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Author Topic: Patch 1.61 'Ukrainian Bandaid'  (Read 14300 times)

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Patch 1.61 'Ukrainian Bandaid'
« on: April 07, 2012, 04:17:57 PM »
Eastern Front Patch 1.61
'Ukrainian Bandaid'

    • Most translations are now up to date. Exceptions are French, Czech, Korean and Japanese. We are looking for translators for these languages.
    • Added VanAdrian's fix for bad normalmaps on some Relic objects.
    • Added Lord van Dalen map resources for winter maps.
    • Fixed the "Load game" crash. (savegames created with 1.600/1.601 will still crash, savegames created with 1.610 will work)
    • Added some new map objects, credits to VanAdrian for his map assets.
    • Tweaked some texture files to make sure they have the right size and encoding.
    • Removed several unneeded files.

      • Fixed Hellcat collision box.

        • Fixed Rifle Grenade mix/max values (were reversed).

          • Fixed Spotter Marked Target ability being available when garrisoned.
          • Fixed ISU-152's Barrage description.
          • Removed attack movement order from Katyusha.
          • Fixed Steamroller description in the commander tree.
          • Removed Mortar Fire Barrage from Street Fighting description.
          • Updated Discipline ability for NKVD, now will execute a soldier when used.
          • Fixed Naval population cap indicator.
          • Fixed hover descriptions for Shtrafnie Troops.
          • Fixed typo on Armoury abilities' extra text.
          • Units garrisoned in Outpost have green cover modifiers.
          • Units garrisoned in Outpost can be targeted and killed as in any other building.
          • Reduced reinforce cost of NKVD squad to 18 manpower.
          • Fixed reinforce cost not being uniform on NKVD squad.
          • Fixed a bug with Sharpshooter's Observe ability if active when retreating.
          • Collision box of SU-76 now matches Marder III.
          • Collision mesh for IL-2 now matches P-47.
          • Lowered penetration values of the T90 against airplanes.
          • Fixed bug with soviet tanks receiving almost no damage from Goliath.
          • Fixed a bug where Bergetigers could resurrect Katyusha and KV-2 wrecks.
          • Added Molotov cocktail impact sounds.
          • Changed Hotkeys on some of the armoury upgrades and some weapon upgrades on squads.
          • Updated For The Motherland description to make players aware of the additional rifles upgrade for conscripts.
          • Fixed wrong name for SU-122 weapon.
          • Added US flag to the points captured by Soviets, instead of white one.
          • Fixed Soviet Sniper decloak time being shorter than intended.
          • Fixed Heavy mortar bug that allowed to fire barrages without delay.
          • Fixed missing requirements from Guards/Shock Guards and Firebase.
          • Fixed Guards reinforcements from Red Tide ability not coming if the alternate upgrade for Heavy Tankovy is used instead of the normal one.
          • Updated symbol for SU-85.
          • Fixed Partisans incorrect population requirement for the call-in ability.
          • Command Squad's Charge ability will now be locked during the buff and debuff time of For the Motherland.

            • Fixed the missing officer on off-map reinforcement when HQ is destroyed if the Luftwaffe officer reward unit was selected.
            • German scientist have developed an improved version of the V1. This improved version should no longer be bouncing off IS-3s.
            • Added new engine sound for ME262.
            • Removed the global cooldown for Luftwaffe Officer.
            • Requirements of the ME-262 ability now match the Officer's Barrage ability.
            • Fixed main gun issues with the King Tiger after getting main gun critical.
            • Tiger Ace's shot ability won't affect IS-3, Pershing and ISU-152 anymore.
            • Removed swastika from JU-87 wreck.
            • Added white JU-52 as map object.
            • PaK, Pz. IV & Pz. V wrecks are now unselectable.
            • Fixed an issue where the description of Jagdtiger was incorrectly using the one of Tiger Ace.

              Panzer Elite
              • Added missing description of Jagdtiger in the Reward Unit section.
              • Lowered drain time of Jagdtiger to 5 minutes to match all the other "super" heavy tanks.
              • Fixed bug that prevented Tank Buster Squads getting doctrinal Double Schrecks.
              • Fixed bug that prevented Panzer Grenadier Squads getting two Gewehr 43.
              • Fixed Advanced Repair for Panzer Grenadiers.
              • Fixed PE recrewed nebels not able to be reinforced.
              • Added missing soviet vehicles to tank awareness.
              • Fixed incorrect accuracy of Teller mines vs soviet vehicles.
              • Fixed bug where Anti-Tank Grenades would bounce off SU-85.
              • Fixed Panzer Elite bug which did not give ACPR to rebuilt tanks and ATHT.
              • Fixed main gun issues with the Marder III after getting main gun critical.
              • Nashorn will not target planes anymore.
              Valar Morghulis
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              [CoH:EF-Dev]Rizz: ok
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              <10 minutes later>
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