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Re: Buff Beutepanzer
« Reply #30 on: December 07, 2014, 07:44:24 PM »
@Grand Duke / @ATL
From that perspective both of you are accurate and it would work better that way in EF. Now, I also would add one more tweak if the ability is free: we can make the tank be recovered and damaged as we like. And with that we could make the tanks have the recovered tanks to get the minimum health so Famo task doesn't end as fast as in the current version, but also to spend more time repairing them.

Right now, these tanks spawn with a decent amount of HP and also depending of luck/roll dice/randomness you can get it "healthy", damaged main gun or damaged engine. So in an emergency two of these can be considered more or less "battle-ready" right off the bat. That might not be fine if the ability is free.

So, now you would need to salvage the tank, extract it to a safe zone and repair it there. Also, we can control the salvaged tanks' weapons, so beutepanzers can have some tweaks while Axis ones remain the same. And just for the record, Famo can resurrect all types of Panzer IV, Panthers and Tigers from Axis factions.
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