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Author Topic: MG42/LMG42 use, and how it translates in-game  (Read 2665 times)

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MG42/LMG42 use, and how it translates in-game
« on: October 30, 2012, 09:22:14 PM »

So, the above page uses a German intelligence report to show how they actually imployed their MG42s in both the 'Assault' configuration (with bi-pod and 50 round assault drum) and the defensive config (e.g. HMG42).

For a mod I've been working on, Operation Avalanche, I've been attempting to capture these minor details into each weapon; burst duration, how difficult it was to reload, technical reliability (represented on some scale by longer/shorter cooldown values) and so on. In its current iteration, the mg42_lmg and new mg42_lmg_assault (merely fires on the move with an 0.1 moving accuracy multiplier) has a burst rate of fire of 20 and a burst duration of 0.5 -- every burst fires 10 rounds, with a 3.5-1 max/min cooldown and a reload after 4 bursts; CoH 'rounds up' the number of times it reloads after; E.G. ,if you look at corsix, the M1 Garand has a 10 round reload cycle listed--in actuality, it will reload after every 11 shots it fires! After finding the above document, I was inclined to change the burst duration to 0.5-0.25 max/min (10-5 rounds), but this leaves me with a dilemma--how often should the LMG42 reload, since it's impossible to directly link the length of the burst (# of bullets fired) with the # of bursts per reload--so, if I leave the reload counter as is, I might reload after only 25 shots assuming each burst is only 5 rounds! The cooldown was reduced in kind to 2.25-0.75 max/min as the LMG42 proved to reduce overall DPS because it's cooldown was too long.

What is the corsix-educated community's take on this issue; what should my numbers represent? How often should ye olde LMG42 reload, how long should I make the bursts? I realise that this is a seperate mod, but the EF mods are very well versed in WW2 goings on as opposed to other mods that are less so; I'm inclined to beleive that I'll get a more thurough, less sarcastic response from the well educated peoples of EF. Fire away!

For maximum value, take a gander that the posted link if you please. Before reading it I thought I knew it all when it came to how the MG42 was used--after reading it, it becomes clear that common ideals are an inaccurate misconception.
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Re: MG42/LMG42 use, and how it translates in-game
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