +15%
 - Vet2
  -> Accuracy: +15%
  -> Damage: +15%
 - Vet3
  -> Received suppression: 0
  -> Received accuracy: -15%
* Conscripts:
 - Vet1(7XP)
  -> Reinforcement cost decreased by 2~3 manpower.
 - Vet2(14XP)
  -> Increased range for throwing Molotovs.
  -> Increased the capture rate by 25%.
 - Vet3(24XP)
  -> Received damage: -10%
  -> Damage: +20%
 - Vet1(7XP)
  -> Received damage: -15%
  -> Motivate ability duration time increased by 2 seconds.
 - Vet2(14XP)
  -> Accuracy: +10%
  -> Motivate ability duration time increased by 2 seconds.
 - Vet3(24XP)
  -> Damage: +20%
  -> Motivate ability duration time increased by 2 seconds.
* Luftwaffe Officer:
 - Vet1
  -> Health regeneration rate: -> %0.22
 - Vet2
  -> Gets Elite armour.
 - Vet3
  -> Increased health: +20%


* Karachev (2p):
- New loading screen

* Kharkov (2p):
- Added a hole in a fence which was too easy to defend
- Adjusted base sectors
- Updated sector layout

* Kotelnikovo (2p):
- New loading screen

* Moscow (2p):
- Updated sector layout
- Minor damage changes to low-health buildings
- Unfitting splats removed
- New loading screen

* Prague (2p):
- Temporarily removed due to major design changes

* Psel (2p):
- Name changed back from Smolensk to Psel
- Removed water from middle river area
- Added carnage to dry riverbed
- Replaced some wooden fences by stone walls
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Vienna (2p):
- Deleted two houses
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Cottbus (4p):
- Temporarily removed due to major design changes

* Dom Pavlova (4p):
- Modified ruins
- Added trenches to the central square
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Grodno (4p):
- Modified ruins in the center of the map
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Kholm (4p):
- Added two starting positions
- Added trenches to the center
- Minor terrain property changes
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Kursk (4p)
- Central trenches moved
- Added new walls
- Added trenches to the North
- Concrete bunker moved
- Deleted some Panzer IV wrecks
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Lemberg (4p):
- Enlarged map's width by 96m
- Cleaned area around the train station
- Removed one tile
- Various performance improvements (thanks to Sylver)
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Mahiljou (4p):
- Added passages through the forest in the Northeast
- Added defenses to the forest
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Minsk (4p):
- Added two starting positions
- Replaced various trees by meadows to make more room for a decent 2vs2 game
- Changed course of the river
- Added a bridge to the river
- Adjusted base areas
- Added two fords in the center of the map
- Minor adjustments to the town
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Stalingrad Railroad Station (4p):
- Fixed pathways in the hangars
- New loading screen

* Sevastopol (4p):
- Adjusted base sectors
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Kalach (6p):
- Added some houses between castle hill and town area
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Kiev (6p):
- Low health buildings destroyed
- Roof plates of factory removed to ensure a better view on units inside the factory
- Damaged some walls
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Prokhorovka (6p):
- Added more cover for infantry
- Added ford across the river to the South
- Adjusted base sectors
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Seelow (6p):
- Added passages to the centre of the map
- Fixed base defense being beyond base sector
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Zhytomyr (6):
- Completely remapped, now features snow setting
- Removed lots of unnecessary details which made the map lag
- River is now "frozen"
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Berlin (8p):
- Replaced old Berlin (by Spartan, Lolto and Deranged) with new version (made by playmobill, HerrVoss and MaxiKing6)
- Baked some splines
- Added a bridge in the middle of the river
- Moved another bridge to balance both sides
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Orel (8p):
- Removed, waiting for replacement

* Rostov (8p):
- Added parked Stukas to the runway
- Moved and deleted some ruins
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen
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